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    FPS problem.

    I live in block of flats in Prague meaning people here can be considered "average Czechs" if not bellow-average and still all my friends can make ARMA 3 run on their laptops/rigs. I upgraded to i7 4770, gtx 770, ssd 256 and 16gb ram and run all ultra with only ATOC turned off with visibility 2700/1600 (overall/objects) with 30-70 fps in MP.
  2. Just upgraded from laptop (lenovo y570) to following desktop: i7 4770 at 3.40 (no OC yet) GTX 770 16GB ram win 7 and arma installed on 256GB samsung SSD I run arma on overall ultra, 1920*1200, dist. 2500 m, objects 2500, shadows 100 Runs smoothly on most MP servers (i dont play wasteland). Looks incredibly! :rolleyes:
  3. Lord_of_War_CZ

    TeeTimes Warfare

    Could solution in this thread work to fix civilians problems? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148580-Setfriend-for-civillians-changing-to-independant-(Problem)&highlight=arma+3+independent Creating independent object with 0 propability of presence and grouping civilians to it. I tried it in editor and it worked- both sides ai´s attacking them and no penalty for killing them.
  4. Lord_of_War_CZ

    TeeTimes Warfare

    Ok, some more suggestions: - wrecks removal from bases (you can buy cheap 3K chopper and crash it into enemy base, preveting players to respawn there as they will die near fire) - preventing spawn in town which is under attack (this would prevent mass respawns to defend, other cities are close enough to go from there) - some sort of announcement of friendly city being under attack - visible income per minute when checking my money - saving bought equipment
  5. Lord_of_War_CZ

    TeeTimes Warfare

    Respawn system is great now, good job! I would suggest to add some restrictions around town´s to prevent deploying mhq there as it is easy to spam cities with ai´s/players with using HQ´s indestructibility, especially at early game (ride in town, run over civilians, deploy hq, make soldiers, cap). I would also make HQ destructible(only when mobile), but it would auto-repair in some time (can you make it to have more armor/hp? if so?). Default AI count could be at 8 imo. I would still love buying MG/GMG cars with AI´s already on. Try to unlock your car in base while full server and order units in..they wont be first there :D Only major thing to worry about now are civilians..i know its work-around but it could be maybe avoided by this..when player/ai´s get in certain radius from town, few soldiers from other side would spawn to defend for a brief period of time. They would despawn if units/player´s from other team activate city too or after some amount of time. This could also allow more city guards as only active cities would spawn them. I know its complicated but these civilians are really messing an early game :(.
  6. Lord_of_War_CZ

    TeeTimes Warfare

    Hi, best warfare so far. There isn´t enough action though. Might be nice to add some by allowing more ai´s (lets say 10-18) and let players to buy MG/GMG cars with driver and gunner already on. Ordering units to board vehicles is time-consuming and often results in car being stolen by team mates. Its also flustrating to always respawn back in base. Some revive option would be nice and some town insertion too- on Awpaholica server we used to respawn in cities under attack and such. Choppers could lift, 3K is too cheap for choper btw, even unarmed one, while 50k for armed is way to much imo. Add some mortars maybe ? Those cirles for cities on map looks cheap, i would use different mark :D. Add option to build up to 3 bases for each side which are destroyable? Score for taking towns? Simplified shops? I guess thats it :D.
  7. Lord_of_War_CZ

    Simple CTI Warfare

    Hi, I was testing your CTI mission and came up with some ideas which could make it even more funny and enjoyable. So if u dont mind, here they are: 1. Adding some info graphic, like respawning, units on map, income, money etc. 2. Placing some more places to cap. 3. No units attacking bases at start, just few soldiers holding closest points. 4. Each point could generate some soldiers from time to time which would attack enemy base. 5. More money from captured points. 6. Cheaper vehicles. 7. 20 max ai´s per player 8. Ability to buy weapons which would stay after player´s death. 9. AF only one at Airfield for more challenge. 10. Fixing spawns for cars ( blufor´s spawn in rocks) 11. Adding some sort of mobile spawn point´s (simple car with script named ambulance). 12. More players- 12 on 12 13. Some simple mortar´s at each base for fun. 14. Parameters (weather and such) If any of these things could be added/fixed, mod could be quite fun. In any case thanks very much for your upload and see u in game sometime :D.