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  1. Removed the "Lazy" part in my post, didn't know it had such a meaning for some of you.

    For map/terrain making... Are there any good guides? With like images, maybe a video? A nice wiki? I'm brand new to all this and a nice overview would be good, but again a forum is not the proper place for such things. I understand it's how we can communicate and great for Q&A, but there must be some links to external resources somewhere.

    1) I gave links to some good guide in my post (also check guide for ArmA 2 terrain making).

    2) There aren't any video tutorials that i know of.

    3) Official wiki is the only wiki around for terrain making and is quite poor in content (but usefull for understanding basics).

  2. It is not a matter of difficulty, we just don't wish to discuss the internal details of development. From what has been already said, everyone can assume that new terrain tool is much closer than decades away - Shelestov, you don't need to fear. :)

    @IceBreakr: You're welcome!

    Thank you Edge, as soon as you give us our toy, we will make sure to repay you with our awesome terrains !

  3. Don't get your hopes up, BIS don't care about the terrain editing community. The best we've gotten is old scraps that's a decade outdated.

    That's not true, they really gave us what they could. we have to remember that they do not habe the same ressources as crytek or EA. We should be glad to be able to mod the crap out of ArmA.

    I'm sure the new version of visitor will be a surprise for all of us or at least will make terrain making much easier :)

  4. Like M1lkm8n said, if you want good looking but not AI friendly river use objects, if you don't really care about the look of the river, use L3DT to "carve" it.

    I'm using L3DT for my rivers but i hope to be able to make some good looking rivers in the next coming months. I had something in mind for a while but i need to do some models before that ;) Will keep you posted ;)

  5. Kepler69c


    Kepler69c is a new terrain i have been working on the past three months. It will be my first terrain for ArmA, it is still very early in development as i need to make it look as realistic as possible.

    I started this terrain because i needed something different from Altis & Stratis for a Mod i'm working on.

    Kepler69c is an Earth-like planet, while in reality life is not possible for humans on kepler let's just say that terraforming is possible in 2135.

    General informations :

    • Size : 20480x20480 (419km²)
    • Cell size : 10m (for better performance)
    • Land % : ~70%

    Features :

    • Rivers
    • One big mountain (1600m peak)
    • Hills
    • small islands all around (7)
    • A volcano
    • A canyon (will be epic)
    • 5 Different biomes ATM (Desert,Red Desert,Temperate,Volcano,Snow Mountain)

    Screenshots :

    Note : View distance is set to 12000m, it makes things looks odd and tiny.


  6. pal2pacet.jpg

    A little tip to speed up the .png to .paa conversion (done by buldozer after an import of your mask and sat) :

    - Go to your "TexView 2" folder

    - Copy "Pal2PacE.exe" & "ijl15.dll" to your "Layers" folder

    - Launch this command after pointing to your Project's Layers folder :

    pal2pace *

    - Wait 10 mns (instead of 20~30 mns)

    - Launch your terrain in buldozer and enjoy !

  7. Updated my first post with new textures, they all use the new nopx format for normals (finally got it working).

    Edit :

    How to make a _nopx PAA

    Maybe some people still don't know how to make a nopx .PAA so here it is (pretty simple)

    I use crazybump to make my normals, you only need to change one thing in your preferences :


    • Save your normal as a TGA
    • Open it in photoshop or GIMP and make sure Alpha channel is active.
    • Save again.
    • put nopx as a prefix
    • Use Texview and Voila !