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    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    leaving from Cerebus has this been confirmed, I am having the same issue?
  2. MSgt Main

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    This unit finder doesn't work. There is no way to determine which groups are active, how many or what times are the events.
  3. MSgt Main

    Northern Ireland Insurgents

    Great looking units, wish they were compatible with zeus:D
  4. no dice, however i can get to launch with play with six. the error msg came from having it installed in the arma2 folder as well as oa.
  5. Acre will not work for me. When I press caps nothing happens. I downloaded the game Friday and installed everything using six updater. Teamspeak says I am connected. All programs are run as administrator, I load with @cba, @cba_2,@cba_oa,@jaylib, @acre. During start up I receive a yellow warning addon 'acre_arma2' requires ' addon 'a3_weapon_f'. (I'm thinking this has to be the problem) I have reinstalled acre using six updater, I have manually reinstalled acre, neither fixed the problem for me. Also my ptt is empy in game and ptt for ts3 is mouse 5. The strangest part to me is I have no trouble with acre on arma 3 alpha. Any insight into the problem/ solution would be much appreciated as I have spent at least 12 hours trying to fix this. Thanks
  6. MSgt Main

    Arma 3 - Insurgency on Stratis

    How do you capture the insurgents?
  7. I have had no problems with crashes.
  8. MSgt Main

    Add the M14 Rogue please!

    I agree with both points RH. but variety doesn't hurt.