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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    The Vector/Vermin in arma 3 lacks the ability to mount a flashlight, due to the lack of side rails, but the kriss vector has a flashlight adapter located right above the barrel as demonstrated in the image: http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/news2/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/image164.png despite the "flashlight area" being modeled in-game, there is no function. the flashlight should be able to be "attached" into this area for use
  2. f1-f12 keys do the same functions as 0-9 keys, they might as well free up the 0-9 keys for customary binds (and its a great movement for streamlining) another method for streamlining the action menu could be those "como-rose"-style UI (in the fashion of Battlefield, L4d, Portal etc.), where you hold down action button, drag mouse to direction of action button, and release to perform action Special actions will be available in certain conditions as usual (ie. if you are next to a door, the open door action will be available; or if you are next to a injured player, you can choose to pick him up or revive him etc.) its more intuitive to pull off actions via mousedragging (como-rose style) than doing mousewheel+spacebar
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    Stealth Kills?

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    JUMP please!!

    IRL there is a difference from straight forward jumping (where you just leap vertically) and the "skipping" style, where you gain some air, but you maintain your forward momentum for small gaps, the "skipping" jump should be nessessary to transverse tricky terrain for rooftop-to-rooftop scenarios, it should be one well coordinated jump that consumes all the player's fatigue (unless modders/devs want to similate parkour and implement those techniques that allow you to channel the shock away from your body) the only way to fix the bhopping pheonomenon is to similate the fact the player/character is moving on 2 sticks (the legs) instead of a imaginary conveyor belt (or to provide a accuracy penalty from skipping, jumping; doing this will make jumping more of a tool to get places or to run away) technically speaking, every step you take IRL is one small "jump" as you give yourself some leverage to give yourself a forward momentum