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  1. I don't know bro. Here's a bro-tip: password the server and MAGIC - no script kiddies. Can even force people to join TS3 and communicate that way.

    And I want bugfixes first, not guns.

    Doesn't work. I already went on a server that tried that it was still getting hacked. People will just go on TS get the password and hand it out to their buddies who can hack to their hearts content .There is no way for the admins to know who is hacking or do anything about it short of banning possibly innocent people.

  2. There's not going to be anyone left to test this game with all of the hackers online, and every day it seems to be more and more of know now that they know they can get away with it. BIS should at the very least take note of which accounts are hacking and monitor them so they can put out a ban wave.

  3. I don't have figure at the hand, but US military has fairly large female soldiers in non-combat role, like vehicle driver, radio operator, engineer, MP and medical.

    when I was a cadet, my "battalion" had more female than male..

    but for gaming purpose, I really don't care as long as female have proper animation for modding purpose, not like Arma2 where they couldn't even drive most cars.

    (say, you are making an IDF mod)

    I guess if you consider roughly 15% a large percentage...I don't really care either but like you wish they have more animations than just running around. I don't see why some males are so passionate about this issue, it's a video game so it's not really a civil rights issue. Even in real life I wouldn't consider "women in combat roles" a civil rights issue, more like a political move.