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  1. Scrocco88

    Get pointed location

    The point returned is always the same point, in the upper-left part of the screen. And it's exactly the (0,0) point of the GUI EDITOR grid.
  2. Scrocco88

    Get pointed location

    im using this to get the pointer position: (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["MouseMoving","cursorPos=screenToWorld [_this select 1, _this select 2];hint format ['%1',cursorPos];"]; but it seems working only after a first Restart of my mission. What am i doing wrong? Do i need to waitUntil some library before using it? Edit: Actually it works only with a very short distance... if i try to look at something distant a get coordinates much more far away then the real point :(
  3. I need help with vehicles and GET IN/GET OUT waypoints. I need an AI group to reach an extraction point using a car, dismount the car, board an extraction heli that will fly away. Following tutorials i made these waypoints chains. TEAM: Get in -> move -> get out -> move -> get in HELI: Move -> load -> move (underlined waypoints are syncronized) The problem is that the group re enter the car instead of the heli. I think it's because of this: How can i solve it? How can i remove the car from the group "hownership"?
  4. Scrocco88

    Get pointed location

    Thank you, it worked. PS. I've been playing on your wasteland servers these days.... i really love your work! :D
  5. How can i get the location pointed by a player? Something like the ( ) cursor when using support modules. Tried with cursorTarget but it works only if targeting some object, not working if pointing at ground. Thanks
  6. Scrocco88

    Access by object name

    mmm... i think it's not what i asked for. vehicleVarName: setVehicleVarName In both cases you already have an Object variable, and you manipulate it's name. I need to GET the object already HAVING his name, stored in a String variable. vehicleVarName Syntax: String = vehicleVarName objectName [b]Parameters: [/b]objectName: Object [b]Return Value:[/b] String I'm looking for something like object = <something> objectName [b]Parameters:[/b] objectName: String [b]Return Value: [/b]object
  7. How can i get (in a script) the Object reference to an object created in the editor, having his name stored in a variable? Something like: _variable = "my_object_name"; _obj = getObjectByName _variable;
  8. How can i add some marker or some texture on the ground? Something like the helipad texture. I tried using Object (Helpers) => User Texture and changing texture with this setObjectTexture [0,'...']. It works but it's a vertical texture. Is there any horizontal equivalent or some way to rotate it?
  9. Ok... non that easy indeed... and i dont know how to find any multi-thread or concurrency documentation about game engine. Thank you very much. :)
  10. Hi, maybe this is a stupid question but i couldn't figure it out. I need to perform an action when any player dies (MP only, PvP map). So i tried to add an EventHandler to anyone. I tried this in init.sqf if (isServer) then { { _x addEventHandler ["killed", "kc = _this execVM ""killcount.sqf"""]; }foreach allUnits; } In the editor preview (with AI players) anything goes right, but in MP missions it works only with some players. I think the problem is that players joining the server after it started were not in the allUnits loop, so i edited in this way... but it still doesn't work. Init.sqf if (isServer) then { ... { if (!isPlayer _x) then { // To test it with AI units _x addEventHandler ["killed", "kc = _this execVM ""killcount.sqf"""]; }; }foreach allUnits; }; ... waitUntil {alive player}; player addEventHandler ["killed", "kc = _this execVM ""killcount.sqf"""]; ... Any suggestion? How can i consider unit not spawned yet using a loop? (Player hasn't joined the server yet) I assumed that init.sqf runs on every client when he joins the server. Is it right? It works if i set the handler in the "init" field of the unit. Can i do it automatically using a script loop?
  11. ok... but if i have something like: First event: if(isServer) then { .... end_of_first_block } Second event: if(isServer) then { start_of_second_block .... } and the 2 events fires "at the same time", is it SURE they are execute sequentially? (or they can overlap?) end_of_first_block is executed before start_of_second_block?
  12. Imagine i have 2 scripts that can be executed at the same time, using the same variable (on different unit event handler for example). Someting like that: var = var +1; publicVariable "var"; Can i be sure data will be updated correctly and will always be consistent?
  13. Is there any website or portal where people can share maps they created?