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  1. AmmokKDE

    So many high levels

    Oh okay, thanks Raptor. Bit sad you didn´t reset before going live but then again, a challenge is nice. 300 is maxed anyway and we´ll all be there one day.
  2. So i like the game and downloaded it the day i got the email about it. I was wondering thou: how come there are so many high levels already? Pretty sure they didn´t all just spent thousands to be among the top.
  3. AmmokKDE

    Strange keybinding problems

    They are as they should be - mousemove. Okay, i just deleted the entire ArmA 3 forder in User/Documents and now it´s working again, for whatever reason.
  4. I have a strange problem. All keybindings work perfectly fine except firemode. It´s bound to F, however, pressing F doesn´t do anything at all. What does change my firemode though, is looking up and down, which is pretty annoying, since every time i look around, i changeit. -.- Another strange thing, probably related to this, is when i use my binocular and i look up or down, i switch to another weapon or simply unequip it. Any ideas on this? Thanks.
  5. AmmokKDE

    Story problem.

    It´s obvioulsy an alternate universe. So it´s not that hard to explain ;)
  6. AmmokKDE

    Tao Folding Map

    Just asking but: wouldn´t it be easier if i would be fixed in the middle of the map and the whole map moves instead of me? I think this would be even more useful than the current version.
  7. Don´t worry, i get you. Better complain now, while they have the time to change it/implement it "right" instead of when it´s done and then BIS tells us "noone complained, so we thought you like it".
  8. While i am sure there are CoD & BF players around here that would like ArmA to turn into another direction, like "BF in even bigger", i have never (and will never!) said such a thing. It´s 2 pair of shoes, obviously and it would be a shame if BIS would give those people what they wanted. Sadly we already have that here, at least if the healing is final as is. Again, please: -> I <- would never want to make ArmA a bigger BF or change the CQC into CoD style. That would be a waste of potential and turn ArmA into something it isn´t (and shouldn´t!). Yet i guess we all have to agree that there are already some points that have turned more arcade. Like mentioned fast healing, the really easy flying (tbh, i find it harder in BF3 than here) and other small changes you can read about here and there. Now this might just be coincidence, as ArmA is getting more "fluid" or it is BIS´s way of trying to appeal to those other players out there, trying to get a bigger userbase. While it is too soon to tell, the danger of angering long-term ArmA players is existing and BIS really should think twice, if they are indeed heading that direction. Now, to get back to the original thought of this thread: immersion. Well, i do certainly hope for getting things like being suppressed (also) into ArmA III and hope it´s just not yet there. For now, it´s like all those soldiers are just on Cocaine and act like they don´t care for bullets all around them. Although i have no idea how you act like a real war vet, i do think you would at least react to it in some way, no matter how trained you are. But feel free to tell me how it really is. Anyway: peace! ... Narf: war!
  9. Oh sorry, because i can distinguish between CoD and BF, i am not elite enough for this community or what do you intend to say by that? Oo Geez, some people here act like DotA players behave, when they smell a LoL player. Didn´t read in ArmA´s rules that it isn´t allowed to like other shooters as well.
  10. As someone who likes both games, such comments make me sad and do actually only show even fanboys of ArmA are just fanboys, talking about the "enemy product" without knowing it and just talking random bullshit! - CoD with tanks (aka BF3). CoD and BF are 2 totally different kind of games. Sure, both are arcade, yet BF isn´t going that way so hard as CoD is. In CoD you are like 5 seconds away from the action on whatever map you play on. Mostly due to the retarted random spawn, killing any decent tactics. BF is way slower and since you have bases, it´s much more tactical yet far away from ArmA of course. - hate complex gameplay because it stops them from just frag grinding in a random TDM Interesting theory and again showing how you have no idea of the games you critisize. Let´s take BF3 and rip your statement apart. "Frag grinding" in TDM in BF3. Hm, that won´t work. Know why? Because there are no fixed spawnpoints in TDM ( Dice´s sad approach to lure CoD players [and btw the less played gamemode!]). So, you can try to frag grind, sure. Won´t help much though... - BF3 [...] do a noscope headshot from 100m Omg, please, show me those skills. If not just some lucky hit (at least if you play it for real, meaning hardcore mode), it´s quite impossible to do this "on command". Sure, in normal mode this might be pretty doable but not in any decent rounds. Btw, you can also do this in ArmA if you have crosshair and some skill. Maybe not as easy as in BF normal mode but still possible. So please, next time you bitch about other games that are oh so bad in your eyes: at least know what you are talking about, because this random hate is just lame. Whatever side is using it!
  11. AmmokKDE


    Thx for the update.
  12. AmmokKDE

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    Wasteland isn´t PvP it´s "camp the spawn" combined with "camp the gunstore".
  13. Greetings. I´m a 32 years old german gamer with a wide variety of games - mainly FPS and MMOs. Here some of the games i played more frequently: - Battlefield 1942 - Battlefield 2 - Battlefield Bad Company 2 incl. Vietnam Addon - Joint Operations - Battlefield 3 incl. all Addons (still active) - Guild Wars incl. all Addons - Aion - EVE - Tera (still active about every second day for some time) - Final Fantasy XIV: ARR (currently Beta) - Lineage 2 and of course many singleplayer games as well. Personally i rather rely on tactics than on fast action in FPS, which is the main reason i don´t like CoD. Random spawn just ruins all tactics. I feel comfortable with all infantry roles except when it´s getting to CQC. I like it once in a while but most of the time i dislike it, because in every game people act like their virtual life isn´t worth a dime and just jump around the corner and end up flaming me because i don´t do alike... But it seems these kind of players are a bit harder to find in ArmA, so that´s good. I have no problems with following orders and doing as told, although the perfect squad would be one where orders aren´t needed, except for directions. However, this doesn´t mean i want strict silence when gaming. It´s a game after all and - unless some big scale events or "wars" - i do think you should be allowed to chitchat once in a while. Well, actually it would be ideal when everyone konws when he can talk. So if you are walking for miles to evaq or some target, talk, why not. Just not those people starting a chat when there are 5 people around you. That´s a part i really hate. So baseline: discipline when needed! I am looking for a (preferrably) german squad that fits me and with which i get along well. I do like all gametypes for now, except "Camp the gunstore" (or was it called Wasteland?). Looking forward to hearing from you, AmmokK
  14. AmmokKDE


    Direct download of all files needed by a server to play there would indeed be the perfect solution to a lot of things. Let´s hope for that.
  15. AmmokKDE

    ARMA III - Game of the year?

    What a silly question months before the release! It could turn more buggy than it is, it could even get cancelled if a bomb drops on the wrong building, the whole team could get arrested for espionage and arma 3 will never finish, it could become the most gorgeous and perfectly fine working piece of FPS ever made! We just don´t know! So the question is way too soon to be asked.