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  1. Hey barb, question. Now that going into Arsenal will put all non-Arsenal weapons into ammobox.. how do we get ammo? I got enough 7.62mm to meet Arsenal requirements but trying to get the ammo with my marksman rifle just makes rifle disappear and can't get any ammo for it now? Unless I'm missing something.

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  2. Yeah I can't figure it out. I can go like 3-4 hours of it not happening. And then it does. Starting tomorrow I'll try to Stream my gaming on Twitch so if it happens it'll be saved. I can't FRAPS for 4 hours, it'll end up with a terrabyte of video!


    I did figure one thing out tho: It might have to do with Arsenal. I've noticed a couple of times, it's going into Arsenal that triggers it. For example, earlier tonight I went and did a couple of missions (failed one too), came back, was watching my squadmates waiting to see if the bug happened, and everything was fine until I went into Arsenal to reload my ammo. When I came out their weapons were gone. They weren't even in a vehicle at the time!


    Up next I'll test other conditions, like failing a mission and then going back to HQ and entering the Arsenal. That's the only aspect of what happened today that I haven't retested (I did go and do another and no bug).


    On an unrelated note, has there been any changes to the way AAF vehicle crew act? I've been trying for DAYS to capture an AAF vehicle (MRAP, APC, anything!) and finally thought I'd get a wheeled APC. I destroyed its turret and all of its wheels but the crew refused to get out, ever. Eventually a random AI from a nearby friendly base killed it (and nearly me). So I'm wondering if you did anything to make capturing vehicles harder, like making their crew never bail, etc.


    On another note, I went for a swim to try to get to one of those cool Patrol Boats near ports. However it seems when I entered "swimming" mode I was removed as Squad Leader from my squad (now Skynet AI is in control). No way to get it back, can't access many Antistasi functions as they're only available to Squad leader (including fast travel). And I'm afraid to persistent save/reload in case it keeps it...


    Okay I was wrong about this - it seems to happen if you capture a Sea Port and then move away from it, either walking away or maybe specifically fast travelling.


    I haven't tried this with any Sea Port except the one at Pyrgos. Basically, go and capture it (I captured the Outpost just south of it first), kill all enemies, and then fast travel or drive away, outside of Pyrgos. Shazam, you lose control of squad lead.


    Happened 4/5 times. The one time it didn't I continued into Pyrgos towards the AAF Base; other 4 times I either headed south away from Pyrgos/the Sea Port or fast travelled out of the area.


    Another unrelated issue: Laser Designators will duplicate themselves if you Persistent Save with one equipped. When you load that save there will be +2 Laser Designators in your Ammobox. Haven't tested with other binocs/rangefinder.


    EDIT: Yes I think it's something to do with Pyrgos not the Sea Port. I went and attacked the AAF Base there and after taking it, Fast Travelled back to HQ. When I arrived I was no longer squad lead. Didn't go near Sea Port.

  4. Problem with video is it happens so random at times. I'll try tho.


    On another note, I went for a swim to try to get to one of those cool Patrol Boats near ports. However it seems when I entered "swimming" mode I was removed as Squad Leader from my squad (now Skynet AI is in control). No way to get it back, can't access many Antistasi functions as they're only available to Squad leader (including fast travel). And I'm afraid to persistent save/reload in case it keeps it...

  5. @zverofaust: do you use RHS?


    I don't know what that is, so probably not? :)


    @barbolani: Another couple "bugs":


    Went to take an outpost and no AAF troops were present, I walked in and immediately captured it without a fight. A minute later a squad of AAF did "appear" down a small gulley about 100m from the Outpost flag. Not sure if they were always there and just out of LOS of the Outpost (we approached from opposite side) or if they were reinforcements (I don't think so since "Outpost consolidated" message appeared instantly after capturing the Outpost)


    Another disappearing weapons case: After taking the above outpost and looting the ammobox I fast travelled back to HQ in a Military Offroad  and all their weapons were gone - but this time there was actually 1 guy in the back who did not lose all his weapons. Various squad members were injured from crashing the truck while moving around. 


    And lastly: AAF Attack mission, when their air assets spawned at the Gravia Airport a bunch of them I assume collided and crashes. They were like 6km away but I saw the explosion and smoke and fire. Only 1 transport helicopter survived to come to the attack. Only time I've seen this sort of thing happen though so maybe it's just fine it happened - accidents occur in war!


    Really lastly: I almost hesitate to mention this because of how difficult I found early game, but now that I am playing ~5 hours on this playthrough, AAF ability is drastically reduced. They no longer spawn APCs and all attacks and convoys are usually just trucks. Their funds are "Poor" according to intel and they don't seem able to put up much of a fight. 


    That said I have a suggestion for increasing difficulty of later game: As war progresses it would be cool if some of their assets were beefed up from time to time. For example, replacing Strider patrols with APC patrols near active fighting areas, and having armed Striders added to Roadblocks near active fighting areas. And similarly, replacing the unarmed helicopter patrols with armed versions. And lastly adding actual tanks (I forgot the name of AAF battle tanks) for attacks. Generally make AAF resistence scale later in the game as players own abilities (and equipment) increases.

  6. @zverofaust: The weapon thing it's very very very weird. I need a video or at least a .rpt, I cannot reproduce it at all.


    About the revie: you rely on AI because you are on singleplayer! What other ways you suggest for the player being healed? Anyway, count on a little help from the script, as it "teleports" the AI if it's very close, and, if the timeout passes and you have AI squadmates able to heal, you wake up again without respawn.


    The issues with arty you mention are because I bypassed BIS Arty module and now work selecting the squad with HC bar and pressing SHITF + Y. Mortar squads now behave different from old times.


    The destroy mission thing: the heli exploded on spawn, that may happen sometimes.


    The transfer timer: wow, that could happen if there was like 600 items in the box, can it be?


    AI bluffs, upgrade training!


    @froggyluv: No mods???


    It seems to reproduce frequently if you do this:


    1: Recruit 4-6 AI squadmates

    2: Modify each one loadout in Arsenal (just a bit, I usually just get rid of shitty nades and replace with more ammo

    3: Get a Military Offroad or Truck

    4: Tell all squad to get into passenger positions on Offroad/Truck.

    5: Get a City Supplies mission, get in the civilian truck, leave squadmates in the military offroad and drive to mission.

    6: Complete mission and then kill yourself/let yourself be killed by AAF troops in the area.

    7: When you spawn back at HQ, all AI squadmates in the back of the offroad should have their weapons gone.


    @Artillery: I'll try it out!


    @Destroy mission: Yeah I figured it exploded on spawn. But what worried me was getting both mission success and failed for it.


    @Transfer timer: There was over 100 6.5mm STANAG rounds in the ammobox among other things.


    @AI Buffs: I'm at FIA level 4 and they're still just terrible. 


    New slightly hilarious issue: NATO troops stole my truck. I brought a truck near a captured Airfield that had an AAF roadblock nearby. The roadblock triggered combat mode for the NATO troops. After I cleaned up the roadblock (NATO troops killed everyone except the dog), I went back and NATO dudes were getting in my truck. I went into driver seat but immediately got ejected out. This happened several times - seems any time NATO troops got into the vehicle it kicked me and any other FIA out. 


    Second issue: NATO/FIA won't shoot AAF dogs. :D

  7. The revive is cool (especially when camera focuses on teammate coming to help you), but the fact it still relies on shitty Arma 3 AI makes me sad. There have been times I get taken out and camera focuses on AI squadmate, who proceeds to crawl in the exact opposite direction of me forever. I swear every year the AI in this game gets more and more dumb.


    Anyway Barb, some more bug reports!


    AI weapon disappearing continus to confuse me. I did a test where I left all of my AI squadmates in a truck at HQ while I went and did a City Supplies mission and got myself killed. When I respawned all AI squadmates in the back of the pickup had their guns stolen (but not the guy in the front passenger seat).


    Then later, I loaded a persistent save, hired a bunch of new AI squadmembers, used Control AI to outfit them in the Arsenal, and then went to outfit myself. When I was done, I turned around and saw all of my AI had all their weapons disappeared. Ontop of this, I had a different AI squad teleport to my HQ, and all of their weapons were also gone, so it doesn't just affect your own personal squadmates but all recruited FIA squads.


    I just can't figure out what's triggering it with 100% reproduction, there's so many variables. 


    Anyway other issues:


    • Missions that have event triggers at times between :00 and :10 will be missing the "0" in their time. For example a mission saying "Do this by 14:06" will instead say "Do this by 14:6"
    • I requested a Destroy mission from Petros and got a Destroy Air mission. But 5 seconds after getting the mission I received BOTH a Mission Success AND a Mission Fail message for it!
    • I used NATO points to purchase NATO arty support, but I can't seem to get it to work. The SPG spawned at their base but there are no Supports options that allow me to actually use it that I can see.
    • I purchased a Mortar Squad, when it spawned the mortar spawned on the ground next to the truck rather than on it.
    • I had a "Load ammobox into truck" timer of 138 seconds, this seems a little excessive.
    • Any chance of getting FIA AI buffs in the near future? These guys seem worse than ever - they rarely ever shoot their weapons even while being shot at by enemies clearly in the open, and when they do shoot they will almost never hit anything. I have FIA level 3 and after playthrough of like 4-5 hours I can count on 1 hand the number of enemies my squadmates have killed themselves. In fact they are literally better at teamkilling ME than they are at killing AAF!

    Really looking forward to 1.0!

  8. @zverofaust:


    I reproduced exactly what you say with no success.


    If you are able to easily reproduce it. May I ask you to record some video? I will see on detail what's happening, because is not as easy as placing AI in a mil offroad, going far away, die and respawn.



    Yeah I noticed this too. Haven't figured out yet what triggers it. One time it happened after I empty vehicle cargo to ammobox and then fast travel, other time it happened when I died and respawned. Thankfully it's not too common.

  9. - AI "lose" their weapons when you become undercover. They should recover them once you / they lose Undercover status. Sometimes they dont lose their weapons (on/off solves the issue) and sometimes I find one AI not recovering them, but should work in most of the cases.




    It definitely wasn't an undercover issue. Both times it happened, when I got out of the vehicle, I had my weapons etc but all squad members had lost all their weapons. They were permanently gone from ALL squad members (all 5 of them). The second time it happened it was after entering a military offroad so I never went undercover in the first place. I checked and it definitely isn't emptying the vehicle to ammobox unless it's a combination of that and other things.


    Glad I'm able to help with freeze/teleport issue tho. Also I noticed after loading a persistent save of that playthrough I'm no longer being spammed with constant, repeated tower rebuild disrupt missions - but it definitely did spam them after I first blew up a radio tower.


    EDIT: I figured out what it is. If you die while away from your squad and respawn, all squad members in the BACK of an offroad/truck will lose all of their weapons just like you do when you respawn. But any squad members in the front passenger seat of a vehicle will keep their weapons as normal. So for example, I recruited 5 squad mates and put them in an Offroad and told them to stay there. I then went off and died. When I respawned all squad members in the back lost all weapons, but the one in the front didn't.


    EDIT2: While I'm here, I wanted to say I love that you put a bunch of clothes in the Arsenal by default. But I wanted to ask if you could also add the "Guerilla Apparel". It's this one, which used to be what the AT FIA dressed as. 


    EDIT3: Welp it seems emptying a loaded vehicle with squadmates in the back MAY have something to do with wiping weapons. I bought a Military Offroad, was using it to help put stuff in the Ammobox and had 5 guys in it. I emptied into the ammobox and checked and everyone still had their weapons. Went about continuing to shuffle stuff around, emptied the Offroad one more time, got in, teleported to a captured Outpost, and all squadmembers who were in the back lost their weapons. Again, it was a military offroad and at no point did I go undercover.

  10. Okay, something bizarre just happened. I destroyed a Radio Tower and got an Interrupt Rebuild mission to stop AAF from rebuilding it. I was on my way there driving in a truck and suddenly WOOSH - I got teleported right to the repair truck from about 1km away. I was taken out of my truck and so very quickly died as I was surrounded by all the AAF soldiers at the outpost. 


    EDIT: Yep, this happened again. When you get a stop rebuild mission you'll teleport to the AAF repair truck when you get within about 1km of it. Only seems to happen once (if you go back after dying you won't be teleported to it a second time). 


    EDIT2: Got it to happen two more times, it's definitely 100% reproducable. Also, rebuild disrupt missions trigger CONSTANTLY. Whenever I kill the repair truck a new disrupt mission will trigger within 5 minutes. At least they're somewhat easy - just run naked with only a satchel, get teleported to the truck, plant satchel and suicide bomb it. 


    EDIT3: After further investigation I think the teleport happens when the Repair Truck spawns once you get within spawn range of it's location (which is like 1.3km or something like that?)

  11. :)


    About the auto capture, don't worry as in 1.0 AAF will may call for reinforcements anyway even when you have not captured the place, which is more realistic. Opposite to what you say, this makes action become real hit & run. If you are not in position of holding the place, then you better go out and live.


    The CSAT punish, yes, the intention is tu simulate CSAT made a good approach study on the HQ position, so the mission launches anyway. If not, players can become "invulnerable" to those missions as they know from where is coming the attack.


    It is instant, as the Traitor has been for some time meeting CSAT and when he's aware his life worth nothing for FIA is when he finally telss HQ position.


    Antistasi multiplayer seems much more fun and respectful with the player way of playing than the standard COOP. Just because we are a whole bunch of militia, every player must tolerate any non cooperative or clumsy actions from anyone. Exception to that is of course creating bad ambient, trolling or trying to use mission mechanics to ruin it.


    Directions: go to Antistasi steam forums and check the Official Servers thread.


    Reinforcements are one thing, they're usually just 1 truck or APC right? I can deal with that alone. But when 3+ aircraft and tanks/infantry, a whole combined arms force attacks minutes after I kill the last soldier, there simply is no way for me to have enough time to loot anything. This adds compounding difficulty since I can't get access to enough weapons to defend against increased spawns!


    As for Traitor CSAT attack on HQ, I understand why it's done, but again, if CSAT is killing Petros before I have any sort of chance whatsoever to even get back to the HQ let alone defend him, then what's the point in me even trying those missions if it means I lose everything if I fail lol


    Anyway, some other bugs:


    • Roadblocks respawn on Persistent Save load. Unless there's mechanic I'm missing and didn't notice in patch notes.
    • Getting stuck in vehicles is becoming common. As in like I said, completely stuck, unable to move, unable to get out, unable to do any commands. I tried to Google it but there's very little info but there was something about it being a case of disabling vehicle simulation. And I noticed it only seems to happen with civilian vehicles that I've taken from a city and move far away with. Could it by any chance have something to do with despawning a city's vehicles/NPCs? EDIT: This has happened 4 times all with civilian vehicles that spawned at a town and then drove far away. I don't remember the first two times, but the second two times it happened I had murdered civilian driver to take the car, then when I got about 1.5km away from the town it froze. 
    • Also occasionally I am seeing AI squadmates "lose" their weapons when they get in the back of a truck. It happens with both civilian trucks when Undercover, and military trucks (Offroad) when not. They lose ALL their weapons, including magazines, grenades etc. EDIT: This may happen if I have AI squadmembers in a vehicle and then empty vehicle cargo to ammobox. I'll test further.
    • CSAT Punishment lol. 3 x KA-52 + Napalm bomber with only 15 CSAT support for AAF. This is insane. No way I can stop this solo in early game (I haven't even found a Titan AA yet, I had to buy a Static AA and it didn't even have enough ammo to kill them all). I think this needs to be nerfed a lot and scale better with AAF CSAT support level. IE low level early-game it should be like 1 helicopter or 1 squad or something. There's no need for it to be that intense right at the start of the game!

  12. lol no! NATO hates that!!!


    zverofaust: Lots of things have changed since you've been here.


    Generally speaking sidemissions are harder and more interesting (some of them were cakewalk).


    And yes, the HR now is a challenge, as in the old days was a useless parameter (FIA earned too much).


    My recommendation is to check the changelog in steam, reading at least everything regarding "NEW FEATURE" and "IMPORTANT".


    SP is harded than MP, with no doubt. In 1.0 I'm planning to give some bonuses to make things easier.


    Anyway if you want to try a nice MP experience I recommend you to take a walk on the official server and join us.


    Yeah it's DEFINITELY more challenging, and also definitely more frustrating, but maybe definitely more rewarding ;) I like most of the changes, but of course, there's a couple I don't... namely, I don't like auto-capture of an outpost when I wipe out all the AAF troops and get close. IMHO it should be up to player decision whether he wants to try and hold the location or simply hit & run, kill everyone, loot all the equipment and leave. Taking and holding a location is a big investment that shouldn't happen automatically. The AAF counter-attack that triggers very quickly when an outpost is auto-captured means I don't even have time to loot bodies and equipment before huge AAF forces are there. In other words, auto-capturing basically makes hit & run style guerilla tactics to gather ammo/equipment pointless, or at the very least needlessly difficult.


    Other thing is, the CSAT attack on Petros triggers way too quickly - basically the instant a Traitor reaches an AAF base CSAT forces spawn very close to Petros. On several occasions after the Traitor escaped my attempted assassination I couldn't even REACH my HQ in time before CSAT attacked & killed Petros, making it simply impossible to defend him. If CSAT spawned at their carrier and had to travel to my HQ that would probably be better, at least I'd have time to save him!


    And yeah I've been reading through the changenotes.


    As for public server, how do I find it? I have very very little experience with Arma 3 multiplayer. Also I'm not a very sociable person. I like my single player experiences most of the time :)

  13. The difficulty hasn't increased. You just need to adapt.

    Some tips:

    Early on, you should not expect to capture and hold points. Your goal should be to get in, take something, steal as much gear from the dead as you can, and get out before the retaliation strike hits. Do this to build up your gear and resources. Also do Logistics missions. You get good rewards for them with little to no danger, and this makes citizens happy and will convert towns to your cause. When this happens, your money income and manpower incone greatly increases.

    You need to do all of this, and spend enough on Upgrading your AI, having a squad, and having AI squads before you can hope to capture and hold major objectives.

    For easy to manage stuff, clear roadblocks and outposts, ambush convoys, and do hit and run attacks on outposts and other things.

    Additionally, all Reinforcements cone from bases so before you attack something, you can set up mines on roads to disable the vehicles before they arrive, giving you a fighting chance at keeping things.

    You can't play this lime an easier mission like say, Liberation or similar CTI maps, it is for a long time about building your resources, more than it is about holding objectives.


    Hi uhh, thanks for the tips? But I've been playing this mod for over a year (almost since the beginning I think?) so I know what to do, and the difficulty has increased quite a bit from what it used to be. Combination of lower income, lower rewards and harder missions (or rather, missions now commonly target military bases for POW rescue/assassination/steal ammo truck missions), and more/better armed AAF soldiers now patrolling cities. Combined with Arma 3's legendarily awful AI and it's very frustrating playing alone, to the point I think I give up. I've completed like 2 missions fully in the past 2 days where-as 6 months ago I almost never failed any mission. I get that the way it was made it probably too easy for groups of players in co-op mode but as a single player it's just too fucking much. I'm actually quite frustrated right now and had to rage quit the game. At least before, I could spam AI squads to help me but that's no longer an option. Unless they're max trained these FIA AI are useless. So it's basically 1v100000 :(

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  14. I see you've increased the difficulty? Or something is different.. it's a lot harder to do anything now. I play alone 100% of the time, and things like attacking a base or taking an outpost are super difficult right now because I also don't have the income to buy AI militia members (and even if I did, they are so crap they almost might as well not exist). Is there a way to tweak spawn rates/difficulty/income based on # of players in a game? Because atm solo is not very much fun.

  15. This as happened to me a few times, always in the same town,

    If you switch from driver to passenger it will un freeze.


    your .rpt should be in your instances folder.


    There's no option to switch from driver to passenger unfortunately. I can't find any way out of it at all. 


    It also happened again. Here's a pastebin of the RPT file for your barbolani: http://pastebin.com/7dwTf967


    Again, was just driving around after a City Supply mission and suddenly frozen.

  16. Ran into a strange bug. Was driving home in a car and suddenly froze. Not the game, but just me. Everything is still running, I can see rabbits and birds moving around and dust and wind and sounds. Can access the context menu but nothing happens. Can't pan the camera round but can switch between 3rd/1st person view. Can access the escape menu, save and exit and reload, but still frozen. I lost undercover mode by driving offroad a few minutes prior and went and delivered city supplies, stole a car and drove home, and suddenly bam. I don't remember where to find log file...

  17. Hey barb, long time since I posted here. I just wanted to ask you - what are the future possibilities of a kind of narrative 'campaign' element, or more story-driven missions, to supplement the Antistasi experience? By this I mean more focused tasks given to the player, triggered by certain criteria that provide a more elaborate mission (or sequence of missions) than the current randomized delivery/assassination/rescue missions. I'm a sucker for narratives and I think having an optional "story" of sequenced missions (a "campaign") would be really cool and add a lot to Antistasi's gameplay.


    Just to be clear, I mean things like having a set or chain of missions that tell a story or presents a narrative, or just has a nifty reward at the end. Having it pre-designed would allow you to have more intricate mission parameters, similar to the vanilla ARMA3 campaign, but within the context of the broader Antistasi sandbox. 

  18. Hiya!


    zvero please confirm at 100% you do not have those Lynx in the Arsenal.


    What happened is probably you started with some of them in your Ammobox plus, you collected some more, they became unlocked to the arsenal.



    I'm 100% sure, because I specifically wanted to get a Lynx from the start of the game but didn't have any. So when I finally picked one up, I put it in my truck and went right back to base. Offloaded everything from the truck to the ammobox... and I never saw it again. Until I checked the Arsenal that is.


    Also you may check it just hiring some grunts, you will see some of them with that rifle too.


    Anyway, I am finding the tutorials I recorded the last week are extremely useful to the players, so my suggestion is go there and spend some time in the topics listed on the begining (or to all, if it's your first time in Antistasi and you are patient enough)


    I definitely did, there was just a couple of things I didn't quite get, namely the Arsenal. You said in the video that it's a script-a-majig made by someone else and to go check it out elsewhere. But I couldn't find any part that really explained how/when/why guns get put in Arsenal. I know that AI, especially AI squads, will pick up weapons from the Arsenal. Since my Lynx was the first weapon (after PDW) in my Arsenal I had lots of AI spawn with it. Which was kind of interesting.


    IN OTHER NEWS I have encountered another bug (I think it's a bug). When I take direct control of AI squads (not my own squad members), if I go near and look at the Ammobox it immediately forces me back into my character. 

  19. The way I understand it is your recruited AI units only get armed from the aresenal.

    Think of it this way: You have an ammobox full of stuff but not necessarily enough to outfit a large squad. What Barbolani seems to have done is reward us with unlimited aresenal gear (for us and our recruits) as long as we collect enough out in the field.

    To put it more literally, let's say you find 9 of a certain rifle out in the field. All of them you put in your ammobox. But notice how your recruits never use any of it. Once you reach 10, the game will transfer that item from your ammobox to your aresenal. It's at that point your recruits will begin spawning with that new rifle. And from that point on, we have that rifle in an unlimited form for forever.

    Is that making sense? He uses the arsenal as an unlimited supply box to gear us and our recruits up with. In the ammobox alone, you can run out. The items are perishable. But the aresenal is unlimited and that's ultimately where you want all of your gear to be. But you need to scavenge to get that reward.

    I think the numbers are 10 for guns and 30 for ammo/items.


    Well then I know for a fact this isn't working right. In my post I mentioned finding a Lynx 12.7mm Sniper Rifle. It was the very first of this weapon I looted in my game. I had never found another before. But when it got put into my ammobox it ended up in the Arsenal instead and now my soldiers are being armed with them. Also the same goes for M14 marksman rifle. I found like 2 of them (from NATO ammo drops) and it got put in the arsenal. Which is actually kind of shitty because it's a DLC gun and I don't have the DLC. Lots of these DLC guns showing up in fact.


    But anyway yeah the Arsenal isn't working like that for me. Another example is I just put a PCML into the ammobox from a truck. It was the 2nd I looted, and then both disappeared, along with the 30 or so PCML missiles I'd gathered. Now when I go into the Arsenal to select a PCML it only gives me 1 extra ammo and I can't see how I can get more of this ammo, but it's all gone from my box.

  20. Wow it's been a while! Haven't played Arma in months but decided I had the itch again and of course went straight for this scenario. 


    Glad to see it improving and growing. Lot of awesome changes since I last played. Keep up the great work! That said, a lot has changed and I almost feel like a noob again. Which means, I have some questions :)


    First off, the Arsenal. I don't know what this is or what it does or what it's supposed to do, but it seems broken. I'm having a lot of issues with things disappearing from my ammobox. Often it's things like ammo, medkits etc but often it's other things. For example yesterday I had about 10 green carryalls I'd been collecting, and suddenly they were just gone. And just now, I had scavanged a Lynx 12.7mm sniper rifle from a sniper, put it in my truck and took it back home, emptied vehicle cargo to ammobox and boom.. Lynx is just gone. No longer in the ammo box. Turns out it's now in the Arsenal for some reason. Why are some guns being put in the Arsenal and others aren't? I have now stockpiled about 15 different weapons in the ammobox but only the Lynx and a DLC gun went to the Arsenal instead.


    All that said, I have to agree with Swoop, I don't get this Arsenal, how it works, and it seems glitchy and complicated. I'd rather have the old way of manually fitting out AI squad members and having my ammobox keep everything I put in it, rather than have a half-functioning Arsenal that sometimes works and sometimes just makes things disappear (I had on a green carryall and entered the arsenal and it vanished). Please consider removing this.


    Other than that, the only suggestion/request I can make is to limit the number of Sniper teams roaming around the countryside. There are far too many, and each one is more than capable of wiping out entire squads of FIA troops (my own squad included). So, so many times I'll attack a target and end up having one, sometimes two or THREE sniper teams from the nearby area all converge and start firing at me as they are drawn by gunfire.


    Oh, another thing, I've noticed AAF soldiers like to get in vehicles and then sit there when they engage in combat. Occasionally they'll actually drive somewhere -- usually towards me if I engage them from a distance, and then they'll retreat and get in a random civilian car and drive close to me -- but they never actually get out of the vehicle. They just sit there waiting to be shot in the head.


    Thanks again for the great scenario and keeping it going and growing. But again please consider removing the Arsenal as it's a major headache and complication. ;)

  21. I think my game is broken. I haven't had one of those ten-minute interval income/event ticks in days - the ones where you get a certain amount of money and HR and etc, and sometimes missions or AAF attacks happen. I played for over 2 hours yesterday and none occurred. Also this means cities will not switch sides despite having outrageous FIA support. And AAF won't ever launch counter-attacks. No idea what caused it or when exactly it occurred, I just suddenly realized it's been a long, long time since I've seen it.