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    Chopper default control scheme

    Well, the whole helo fight model will change to the one in Take on Helicopters for the release version of Arma 3, so this may be a little redundant. Though having sensible default control schemes is always a good idea of course, I don't think many people will be piloting with mouse and keyboard once we have the ToH FM.
  2. deepfried

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    My experience from Arma 2 is that the PvP is dead/terrible on public servers because of hackers, however its great on the private servers, if you can get in with a clan or w/e. For me Arma 2 was 90% coop vs AI. I expect this to all be the same for Arma 3, as BIS have demonstrated no interest or competence in tackling hacking.
  3. deepfried

    JUMP please!!

    Well yeah, I was exaggerating for effect, but seriously there are many other areas of the game I would want to look at first, running vault, relatively, isn't that important. A couple of example of things I consider more important: 1) ability to climb over chest high obstacle 2) ability to shoot from vehicle e.g. the outboards of a MH9 3) ability to roll grenades or drop them over walls 4) ability to cook grenades ... I could write this list all day
  4. I think the "immersion / fear factor" thing is all down to the map, its in Greece so the lighting is very bright and the colours are washed out, there isn't much tree cover, and there are no cities... compared to Chernarus you feel like you're exposed on a desert island which I suppose for many isn't a relatable scenario.
  5. deepfried

    JUMP please!!

    Look, I agree there is some value in the idea of a running vault, if done properly, but to be frank on the wish list this ranks somewhere around 10,000th place along with the ability for my avatar to pick his nose. its just not relevant enough to gameplay to be worth making a fuss over.
  6. Even a cursory glance at their product lineup with show you that BIS do indeed make DLC, and I expect to see plenty for Arma 3.
  7. deepfried

    Teamspeak Overlay -vs- VAC Concerns

    I've used TS extensively on steam with VAC games. Never any problem.
  8. deepfried

    JUMP please!!

    God is this tread still alive? Can we just summarise with a firm "NO" and put it to bed? /thread
  9. deepfried

    ArmA2 ACE = CoD ???

    Amen, fuck those guys. If they want to recreate the experience they can wear boxing gloves whilst they play, that should do it.
  10. I think Arma 3 in an improvement on Arma 2 in every way, now ACE 2 on the other hand is perhaps a different story. I wonder how many people in this thread talking about "arma2" are actually referring to ACE.
  11. deepfried

    Hilariously funny glitch

    happened to a friend of mine the very first time we got on a quad.
  12. deepfried

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    If you're concerned about the performance impact of stereoscopic "rendering" then don't be, because nothing is actually rendered twice, you're just creating two views of assets than have already been rendered. The performance hit is more like 20% than 100%.
  13. deepfried

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    No they haven't, only two games have full Rift support as at this time and that is TF2 and Hawken. Its not as simple as implementing the warped stereoscopic shaders or injection drivers and only partial head tracking can be modded in, for example you wont have support for roll, and even then this says nothing of the latency. Beyond the technical implementation you then have to think about in game interfaces and menus, and cutscenes or sections where camera control is taken away from the player, then you have to consider perspective (how high off the ground is the players head?) and scale, many games are created with assets at warped scales to display better on a flat 2d monitor which might just look bad in VR. For "flawless rift support" all of this has to be coded in (or out) by the developer. To be perfectly frank retrospective support for the rift will be a far cry from what you will experience with a game designed from the ground up for the rift, and tbh the rift (and VR in general) isn't that well suited to competitive FPS.
  14. deepfried

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    The developer version comes with 3 interchangeable eye cup lenses to allow of people with different visual acuity, it also has adjustable clearance precisely so that you can wear glasses under the goggles if you prefer. And thats just the developer prototype, never mind the consumer version. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1523379957/oculus-rift-step-into-the-game/posts/398230
  15. deepfried

    TOH flight model- if, when, how?

    I didn't call you an idiot, I don't even know who you are, I was making a generalisation. Yes I have played a certain amount of ACE and some of that time on a reasonably serious private server, but very little of my ACE time has been PVP because the public servers are stuffed with cheaters/hackers... and if someone is willing to hack to get an edge then they wont think twice about using an easier flight model to get an edge. wake up.
  16. deepfried

    TOH flight model- if, when, how?

    Yeah, I agree, not everyone is a "fully paid up" flight sim enthusiast with hundred of pounds of hardware... some of us just have a controller, and whilst you can do surprisingly well with just that, there are limits.
  17. deepfried

    TOH flight model- if, when, how?

    Though, I have to ask, if its not mandatory woudn't you have to be an idiot to use it? I mean assuming you want to "win" you're going to use the easiest FM regardless of which you enjoy more from a sim perspective, after all Arma is not a flight sim, its a milsim which is often played competitively and a helicopter is just a tool to that end. So logically I would say make it mandatory, as otherwise very few will chose to handicap themselves by using it and it will have been a waste of dev time.
  18. deepfried

    XBox 360 Controller

    Wow, your controls are a million times better than what I was using, thanks very much for posting this.
  19. deepfried

    TOH flight model- if, when, how?

    So, what exactly is included in the ToH "flight model"? is that just the physics of how the helicopter handles or is it everything, like startup sequences, helicopter models, hud instruments and indicators, features like over torque, hot starts, trim control etc? In other words just how like ToH will helicopters in Arma 3 be?
  20. I bought and installed the steam version of ToH with the bundled DLC; I played ToH for a few hours, did some of the career mode and it was working fine (mouse wheel worked) then I noticed that the Hinds expansion hadn't installed so I launched steam as Admin, that got Hinds to install OK only now my mouse wheel seems to be disabled. Its still mapped in the controls but it just doesn't work in game and I have to use "[" and "]". Any suggestions please? Edit: Nevermind, I relaunched steam not as admin and the scroll wheel works now... weird but so long as it works I don't care.
  21. I've just bought ToH and am liking it so far, the extra sim depth is making a nice step up in challenge from Arma 2 in which I have about 100 hours flying. I'm using an xbox 360 controller, as I do in Arma 2, and its working just fine, however the inputs seem more sensitive and I'm finding that my rotation stick isn't centring properly so i'm constantly having to make feather adjustments to try an centre it. Is there anyway to set a slight dead zone for the stick? I can't see anything in game or in the controller config utility in windows. For information these are the custom control mappings I'm using (same as in Arma 2): Cyclic Forward: Controller xbox y axis- Cyclic Back: Controller xbox y axis+ Cyclic Left: Controller xbox x rotation- Cyclic Right: Controller xbox x rotation+ Collective Raise (analogue): Controller xbox z rotation- Collective Lower (analogue): Controller xbox z rotation+ Collective Raise: Controller xbox Stick Btn. #6 Collective Lower: Controller xbox Stick Btn. #5 Left pedal: Controller xbox x axis- Right pedal: Controller xbox x axis+ as you can see i'm using x rotation for banking, so the poor centring is causing me to constantly slide left or right unless I make continuous minor adjustments. Edit: Nevermind, I found the controller configuration screen in game, along with the deadzone settings.... right under my nose.
  22. i7 920 @ 3.5ghz DDR3 1600 6GB 240GB SSD HD7870 @ 1920x1200
  23. Yes it was the first thing I noticed and I love it! we no longer have the horrible acceleration and the sensitivity control now actually lets me get to my preferred sensitivity. The difference is day and night, its just SO MUCH better. Thanks BIS! Too many devs overlook proper mouse control, i'm glad you've done it right this time, feels great!
  24. deepfried

    Not impressed

    Well damn, i'm hella impressed. I can't play Arma 2 now without my eyes bleeding pixels. What the hell were you expecting? 100% photorealism?
  25. deepfried

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    Its a feature of the game that makes up for the unrealistic loss of situational awareness that a fixed first person view creates, IMO it should be enabled by default in all but the highest difficulty levels. I appreciate that it can be abused to look over/around obstacles, but thats an acceptable price to pay for the advantages, unless you're going for a full sim experience in which case you should be playing Elite anyway. Seriously, the fixed first person view is less realistic than 3rd person, simply because it restricts your situational awareness compared to real life. Its fine if you have TrackIR but most don't.