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    Merging Altis and Stratis?

    I don't see how your post fit in this subcategory ? You should post this in the ArmA 3 - General forum...
  2. Are you sure ? Because it's working with me.
  3. Was gonna tell you to try this size ^^, i tried your initial config and it crashed arma and windows !
  4. Thanks, i'll look into it. Edit : Visitor is hard at work, will tell you more later ;) Nice looking map btw
  5. Are you trying to pbo the island with no objects on it ? Give me all you're settings and i will try on my computer or if you trust me, you can send me your island files.
  6. I'm using L3DT, but i think Terragen is working the same way, and yes it will create a satmap texture ;)
  7. PepinKr

    Key Points

    Hi, i don't know if this still applies but you should try this : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?61782-Tutorial-for-Visitor3&p=1075630&viewfull=1#post1075630
  8. PepinKr

    Share your ground textures

    Nice one, i'm sure i'll find a way to use it on my map. Edited my post with pictures of my textures.
  9. i had sat clipping with my terrain as well, i tried a satellite grid of 96 and satellite segment of 48 and it fixed it. (terrain size : 20480x20480)
  10. In visitor you place objets by selecting the .p3d of an object : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26293265/visitor3.jpg I'm not that much of an expert at visitor yet, but i'm sure there is a way to recognize the class of the object on stratis. How do you know they don't use class anymore ?
  11. PepinKr

    Share your ground textures

    Guess i'll share mine then ! All packs includes textures in these formats : - co - mco - nopx Misc Texture Pack Contains : Link : Volcano Texture Pack Contains : Link : Credits : k69c_lushgrass : By GoodTextures (http://www.brusheezy.com/textures/20185-seamless-green-grass-textures) k69c_snow : By GoodTextures (http://www.brusheezy.com/textures/20856-seamless-snow-ice-textures) k69c_cliff : By nubblecakes (http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1022858&p=26538325&viewfull=1#post26538325) k69c_rock : By photoshoptutorials (http://www.brusheezy.com/patterns/36937-12-seamless-flat-rock-textures) k69c_vflatland & k69c_vlava : By borysses (http://borysses.deviantart.com/art/Volcanic-and-fire-98841139) k69c_vrocky & k69c_vcliff : By silver- (http://www.deviantart.com/art/Inferno-Patterns-104941349) k69c_deepdesert : By hhh316 (http://hhh316.deviantart.com/art/Seamless-desert-sand-texture-183159331) k69c_sandstone : By GoodTextures (http://www.brusheezy.com/textures/36949-10-seamless-mixed-stone-textures)
  12. sorry, i didnt know you could have RGB color as placeholder :)
  13. Hi, your layers.cfg should look like this (also maybe dont use special characters): class Layers { class sand { texture="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_sand_mco.paa"; material="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_sand.rvmat"; }; class desertsand { texture="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_desertsand_mco.paa"; material="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_desertsand.rvmat"; }; class grass { texture="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_grass_mco.paa"; material="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_grass.rvmat"; }; class lushgrass { texture="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_lushgrass_mco.paa"; material="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_lushgrass.rvmat"; }; class drygrass { texture="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_drygrass_mco.paa"; material="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_drygrass.rvmat"; }; class cliffface { texture="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_cliffface_mco.paa"; material="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_cliffface.rvmat"; }; class snow { texture="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_snow_mco.paa"; material="GOE\kepler69c\data\k69c_snow.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture="GOE\kepler69c\source\mapLegend.png"; class Colors { sand[]={{230,230,120}}; desertsand[]={{220,210,102}}; grass[]={{140,195,80}}; lushgrass[]={{120,190,80}}; drygrass[]={{170,190,80}}; cliffface[]={{120,120,120}}; snow[]={{255,255,255}}; } }; As for as i know, the limit is still 4 for terrain textures on the same square. For your mask layers, the name does not matter but keep lco at the end of the file so that visitor turn them into the correct PAA format.
  14. You should look at the first link, there are plenty of tutorial to get into visitor ;) good luck :)
  15. PepinKr

    In game Textures / Sat Grid

    Ok ! well it's true that when i tried a 40960x40960 image L3DT would crash all the time ^^
  16. I started a thread about that ;) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160867-Ressources-How-to-make-a-map
  17. PepinKr

    In game Textures / Sat Grid

    It only happens if you select another image format than bmp, i saw that on the L3DT forums. If your image is very big in size (like 1.7 gb for 20480) choose bmp and everything should be fine.
  18. wow, thanks ! I must have changed this one by mistake. I spent all day trying to fix this ^^ Edit : Now i tried again and it is still crashing when i open it but no more rvmat errors in my logs. Edit #2 : I found the issue, apparently my new roads are making the game crash.
  19. Hi, this morning i tried to update my map (which was working yesterday) but now it wont launch in the editor and arma 3 crash. I checked everything but all my settings are correct, i also tried a backup of my map (the one who was working yesterday) but arma 3 also crash. I get this error in my binpbo log : It was not there yesterday, do you have any clues as to why this is happening ? My binpbo log : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26293265/kepler69c.log BinPbo settings :
  20. @Gamma : add me on steam "kavarak" Mat14 will do all rvmats at once do not worry ;)
  21. After you installed mat14, open command console and type : mat14 P:\TAG\YourMap\data\Layers This command will modify all rvmats and you're good to go ;)