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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    In terms of detail and quality, the RHS mod is number one. No other ARMA mod can come close. Hat's off to the talented team at RHS who brought this amazing FREE mod to the community.
  2. Mikey, When I click on the Expansions Menu in ARMA3 the following message pops up: No entry 'config.bin/CfgMods/AISSMod.action'. Any idea what is causing this and how to resolve? Thanks
  3. Rudee

    Best AI improvement mod

    Thank you for the reply.
  4. Rudee

    Best AI improvement mod

    Can you share the 3 "very minor userconfig changes" to make ASR AI and Bcombat compatible, or at least provide a link to the post showing this? Thank you.
  5. Rudee

    Not impressed

    I hope the AI improves significantly through the developmental process. At long distance engagements, the AI seem to react ok, but at close to mid range engagements the friendly and enemy AI expose themselves far too often by coming out of positions of cover to engage the enemy - in full upright stances! Right now, the AI runs around needlessly far too much during close to mid range engagements. I want to see AI that reacts to suppressive fire realistically, and hits the dirt and seeks cover, and properly returns fire from positions of cover instead of standing upright out in the open and getting mowed down time and time again.
  6. Rudee

    Love the new AI firefights

    I spent the entire weekend testing missions using the Editor. The AI at long distances is very good. At short to medium distances they are pretty dumb. Far too often friendly and enemy AI fail to seek cover when under fire. They stand up in the middle of firefights with no cover and get killed time and time again. They act like chickens with their heads cut off when attacked. Stand up... run 20 feet west out in the open. Stop, turn the other direction, run 20 feet back. Stop turn the other direction, run 30 feet.. Just no logic to why they are running to where they are running. If AI is going to move, I would like to see some logic to their movements. i.e. move to places of cover, or concealment. Or move to avenues to which you can launch a flanking maneuver. But to simply have AI that runs around for no purpose and doesn't properly seek cover or concealment when attacked, is just dumb.