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    Teamspeak Overlay -vs- VAC Concerns

    No it wont, Dwarden said in the server admin chat, that there are no plans to implement vac instead of BE. All plans still points toward BE.
  2. Suspense

    Best waves and best ocean in game.

    That does not even look remotely the same as the technology from Nvidia. I also like how you said "easily" you a part of their development team? Just curious.
  3. Seems to work fine. For anyone that needs simplier instructions, Create a steam_appid.txt file in your arma 3 root folder Put 107410 in it, and hit save Paste/or create a new server config for each new server you want to run Create a new shortcut of ArmA3.exe for each server, and point it to the individual configs.
  4. Id love to know about this aswell. Its really almost impossible to manage a server by having to be on it at the same time.
  5. Hi guys, I've tried adding this to a crate i spawn ingame, and ive got a problem. The crate gets filled with clothing, hats, attachments etc, but no guns and no ammo whatsoever. Anyone had this problem?
  6. It works fine when using 3rd party packer, rather then saving the mission in the ingame editor. Thanks!
  7. Sure' date=' heres the mission folder MEGA.CO.NZ
  8. That makes a lot more sense. For someone thats not a beast at the arma editor, it was confusing. Since the editor itself, comes with a "merge" option :P. Thanks for clearing this up. EDIT: I've tried it again, and im still not getting the result i want. I must be doing more things wrong lol. I've opened the mission that i edited, im done editing it, i move the config, settings, source, breafing etc etc to the missions folder(but not moved the mission.sqm) i then save my mission(export it to either mp or sp right?) the result, is still just a 24kb pbo, the size of the mission.sqm. With nothing working.
  9. Hello Kju, I noticed this after i posted. And i did merge my edited mission, with the test mission folder. However, when doing this, all it did was add the "test mission" on top of my edited mission, which then showed a mission around the airfield, with the zones linked. My zones were still not linked, it was like it just dumped a mission on top of my mission. Any idea why this happens?
  10. Hello guys, Has anyone managed to use the templates to make their own missions?. I've loaded a template up, edited it and exported it, but its only 30-40kb as opposed to the 700kb missions of the actual pack. The missions dont work at all, the zones aint connected, the custom UI and stuff ain't present either. Anyone got any idea what ive done wrong ?