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  1. Nice, thanks for the update. Is this feature purely on your end for aircraft support? Or do authors need to do something on our end to make it work with custom aircraft?

    You can always configure this yourself in the vehicles own config so it's ready to use this.

    Example config:


    Basicly you just need to configure the three variables CCIP_Configured, CCIP_Allowed_Weapons[] and CCIP_Weapon_Positions[] in the CfgVehicles.

    If you do so drop a link here so I can update the supported addons =)

  2. They changed the radarType into value of 8, which is undocumented but my best guess it's the "dummy compass".

    Changing that back to value of 4 gives back the air radar.

    Anyway I've been thinking of making a missile warning system using the IncomingMissile EH that would give the warning also to the guys at back letting them know not to disturb the pilot too much.

    Just haven't got around doing it and reverting to the magic radar was a bit easier.

  3. ;2836850']Yep' date=' this addon disables ZHM Glasses, TPW mods, NSS_AC and TAW viewdistance - so far I´ve noticed, but probably TFAR too... mostly but not all CBA dependant mods are affected... on script form, it is OK, as I have eRazeri´s JAS39G enabled - it has a native CCIP script on it - and it doesn´t conflicts with other mods =P


    Sounds so fun that I'm going to ask for a .rpt =)

    As an example:

    C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\Local\Arma 3\arma3_2014-12-10_21-03-43.rpt

  4. I'm at work and not able to try this out for myself, but are they issues with TFAR solved with the new addon version?

    I know our CAS-pilots would _love_ this addon but TFAR takes precedence :)

    Don`t use TFAR personally so I don't know for sure. It might still be the case but in the future I`ll close this a bit more to reduce any possible overlaps.

    So please, report back if it has issues or not =)

  5. Edited the first post to reflect who is currently working on this.

    Thank you =)

    I've worked on it a bit and I've made the first release for it:



    -It's a client side addon.

    -It's a work in progress

    -Currently it's still using a loop for detecting the vehicle, will switch to CBA XEH in the future.

    -If you wish not to use CCIP with a certain vehicle just remove the vehicles specific PBO and bisign.

    -Multiple third party vehicles are supported also, move the required PBOs into addons folder to make them work.

  6. 12:37:26 Warning Message: Addon 'Comanche_HMDs_Kimi_METRIC' requires addon 'UI_HMDs_kimi'
    12:37:28 Warning Message: Addon 'Ghost_HMDs_Kimi_METRIC' requires addon 'UI_HMDs_kimi'
    12:37:28 Warning Message: Addon 'LilB_HMDs_Kimi_METRIC' requires addon 'UI_HMDs_kimi'
    12:37:28 Warning Message: Addon 'Lynx_HMDs_Kimi_METRIC' requires addon 'UI_HMDs_kimi'
    12:37:28 Warning Message: Addon 'Merlin_HMDs_Kimi_METRIC' requires addon 'UI_HMDs_kimi'
    12:37:28 Warning Message: Addon 'UAVs_HMDs_Kimi' requires addon 'UI_HMDs_kimi'
    12:37:28 Warning Message: Addon 'UI_OPT_HMDs_Kimi' requires addon 'UI_HMDs_kimi'

    Seems like something is missing from the latest version =)

  7. I was playing with the settings today and set the window to be transparent. I can't find how to set it back now, since whenever I right click inside the asm program window the system thinks I'm right clicking in Windows. I can't find any relevant settings in the ini file or in user temp files or anything. Help!

    I`ve had the same :D

    Left click around the CPS etc text to highlight the window then right click at the same spot to open the menu to deselect transparency.

  8. Not sure if this would help but it allows a green thermal mode:

    class Turrets: Turrets
       class MainTurret: MainTurret
           class OpticsIn
               class Wide
                   visionMode[] = {"Normal","Ti"};//,"NVG"
                   thermalMode[] = {0,1,2,3};//0=WHOT, 1=BHOT,2=Green WHOT, 3=Green BHOT, 4=Red WHOT, 5=Red BHOT

  9. CCIP now breaks any of the new SC helo missions. I have tested with only CBA and CCIP active, and none of them run (getting stuck on loading screen) whereas when every other addon in my favourites, except CCIP running, causes no problems. Hoping you can fix it.

    So you`re trying to use the CBA version of the addon? I might not have stated it clearly enough but the CBA version of the addon isn`t working hence there`s no pbo to download.

    If you`re using the non-CBA version which has the pbo in the repo then I can`t reproduce the issue. I tested it with CBA+CCIP and CCIP alone in the sling loading showcase.

    Xendance, with your permission I would do a complete rewrite of the CCIPs structure to eliminate any possible problems caused by it?

  10. hmm interesting i did indeed forget the GBU-53 fly p3d. I'll have to figure out a way to update the files on armaholic. The fly variant is the same as the proxy p3d except with wings opened so you could just open the wings from the non-fly variant and resave it.

    Alright, I did just that and while I was at it I also animated it :)

    If someone wants the "F_35C_GBU53_fly.p3d" you can get it from here:


    ps Loving the modelling discussion, I`m an novice modeller myself too :yay:

  11. I have to drop by and send my regards to the author.

    The model is so stunning :p

    I was able to obtain the source files from armaholic but I noticed it didn`t have all of the models that are in the binarized release.

    "OK_F_35C\bomberino\GBU53_fly\F_35C_GBU53_fly.p3d" is missing and it`s used by the GBU53 weapon :S

    Could we get the GBU53 model unbinarized?

    Anyway I started working on a edited version of the addon.

    It`s source can be seen here:


    ps Would`ve liked to start working on this together not as a "rip-off" :S

  12. plugin version and addon version do not match

    How can I do? teamspack Already 3.0.16

    How about updating the TS plugin dll and the addon to the latest version?

    Btw NouberNou, is it intentional that when you have multiple radios with the same channel and you transmit you`ll transmit over all of the radios at the same time?

  13. Tips for anyone else having troubles with radios dissappearing.

    Make sure there`s enough space in the inventory for the radio because the ID system cycles the radio trough your inventory.

    We used to have radios in the linked items trough configs and it resulted in some loadouts not having the space to get a new radio.

    Situation was confused even more by when grabbing a radio from a box, you need to close the container to get the new radio even if it looks like it dissappeared.

  14. Texture issues aside there`s some things that is keeping us from using this and it`s the scripting side.

    When taking the weapon into hands and the script is sucking up the inventory and then refilling it it can duplicate stuff to fill the inventory completely.

    When taking the weapon into hands it always consumes a mag to reload it, this is a real problem with a two main weapons loadout.

    AIs acting on their own or remote controlled don`t seem to understand the weapon very well and just keep on reloading.

    I know that fixing all of these might be quite a lot of work so I`m suggesting maybe to do a version of the shotgun that has only 1 magazine in the weapon that doesn`t rely on a script?



  15. When dropping mags on the ground:

    Warning Message: Cannot load texture c:\users\benedikt\desktop\everything regauding my weapon\bpx_uts15\ui\ammobuck_ca.paa.
    Warning Message: Cannot load texture c:\users\benedikt\desktop\everything regauding my weapon\bpx_uts15\ui\ammoslug_ca.paa.
    Warning Message: Cannot load texture c:\users\benedikt\desktop\everything regauding my weapon\bpx_uts15\ui\ammohe_ca.paa.

    You should fix the path on the p3ds to be relative not absolute.


  16. 19:58:53 6196.6 acre error: All ids for class acre_prc148 are taken!
    19:58:53 6196.6 acre error: All ids for class acre_prc343 are taken!

    At some point this will happen and when it happens radios stop working for people.

    But when I`ve been debugging it respawning players, creating AIs etc and then cleaning up I just can`t break the ID system.

    19:03:11 2854.43 ACRE WARNING: Id object relation created independently of unique ID creation process (ACRE_PRC343_ID_1)

    As this is a just a warning I guess it`s not dangerous to see?

    Does Zeus mess up with ACRE2? Just asking because in the box content items list there`s a lot of entries for the radios.

    Do radios in a box reserve a ID?


    Also not using any scripts to add radios as we have them already on the units in configs.