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  1. PepinKr

    In game Textures / Sat Grid

    Well for me the easy way is to save as a .BMP and then open it in photoshop, this way you don't have to merge the tiles together.
  2. PepinKr

    In game Textures / Sat Grid

    ha ok, well i use 20480x20480, but 2048 is ok for testing purpose. If you use 2048x2048, my config will be useless to you.
  3. PepinKr

    In game Textures / Sat Grid

    Hi, I have a map the same size, here are my settings : Sat grid = 96 In texture layers, the base layer is set at texture size 40x40m Satellite segment = 24 I see nothing wrong in your layers.cfg ;)
  4. Hey M1lkm8n, do you have the same issue when using normals sat map ? http://i.imgur.com/73pG6jh.jpg (248 kB) http://i.imgur.com/aqJGUMj.jpg (247 kB)
  5. @Zerog : Link added ;) @M1lkm8n : I added a link to your post about satellite normals.
  6. Of course Terrain making is not for everyone but this post will help (i hope) people who are interested to get into terrain making faster ;)
  7. I use a sat map of 20480x20480. The only thing i can think of is that you dont place your GCP points correctly.
  8. That's what i use and it is working perfectly.
  9. I mean when you do "save selection as vector file" (final step) :
  10. PepinKr

    objectlimit for arma 3 ?

    I checked again and you were right, i only had around 3000000 objects. But i will try Depew to see if we can increase this limitation.
  11. Ok, i solved my issue. At the end of your video, you should specify that you need to save your layer as a vector file with UTF-8. Also, if you use binpbo to pack your map, the "roads" folder is probably missing. I had to unpack it and add the folder manually and finally repack it with cpbo. Anyway, i should also say thank you for showing us the way. You rock Milkman !
  12. hey M1lkm8n, i followed your tutorial but i must do something wrong because everytime i save my roads into a .shp file it is empty (weight 1kb, no vectors inside). Did i miss something ?
  13. PepinKr

    A3 Beginners Guide

    Update all your arma 3 files in your P: drive, that fixed the error for me :)
  14. PepinKr

    objectlimit for arma 3 ?

    No, i used World Tools.
  15. PepinKr

    objectlimit for arma 3 ?

    if by objects you mean trees & rocks, i managed to place more than 4,000,000 without issues.
  16. PepinKr

    A3 Beginners Guide

    I wanted to start an ArmA 3 guide for map making but as M1lkm8n said, as long as we don't have proper tools its kind of useless. Start with an arma 2 island and when the tools are ready, it will be quite easy to port this over A3 ;)
  17. PepinKr

    grass_co grass_nopx

    Hi ! You can find them here : P:\a3\map_data ;)
  18. Well, i missed the link to your tutorial. Everything is working now ! ^^ sorry for the dumb question and thanks for this very handy script !
  19. I tried your script but its not working, when i export into a p3d no file is created :'( btw i'm using 1.67 (latest version) of blender.
  20. PepinKr

    World Tools

    Why do you need a .SQM ? You should only need the satmap (5120x5120) of your map for it to work. Look at this tutorial : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?108356-World-Tools-forest-tutorial
  21. PepinKr

    Flickering Trees

    Maybe you should post this in troubleshooting, you're talking about stratis right now and this subforum is for terrain creation and not mission editing. (sorry if i misunderstood your issue).
  22. PepinKr

    Post Apocalyptic Units

    Hey icewindo, love this addon. I'm making a mission for my friends with it ;) Are you still working on it btw ?
  23. Squad name: The Servants Timezone/location : UTC+1 - France Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP, PVP Contact email: kavarak@gmail.com Website address: http://www.the-servants.fr Short description: Casual french community Language: French