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    Yep, there are of course other methods for dealing with this, but they reduce performance. I've been able to get around this locally with my brother by making him use the files I modified and use on my server. I applaud your decision to develop code in isolation allowing map authors to compose scenarios easily. Hopefully we can get to a point where vehicles and placed items are saved in MP.
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    Your codebase has mixed case references to filenames: - in your code you reference 'ravage', - the file is actually 'Ravage' Can you please lowercase all your filenames and references to those filenames in your code, this is preventing me from running this mod on a linux server where case matters.
  3. Apologies could you clarify something for me: you say : But before that you said Those two statements contradict each other. Having the load distributed means there is more than one server (hence cpu/ram/hdd/etc) handling clients and coordinating with the other servers in the pool. A video explaining what it means to be able to distribute the load: Personally I'm really hoping the Arma 3 linux server binary is able to be horizontally scaled behind a edge node.
  4. Hi there NerdMod, I really think you should be hosting this on Gihub as a public repository: ## Crowd source the effort - Pull requests make ensuring you retain quality control over what actually gets merged. - Create a CONTRIBUTING.md file to show people how you would like contributions to be made. ## Preserve it for future generations - choose the 3 clause BSD license or the MIT license to protect it for future generations