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  1. Happy winter stuff! (Merry Christmas)


    Ravage Hunters got another scenario this time using the immersive Cytech terrain released back in September!



    A simple Remnant co-op scenario released back in October which was featured on the frontpage of the ARMA 3 workshop!



    The original Money Hunters scenario got updated with a nice Christmas surprise today!



    My campaign "Heart of Evil" for ARMA 3 got a big update which brought many adjustments, improvements, new content and QoLs to nearly all of the 13 scenarios!





    At the moment I have my Cytech campaign and a Stalker scenario in the works with no ETA for either though here's a sneak peak:


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  2. Been a while since I've posted a scenario update in this thread with my Steam Workshop uploads.


    [COOP/PVP 8] Ravage: Money Hunters, Altis - An "Extraction" Scenario - Explore the wasteland of Altis with an extraction twist. (Vendors support many mods but very few are actually required to play.)



    [SP] Ravage: Running Shadows - A Webknights Zombies and Creatures twist on Ravage's zombies. Will you survive the cold lonely winter Chernarus?



    [CooP/PvP 8] Ravage: Money Hunters - An "Extraction" Scenario - While not new I've been updating the scenario keeping it -somewhat- inline with the Altis variant though they are set up differently.



    Local Lurkers - A Simple Horror Fodder Faction - A rather basic faction mod using Ravage, Friths Ruin and "Not what they seem..." for horror ops/scenarios whatever. (Can mix n match with "Friths Factions.")




    I have a pretty good amount of progress done on my Cytech campaign but the terrain is getting an update/expansion sometime this year(?) so the campaign may not come out at the intended release time I'm aiming for (Halloween'ish).


    Here's a sneak peak:




    Thanks for playing my scenarios. : )


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  3. For some reason out of the blue, games do not save but instead I'll get an end of mission screen and I will be kicked to either the editor or the scenario list. I have a few mods loaded but I don't believe I've had this problem until recently.


    I've got CBA, Ravage, Coxhound content pack, stalker anomalies, Cytech map + assets, Remnant, and a personal orbat unit mod. I've used these in the past and haven't had the above problem with them. 

  4. Been a while since I've posted a scenario update in this thread with my Steam Workshop uploads.


    [SP] Ravage: Snow Over Altis - Explore the white wasteland of Altis in this single player zombie survival scenario. (Also a sperate [non-Ravage] cooperative scenario linked in the description!)



    [SP/COOP 30] Ravage Mayhem Tour: Cam Lao Nam - The Mayhem Tour the SOG Prairie Fire terrain of Cam Lao Nam! Supports many players, Zeus, Grad saving of placed fortification objects



    [SP] Ravage: Quagmire in the Sand - Survive in an infected filled Fallujah torn between warring Takistani military factions.



    [SP] OPTRE: It Followed Us Down - while not Ravage, its still zombies focused (Flood) and my first OPTRE/Cytech scenario on the workshop! 



    I have a Cytech-focused singleplayer campaign in the works that will feature various play styles from stealth, shooting-action and some





    Thanks for playing my Steam Workshop scenarios!



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  5. On 2/11/2023 at 3:36 PM, cmw71 said:

    So the conga line is a thing. I never knew.


    One other question is there a list of current up to date and working Ravage missions I could check out? Lots of broken missions in the workshop which is a shame.


    Here's the "original" list that contains a lot of old stuff: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1306916411


    Here's my collection of Ravage stuff: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1821045675


    Those are the two that I know of.



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  6. 6 hours ago, haleks said:


    If you have any suggestion for bug fixing or improvements, now would be a good time chaps.


    I've posted this a few pages back but vehicles in the stock Tanoa scenario can't be used at all (stuck without simulation).


    IDK what the limitations would be but I guess just a wishlist format would work for me on this:


    AI Module:

    Language array option

    Face/identity array option


    Gear Pool option:

    Expand on the "Military Grade Uniforms" to Military gear with its own Arrays (helmets, chestrigs etc.)

    Military Grade Uniform option input field for the "Common Items" and "Rare Items" to adjust how often/much they are added

    An option for filtering out Ravage survival items from the Gear Pool. (I'm still looting stuff after adding the init lines mentioned before this post.)

    Update item pools for SOG and other CDLCs. (I don't own the Reforger-esque ones but you do you. :b)


    Zombie Module:

    A simple yes/no option to mute zombies.

    "Whitelisted structures" option to add in objects that spawn zombies (SOG's new The Bra map doesn't spawn many zombies naturally.)

    "Headshots-only" for zombies as a yes/no option.


    Vehicles Module:

    Update classnames for toolkits to include SOGs toolkit. (Unless you need something special but the basic one doesn't seem to count.)


    I PMed you on discord a question about script/trigger spawning in individual zombie/remnants btw. 🙂











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  7. On 1/15/2023 at 11:39 PM, MuRaZorWitchKING said:

    Do not edit ravages .pbo files unless explicitly requested to Haleks and permission is granted.

    For more control over gearpools / tables it is simple.

    In init.sqf:


    waitUntil {!isNil "rvg_Items"};
    sleep 1;//just to be safe, the gearpool script needs to be done first
    _blacklisted_items = ["rvg_money",
    _rvg_items = rvg_Items;
    rvg_Items = _rvg_items - _blacklisted_items;
    publicVariable "rvg_Items";
    waituntil {!isNil "rvg_weapons"};
    sleep 1;
    _blacklisted_weapons = [
    _rvg_weapons = rvg_weapons;
    rvg_weapons = _rvg_weapons - _blacklisted_weapons;
    publicVariable "rvg_weapons";

    The above code will blacklist ANYTHING vanilla ravage, Now that that's out of the way... 

    You need to put this in the same init.sqf file but farther down in another code block:

    rvg_Items = [];
    rvg_launchers = [];
    rvg_nvgs = [];
    rvg_uniforms_lv1 = [];
    rvg_uniforms_lv0 = [];
    rvg_vests = [];
    rvg_headGears = [];
    rvg_goggles = [];
    rvg_backpacks = [];
    rvg_gasmasks = [];
    rvg_weapons = [];
    rvg_LMG = [];
    rvg_WeaponItems = [];
    rvg_WeaponLights = [];

    Simply fill in the brackets with classnames of items you'd like to override the gearpools with.


    I've used this type of override for close to 3 years or so now and it works marvelously; the first bandit group MAY spawn with vanilla ravage stuff, but all groups after that should spawn with your overrides. 


    Tried this and I'm still looting Ravage consumables and empty cans.

  8. ?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett


    Merry Christmas! (Be in awe of my ARMA screenshot and MS Paint skills!)


    (Screenshot taken using an upcoming [not-Ravage

    😞] scenario I'm finishing up.


    I'm winding down on scenario releases and playing other games but I have some updates.


    "[SP/COOP 3] Ravage: River Styx" - Released Oct. 30th, SOG Prairie Fire coop scenario using their latest "The Bra" terrain.



    I've changed/updated "Money Hunters" mod requirements though it'll probably be updated/adjusted more in the future.




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  9. Happy Halloween!

    My "Silent Hill"-esque spooky scenario: [SP] Ravage: Somber Valley is now on the steam workshop in celebration for Halloween!




    Do you own the Western Sahara CDLC? My recently released scenario: [SP] Ravage: Water Road is available on the Steam workshop!




    Thanks for playing my scenarios. 🙂

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  10. Experience Captain Percy Freeman's mission to eliminate the elusive Colonel Bob Kurtz during the Vietnam War.
    Heart of Evil for ARMA 3 is a -loose- fan recreation campaign of the classic single-player mod for Half-life released on 01 January 2002.






    -Campaign spanning over 10+ scenarios
    -Original Heart of Evil voice acting
    -Prairie Fire music tracks
    -Specific scenarios offer replay-ability
    -Far less Barney-sitting

    Things to note before you play

    Dual Arms - Two Primary Weapons mod is recommended
    Extended Movement mod is not recommended
    Music is recommended to be turned on
    Most scenarios contain either an intro or outro. Your experience isn't over until that ARMA 3 "mission complete" message appears!

    Big THANK YOU to my small batch of fans for playing my ARMA 3 content! This it my largest project to date on the steam workshop. Please enjoy my many months spent further learning the editor and producing Heart of Evil for ARMA 3.

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  11. Here it is, my first campaign on the ARMA 3 steam workshop: Heart of Evil for ARMA 3

    Experience Captain Percy Freeman's mission to eliminate the elusive Colonel Bob Kurtz during the Vietnam War.

    The campaign consists of 13 scenarios and quite a lotta walking with some occasional rides along the way! 
    Heart of Evil for ARMA 3 is a -loose- fan recreation campaign of the classic single-player mod for Half-life released on 01 January 2002.





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  12. Proud to present "Ravage: Money Hunters" a Coop/PvP 1-4 player scenario inspired by Escape From Tarkov! 


    -Random starting time
    -Fifty-three possible starting locations
    -Crashsites with CUP/RHS loot to search for
    -Extra hostile spawns at night with reserved enemy types (Drongo's Spooks)
    -Certain locations feature "Remnants"
    -Rotating optional objective location between thirty locations with hostile PMC AI



    Sometime this month I should be releasing my SOG Prairie Fire campaign. It's got some polishing and playtesting to do but it's going great and it features over 10 scenarios with a very small mod requirement list.

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  13. Been busy in the editor bouncing between little projects of mine and I've got a Ravage scenario bundle to post:


    [SP/COOP 4] Ravage: A Hike Through Livonia - 5/1/2022


    (I recommend it mostly for SP, COOP was an afterthought [steam post wanted coop] and I don't recommend it)


    [SP/COOP 8] Ravage Mayhem Tour: Livonia - 5/8/2022


    ('Ravage Mayhem Tour' returns for a Livonia entry! May need some balancing.)


    [SP] Ravage: Island Paradise 2 - 6/7/2022


    (Beautiful terrain 'Suurssari' gets some Ravage attention for better or worse!)


    [SP] Ravage: Green Hell - 6/25/2022


    (First SOG scenario publicly available on the workshop!)


    I've been working on my SOG Prairie Fire campaign for a few months prior and found it easy to move some things over to the 'Green Hell' project.

    ETA is sometime in July unless something happens or I learn something spectacular in the editor.

    If you've played Half -Life mods and enjoyed a very particular one then you're in for a treat.


    Also thumb through the Ravage scenario collection as I have updated  a scenario here and there recently.


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  14. On 5/21/2022 at 7:58 AM, haleks said:

    I'd like to thank anyone who contributed, supported, or simply played Ravage over the years : on a personal level, it has been a wild (and instructive) ride for something that began as a simple, non configurable, SP mission. As my first and most popular project, Ravage holds a special place in my heart, largely thanks to the amazing community it gathered. I'm super excited about what Arma Reforger, and later down the road Arma 4, can bring to the new iteration of Ravage, and I hope you will enjoy my future projects! 😉 


    As always, have fun people!


    A big THANK YOU for the Ravage mod haleks! It's been a blast playing and making Ravage stuff in general. I can't wait to see and play the new iteration whenever it comes out.






    Did you see my post about the Livonia bug with the train car? EO posted about it also...and there's the immobile spawned vehicles on the base Tanoa Ravage scenario.

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  15. On 11/9/2021 at 7:17 PM, Recaldy said:

    Survive in an East vs West conflict zone in Chernarus Redux featuring: SimpleShops, custom units, anomalies, spooks, respawning hostile AI and more!

    Out of my scenario collection, I've spent the most time creating Ravage: Just Another Day. I consider it to be in a Beta state atm as I take feedback and tweak things accordingly. 


    Multiplayer version of Ravage: Just Another Day is now on the workshop. Scenario features Escape From Tarkov PMC selection, equipment selection with ACE Arsenal and chosen spawn locations with new destinations. Many aspecs of the original have been tweaked including new special infected.




    S.O.G. Prairie Fire campaign is expected to be released in May. (Big FFXIV content update will delay my April dev/testing time.)

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  16. I can't interact with any of the spawned vehicles in the base Ravage - Tanoa scenario. They all seem to have simulation turned off by the looks of it.


    sleep 1;
    waitUntil {!isNil "rvg_uniqueItems"}; 
    sleep 1; 
    _blacklisted_items = ["rvg_sleepingBag_Blue", "rvg_foldedTent", "rvg_foldedTent_grey", "rvg_foldedTent_blue", "rvg_plasticBottleEmpty", "rvg_canteenEmpty",  "rvg_canOpener", "rvg_plasticBottle", "rvg_plasticBottlePurified", "rvg_spirit", "rvg_franta", "rvg_beans", "rvg_bacon", "rvg_milk", "rvg_rice", "rvg_rustyCan", "rvg_purificationTablets", "rvg_rustyCanEmpty", "rvg_beansEmpty", "rvg_baconEmpty", "rvg_spiritEmpty", "rvg_frantaEmpty", "rvg_rustyCanEmpty", "rvg_beansEmpty", "rvg_baconEmpty", "rvg_spiritEmpty", "rvg_frantaEmpty"]; 
    _rvg_items = rvg_uniqueItems; 
    rvg_uniqueItems = _rvg_items - _blacklisted_items; 
    publicVariable "rvg_uniqueItems";

    Speaking of search... I've went back to the above for stuff I'm working on and I'm still looting items from this list (Trying to not use ravage consumables).




    My latest project: a Praire Fire Campaign coming soon!


  17. I've tried 

    ["Bandit_red", "[this,'RHS_WhiteHead_15','male02rus'] call BIS_fnc_setIdentity;", {(_this # 0) spawn my_function}, true, [], true] call CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler;

    into the init.sqf and the AI module's init and nothings changed. I'm not at all familiar with the coding side of ARMA 3. Got around the error messages by using the single quotes inside the "init" section. figured it worked after that but nope, still english. Tried a CUP russian language classname cause why not and still nothing. Guess some fundamentals are the problem here but I go no error messages so...

  18. On 12/25/2020 at 1:10 PM, Recaldy (DayZ) said:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Releasing my latest scenario "Ravage: White Out" to the Steam Workshop. 😄




    Director's Cut update is now live for Ravage: White Out! I wanted to release it now to mark the scenario's one year anniversary.

    It's around 80F here but stay warm if its cold where you are at. Enjoy the Namalskan snow!


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  19. New scenario



    Survive in an East vs West conflict zone in Chernarus Redux featuring: SimpleShops, custom units, anomalies, spooks, respawning hostile AI and more!

    Created a Chernarus 2020 version of "Just Another Day" with new content including RHS assets. If you enjoyed the Chernarus Redux version then you'll enjoy this new iteration. 







    1 hour ago, Valken said:

    Reposted from Discord:


    Can a future update of Ravage PLEASE have an option to support the new Sahara cDLC or compatibility data to at least use the PMC uniforms for the AI survivors or raiders? Brings back memories of ARMA 2 DayZ mod!


    He'll add support for it eventually. Haleks added base support for Praire Fire and Contact


    Btw that unlocked uniforms mod is missing many CUP uniforms...same with other uniform unlocking mods. 😞

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