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  1. Since getting the game I've experienced routine crashes attempting to connect to any Deathmatch MP servers. This crash usually occurs during or after the last initializing data loading bar, right before I get into the game. Occasionally I will reach gameplay but crash within 5 minutes. I receive no crash log or prompt indicating why it crashed; simple window popup saying Arma 3 has stopped responding. I think I've tracked the issue down to BattlEye. I filtered for non-BE servers and am able to join those perfectly fine -- have experienced no crash loading into or during gameplay. However it appears there IS no BE for Arma 3 -- and trying to filter for Battleye = YES returns no servers. But putting on "DEFAULT" does return full list of servers (but not all). So yeah, don't know whats up, but I'd love to be able to play on more than just the handful of servers that come up showing no BE!
  2. zverofaust

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    I gotta agree with this guy. It just seems a little too outlandish and disconnected. I think a bit part of the Arma series is the "roleplaying" aspect, and it's hard to play the role of something 20 years into the future, especially when there's really nothing around that connects it to the present. Suspension of disbelief is important. Just look at the US military 20 years ago. Today the military is essentially using the exact same equipment with the addition of a higher A# suffix as it was then. Almost every replacement program with grandiose designs of revolutionizing this or that have failed. And this is the US military we're talking about, the world's foremost expert in spending money to design things for the sake of spending money to design things. I'm pretty sure in the 2030s they'll probably still be using AR-derived rifles. And yet Iran, which is not really known for its military innovation (how's that embargo going?) has in that same 20 amount of time gone from second-tier military force hopelessly outclassed by even the poorest former Soviet republics into bug-helmeted space warriors whose uniforms look like they were inspired by Enclave Tesla armour? And that tank, that T-100 or whatever with the triangular barrel... why? That said, we all know it won't take long for modders and mission-makers to start importing Arma 2/modern day stuff into the game, so I don't think it's a terribly big deal. It is pretty fun and new idea and direction for the series, so I (slightly begrudgingly) support it.
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    how do i join a multiplayer match?

    I'm getting this problem too. I think I've narrowed it down to being a problem with Battleye. When searching for servers, go to the filter and put the Battleye selection to NO and filter for only those servers -- they've all been working fine for me more or less. Which is strange because there does not appear to be any Battleye in Arma 3 (which may be the problem).