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  1. No respawns? Well, are you playing in multiplayer? Sorry for the dumb question, but I ask just in case since the respawns only apply for MP.

    As for putting the missions in a folder, I've been looking at ways to make a genuine campaign. There is a way to create it as an addon, which should add the campaign button in the UI, but I have to get down to making it work. In the meantime, I think your suggestion is a good idea.

    Oh, I didn't start as multiplayer and if there's no respawn for SP… well… i won't. :icon_twisted:

    I think I'll try the mission again today.

  2. You got me - I just played the first mission (failed hard in the end). I did not notice any respawn. If I died I had to restart/revert and team mates didnt come back either.

    However, this looks very nice and is fun to play. :)

    How about putting the missions in a folder? If you have a folder in the Arma3\Missions dir then it is shown as one folder with the missions inside ingame, maybe as a placeholder for real campaign.


  3. This is super Groovy TPW... Another one of those simple things that should be part of the game by default.. Thanks and i cant wait to see it in action.

    Do you have any plans on making this an addon or leaving it as a script? Can i plead for an addon version for ease of use in SP, IE not having to manually add it to every mission?.

    This plus a video showing the progress would be nice. ;)

  4. No pressure at all, I appreciate your keen interest. Keeps me motivated :) The good news is that I've sorted out the issues that were taking a while to resolve, so now I just need to tie up a few loose ends and clean up some code. Should be on track for a release at the end of this week

    The sad moment when I realised it's monday. I'm really excited about the realease. These guys look awesome.

    Maybe you can tease us with some nice screenshots? :)

  5. And what about me wanting to try different approaches in a mission? I'm not a very good player and want to improve my strategies and try out the different ways of engaging bases etc. Very often a lot of AIs die because of false commands I gave, .. etc.

    I would like to have some saves (at least being able to override this single save) so I can try this. I agree that it is quite atmosphere killing if you reload your mission every 2 minutes instead of playing careful. Being able to change the amount of saves to unlimited is the best solution imo.

  6. I wonder if it would be possible to post the patch size in the dev branch topic for each update. It's quite sad if I want to play Arma in the evening and didnt boot Windows the whole day (using Linux most of the time, so no steam updating) just to see I have to wait 2 hours until I can play. :(

    New camo for the nighthawk looks awesome! :)

  7. The Early Bird - A Sniper Mission



    An Iranian weapon trader and informant needed to make a stop on Stratis. You and your partner are assigned to get on the island, find a overviewing spot and take out your target before he leaves the island. Try to be hidden until you assisinate your target and move fast to extraction after your shot. Be sure to wait for the perfect moment.


    • Sniper + Spotter gameplay (at least he is with you) :p
    • semi-random patrols
    • identifying your target in a heavily armed town
    • time is against you
    • Briefing (Map -> Briefing)


    • Inseration via boat needs you to swim a few metres to the beach
    • Briefing not showing at the beginning (why?)
    • OPFORs not sitting around fire as they should
    • Add a MP version (maybe it works even now)
    • (you will definitely find more that I'm not aware of yet)


    This is my first published mission and I hope you all enjoy it. I'm not sure how the difficulty is but be sure to read the briefing before starting. There is a time limit about 15 minutes to get into position and heavily patrolled areas are marked and/or mentioned in the briefing. Feedback is very appreciated!


    Direct Link (my server)

    Armaholic mirror:

    - The Early Bird [bETA]

  8. What do I do wrong, I can't see any 3d scopes/optics in BETA right now. The same magnify level inside and outside of the sight is present. And looks like zooming in is kinda wierd and twitchy for me. Is it bugged?

    It's the compromise for this optics. Zoomed inside and a non zoomed outside view would be kind of resource intensive as both images have to be rendered seperately. You can see what PiP is doing sometimes.

  9. This times infinite. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a waste it is to try and get someone playing Arma and they instantly start playing in third person :mad:

    I love the player models way too much that I could always play in first person. Also I like it much better for running a long distance.

    However, I understand that there a people who don't like 3rd person. Just don't use it and avoid servers that offer it (it is still a server setting, isn't it?).

  10. Mission was very enjoyable, indeed high quality. ;)

    Some things I would like to see in it:

    • Extraction boat. You chose a beatuiful spot for the extraction, why no boat? Make the boat drive off when the player is in and let the screen fade when he is driving
    • Pressure. How about a semi-random timer to the reinforcements to arrive? As above there could be an optional task to save or evne extract some civs.

    Nice atmo though. Love it.

    How the hell did you get these markers for the mission (taks destination) working????