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  1. erazeri

    Menu Extension

    Update 1.24 isn't compatible with this addon anymore, it breaks the main menu. Hotfix maybe?
  2. erazeri

    CCIP script for aircrafts

    I worked on that idea and achieved MP compatibility by making this as the init of the script: http://pastebin.com/j9iZBQEC Lstor, I see that you made a pretty similar solution for it =) Had a blast having a JTAC training yesterday with 2 Warthogs :P
  3. erazeri

    CCIP script for aircrafts

    I`m loving the script. Will definately add it to my wip addon in time. For now I`m focusing on implementing it for our community. I got this working nice with CBAs Extended Init EventHandler called from missions description.ext: class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class B_Plane_CAS_01_F { init = "_this execVM ""jonimake_ccip\jonimake_ccip.sqf"""; }; }; Although I had to add "_this = _this select 0;" into the jonimake_ccip.sqf because _this was passed as an array. Basically it will run the script for all editor placed and Zeus placed Wipeouts without hiccups. The problems started when I got into testing the script in MP enviroment. Only one player is able to use the script at one given time, if someone else gets into a wipeout while you`re using the script, it will turn it off for you and turn it on for the other player. Maybe the script should be runned as a loop that checks for the players vehicle and then adds the event handlers only to that vehicle, any better ideas?
  4. About the dissappearing thing, I had the same and I figured it out and commented it on my cfgvehicles: rudderInfluence=0.5;//NEVER GO UP TO 1, IT WILL DESTROY UNIVERSE!!! I checked your configs and you had it at 1, which is the cause.
  5. Was excited to get new sample models today =) Anyway now whenever I pack an addon with the addon builder I get this error when trying to load the model ingame: I tried to repack one of my older test versions and it now returns the same error message. Did I mess up my workflow or did something change in the tools that I`m not aware of? EDIT: This was fixed by the game update, should`ve waited before making this thread =)
  6. erazeri

    =BTC= Logistic [A3] - BETA

    Lifting stopped working on a dedicated server :S Doesn`t add the actions to toggle the HUD. EDIT: Changed condition checking in =BTC=_logistic_init.sqf & =BTC=_lift_init.sqf to make sure it works: if !(isDedicated) then { all the code; }; You`re welcome =)
  7. erazeri

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Until the official link is fixed: https://mega.co.nz/#!Gd9BQaYD!E8trZbxJp1p00jepRNsbLWY5EcQCI4sGsruaE4t-TTQ
  8. Had the same problems of the server not fully starting up. Running without mods seemed to fix it so I started messing around. Finally I got my DS working and it seems like using reportingIP = "noreport"; and RC1 fixed my issues, might've been something I missed though that fixed it :S EDIT: Issue came back after changing the -mod line again. Didn't change any content just the -mod line. Very odd behaviour as changing it back again fixed it..
  9. erazeri

    Flickering Pip

    So what you have one card, you still have 2 GPUs on which takes parts in rendering the frames. It`s called AFR (alternate frame rendering). The flickering happens only with models with more than 1 PiP when using AFR. It`s because the PiP screens are rendered every other frame and if you use AFR the other GPU will draw it black. The thread you linked has the solution you`re looking for. You need to switch the GPUs to work on SFR (Split Frame Rendering) mode in which both GPUs work on the same frame removing the flicker caused by PiP rendered every other frame. Of course doing so you lose performance. My performance tests: ArmA 3 Altis Benchmarking: Adaptive vsync @60Hz 1xGTX 770: 47fps Adaptive vsync @60Hz 2xGTX 770 SFR (PiP works): 50ps Adaptive vsync @60Hz 2xGTX 770 AFR (PiP flickers): 53fps
  10. I`m trying to spawn the config based compositions (camps, outposts etc) available for zeus under the groups -> empty by using BIS_fnc_spawnGroup but it doesn`t get the direction of objects right, so my guess is that when zeus places them down it uses a different function, anyone have idea on what function it uses so I can use it manually to place them down at the start of an mission? Example of what I tried to use but it didn`t get the direction right (wrong order of information=wrong function) This would help greatly :D
  11. erazeri

    Menu Extension

    Just dropping by for giving my thanks! Really appreciated mod cleaning up the action menu in a nice way =) Would be cool if the mod settings could be hidden instead of greying it out.
  12. Gundy, use digital collective raise/throttle before opening it. On another note, the ctab spams the server rpt quite a lot with this: Might we see an update fixing this soon?
  13. Been working on a Gripen NG for a quite a while now as my first addon to be released: http://pilvigalleria.pwn.fi:443/imgs/arma3%202014-04-06%2016-27-10-190.jpg Some level of cooperation might come handy, at least for me :P Anyways, good luck with the C variant =)
  14. I also lose my controllers from ArmA 3 every now and then but usually happens when I didn`t remember to turn on TrackIR before launching the game, so when I go to options/controls to get TrackIR noticed by the game all other controls gets lost. The only way to get them back is to spam the options/controls to make it recognize them again (by luck) or just simply restart the game which is a bit tiresome. I`m on Win 8.1 using TM warthog, Saitek pro flight pedals.
  15. erazeri

    A-164 Wiepout sound mod

    Very nice sounds I like them. Just got to ask are they optimized? Just looking at the size of them =) Also you might want to update the config file for the new flight model update =)
  16. Broken DL link? Would be cool if this was also updated on armaholic =)
  17. For me this only happened for a short while between tools were updated before the game was updated. After that the problem resolved because the game version catch up.
  18. Any news on the PiP? Seems like the Comanche and Wildcat have a every frame updating PiP meaning no flickering in SLI/Xfire AFR mode and looks very smooth. My main office is sitting in a F/A-18 E so I would love the extra fps gained by using alternate frame rendering and still have the mirrors functioning =)
  19. erazeri

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Simply amazing thing to fly, thank you very much! :)
  20. Could you guys add some more actions bindable to keys we really don`t need? For example I would love to have the ability to bind engine off/on to a button same way the afterburner is now bindable, maybe service menu and fold wings too. Would be able to use HOTAS setup without touching the damn action menu. Relates to this: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=10686
  21. Was really waiting for hosting the private version :) The amount of work you guys put into this is insane, let's hope it's not all for nothing :D
  22. I went flying with the Buzzard and noticed something with it when I was comparing input methods for flying. The roll with joystick was very lazy even if I gave it full input, I even checked from the controls that it got to 100. Here`s a video which shows the problem I`m having: Any other has this same issue and if so were you able to fix it?
  23. Because in the Alpha weapon boxes etc were so bugged accessing them could kill the server raised the demand for virtual ammo box to the roof.
  24. When using analogue collective for flying I find it very useful of having "collective raise/collective lower" binded to my hotas so I can just tap it and it will override the analogue collective for a while and switch collective to neutral position which is almost impossible with my current throttle. To maintain altitude and speed just keep the same nose dive with a joystick keeping your climb rate at 0 and collective at neutral. Never use excessively collective raise as you wouldn`t use in a real chopper and you will find it`s quite realistic at the moment but you still can`t over stress your engines and blades to break them.