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  1. And this is what your videos made me to do. :) Do you plan more videos and what topics will be covered? Just one question: Do you know how to achieve that a trigger which initiates an ending can only be activated with some tasks as dependency? Struggling on this quite some time.
  2. Hi there, working on two missions I stumbled opon the possibilty of creating tasks via modules and so I updated the missions from the "scripted" way of creating tasks (player createSimpleTask etc) and used the easier solution in the editor. However, if I want to make the end of the missions (in both missions a simple return to base) I dont know how to ask for the State of the mission. I tried a trigger which is grouped with the player with condition "this and taskState tsk1 == "Succeeded"" where tsk1 is the necessary mission which should be completed. Trigger doesnt fire though if the task is succeeded. Do I need to use another command to look up the state or are there easier ways for this? Excuse my french english... :o Edit: Searching for a solution on the boards and google didnt give me anything useful if someone finds something it should be me being to stupid to use a search function. Edit2: Another question that came into my mind: I placed some reaction forces in the OpFor Base but they don't really act as an reaction force if the base gets engaged. They dont move and just lie on the ground.. Other troops dont seem to be that stationary.
  3. This + making it playable in Singleplayer (group leader from playable to player, i think) would be awesome. Mission looks and plays very nice and the atmosphere is just great!
  4. I saw this location a few days ago and thought this would be sth sweet to start a mission there. Looks good, will look into it this evening and give some feedback. :)
  5. seife

    Tips on flying a helicopter?

    I use keyboard only with mouse for looking around. Works fine for me but imo it's quite hard to fly the showcase helicopter. Maybe try flying around with the Littlebird in the Editor to get a feeling and if everything breaks loose Auto-Hover to stabilize.
  6. Anybody played with the newest patch? Nothing about this bug in Development Branch but hope dies last.. :D €: Looks fixed. :)
  7. Happens also for me and a friend. Wanted to search the bug tragger for it but i forgot.. :/
  8. seife

    Teamspeak Overlay -vs- VAC Concerns

    Teamspeak Overlay doesnt work in combination with Punkbuster, so his concers are somehow justified. Would be pretty ugly to get your entire steam acc banned because of using Teamspeak. :p
  9. These videos are superb! Started with the editor a few days after release and.. well it was pain to get through it. With these videos it's quite easy and they're also fun to watch. I like it. :)
  10. Hey there, i am currently working on my first mission. Most of the creative work and adding tasks is done but some things need a solution. 1. For one objective my team has to clear an outpost. There's an hostage who should trigger the rest of the mission if he is alive. This works fine but I am searching for an solution for him to behave like an hostage of the present OpFors and if all are dead then he is freed and follows my team to base. There must be some usefull script for that... :D 2. Futhermore, the hostage is intended to give my team information for futher tasks. How can I make him talk (sure, text only)? 3. AI in buildings acts kinda strange. Like in open areals they lay down to the ground after some shots. Can I make them to use standing and crouch but not prone? Found it already before posting. 4. I am not very good with scripts. For placing OpFor in the two buildings of the outpost I use a script I found on the forums: However, sometimes two or more guys are placed on exactly the same location which looks.... funny. Is there any way to check the positions if there already is someone? These are my major issues. And excuse my English. :p edit: Dang, started writing the title and didnt finish it later on.. :D
  11. seife

    Volunteers for helping out?

    Maybe I would even like playing in a organised group but times the problem. :D Thanks for the hint btw. Yeah, it is. CoD4's community is cool, the game is genius imo. And it's a completely other world than Arma. I don't understand why it's even compared that often.. Thanks. :)
  12. seife

    Volunteers for helping out?

    Perfect topic for my first post here. :) I'm playing ArmA since not even a year, mostly singleplayer. I bought it while the first real DayZ hypes. MilSim + some Zombie Mod seemed good enough for me. When I played the tutorial (the first time, some years ago, just to make clearI realised that I had played this game already some years ago (demo/free) and quitted after some minutes because I didnt understand a single thing. Well, after testing DayZ for some days and heading to Arma2, i realised that the game has so much to offer. This huge map, the clunky but realistic movements etc. So I started playing the campaign which took me about 40h playtime (is much, isnt it?), restarting almost every mission so many times because of dieing for being unaware, doing stupid things or bugs. After all? I enjoyed the campaign. I enjoyed the game. But I didnt know what to do afterwards. Playing in some community would be too much for me, I dont want time schedules for when I have to play. Arma 3 is somehow a new start for me, I want to follow the (community) development as much as I can to learn about the game, its features and the community itself. Yesterday I finished my first mission for Arma 3. Never edited before but I wanted some singleplayer-4-man-squad-fun like in Arma 2. It needs much polishing but I'm proud of the results. Took me some time to read thousands of pages about triggers, tasks and so on. Edit: Almost forgot what I what I wanted to say: Some text tutorials for players that start from the scratch would be cool. It was quite hard for me to learn how to play this game. Also the editing tutorials that i found are hard to understand if you want to make your first mission and never did something like that. :/ I am - by the way - one of those hated CoD-players. Played 1500h of CoD4 which is still my favorite game. New ones suck but this one is perfect for some fast action. Atleast with Promod, normal game gets annoying when you reach some skill. :p