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  1. Hi Gunter!

    Indeed it is, however this is the only game I play and since I didn't have any problems so far I discarded the idea of updating my rig. About the ram, at the time when I bought them they were among the best.


    The game is running on a Samsung SSD Evo 850GB.

    My plan is to enjoy this game on this rig as long as it can. I do hope that a fix for those crashes exists! 🤞

    Thank you for your advice! 

  2. Thank you a lot for your support! 😀


    1- Rig specs:
    Processor: Xeon X5675 

    Mobo: Asus Rampage 3 - Extreme

    Memo: G Skill Ripjaws DDR3 - 1600 6x2Gb

    Ps.: Processor and memory oveclocked!


    2 - The crashes just happened while playing TTP_Wasteland. Never had any crashes before, maybe I had once or twice but not so many and persistent as I am experiencing right now.
    (Never crashed while playing showcases.)


    Btw, the crashes happens while I switch between the MAP and the game. The game freezes and I have to terminate it using the Task Manager

    Thank you!

  3. Hi all!


    In order to avoid double post, I am also looking for help on this error (0xC0000005 Status access violation) and this 0x00000001 – UNABLE_TO_INIT_DXGI.

    Looking for some help, I found some tips like what DangerousDragon did and I executed them without success.


    oldbear pointed out some questions and
    _ I bought my key on Steam,

    _  Since September 12, 2013.
    _ No


    Here I am posting 3 logs which happened on the same day, almost at the same hour:



    Please, help me!


  4. 15 hours ago, keller said:

    My ATOC was set to "Grass", turning it to "Off" and turning FSAA back on seems to have resolved the issue. 


    ATOC is in video settings under AA & PP.


    Hope that helps others.

    Defrag didn't work and your advice worked. Thank you!


    Now I started to wonder why this. The previous settings supposedly work.

  5. 30 minutes ago, Zhivets said:

    May want to try verifying the integrity of the game cache through Steam first of all.

    Thanks Zhivets, however I ran the cache integrity twice and no success.


    Gonna defrag my HDD now and see if the problem cease after.


    I'll come back later to post the results.