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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hey SGT Fuller not sure if you authorized or were even aware of this but it seems a copy of this mod has popped up on the Steam Workshop by "Rubber Duck". Thought I'd give a heads up in case..
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    Sorry how do you use the code for the editor, I tried the Example but it gave an error.. Edit Nevermind I fixed it there was an extra comma in the example
  3. fuzionfire


    Quick question is it possible to do this in the editor so you spawn with it on your chest?
  4. So what's the go with the interior of the Frigate, there is no item for interior under Objects [uNSC]... So am I missing something or has the interior been removed in this update? Edit- Also found a bug, if you are using the Advanced Flight Model when you enter the pelican it morphs through the ground partly but if you turn it off the AFM it returns to the correct position.
  5. Awesome :D Do we have a changelog?
  6. Good to see progress is still being made :)
  7. So I've noticed a bug, when you deploy the sniper rifle it lowers the player model causing you to clip with ground.
  8. So in this current version of OPTRE are we able to walk around the interior of the frigate?
  9. I have a question, will the SRS 99 Anti-material produce a white trail of water vapor like it does in the games?
  10. holy shit i was right!!! :D :D :D
  11. I don't have ACE3 showing up under Configure Addons...
  12. Seriously, how do i get the interaction menu up!
  13. Can someone please help, what is the default key for the interaction menu?
  14. Armaholic has the latest version but as you can see this is an Alpha, there will be bugs it's part of the process
  15. I have a suggestion, Star Wars. :'D
  16. Great to see this is still happening, super excited to see where you take this mod now :)
  17. It's disappointing to hear but best of luck to both teams I am very excited to see how the two mods progress, Once the TEI team is rebuilt we may begin to see a bit of competition between the two mods which could lead to great things, again good luck to all devs, current and former! :D
  18. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but in the template frigate mission the frigate spawns separate from the two spawn door things and the elevator that deploys a pelican, is this intentional or no?
  19. Yeah haven't been able to find it in the editor either but I did find the class name so I just added it manually.
  20. Does It spawn on a particular unit or can it be accessed through the VA?
  21. Yes that's exactly what I was thinking of, Is it currently in game or did I just see it somewhere?