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  1. I understand its an alpha, I also understand that there is limited content in an Alpha... Although, this is a paid for Alpha which I have spent a lot of hours playing now and wondering when more content will be added for testing, such as the MI-28 and tanks and APCs, not to mention jets. If some light can be shed on this it would be great. I am really wanting to see the rest of the air and ground vehicles, small arms aside which I would also like to see a good few more. In Dslyecxi's video you see a tank and an APC. I know hes making videos for the community etc but does he have access to more content than the rest of us or? Am I missing something?
  2. I dont quite understand this sorry.
  3. I am new to scripting. Very new. I have had a look in the editor for a Ammo box but cant find it. Wanting to check out all of the epuipment available but can't. If anyone can help me that'd be awesome. :) /Cheers