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  1. In Arma 2 I got a kick out of the armory missions, in particular, the assassination missions. Is there a mode for this in Arma 3? Many thanks.
  2. Yeah I had the same thing in Survive (I know you are talkng Adapt). I think its the way things should be. I picked up few things from patrols in Survive but never did I have them back from previous missions. I think the scripting prevents it.
  3. wildbillkelsoe

    get to survivors after minefield

    Ok, I did not make it to the survivors in time but I figured out a neat way to get to Maxwell. Spolier: Just west of the minefield area, there is a road that splits to two, near two shacks. Move northeast and get inside the shack. There is a squad of engineers with their car parked at the road split junction. I engaged them from the metal shack and moved around north covered by bushes and a 90° red car just south of the 2 shacks. After killing all of them, I ran to the car, started it and moved southwest with the dome to my left hand. You can start and have them come to you in the shack (safer but takes lots of time), or do as above and use the shacks to force them to a unilateral line or fire (which they will flank you), but risk GL 40mm flying. Pro tip, you scavenged your sqeaders rifle with 40mm launcher and few HE grenades, lob them where two are facing back at the back of the car and the 2 upfront you can use the tilted wrecked car as cover to headshot them with RCO/CCO attached. Be careful not to go west after taking their car as a AT rifleman is on the other aide of that peak facing the dome. He'll smack you with a RPG. Oh, and I played this on elite with everything turned off (except crosshair)
  4. wildbillkelsoe

    get to survivors after minefield

    Anybody who got to survivors in time after royals called?
  5. How am I supposed to get there in 10 mins under minefield, the manhunt taskforce everywhere from the minefield, even heading straight south downhill puts me in advantage, they are always killing me. Ok, can you critique my thinking? I'm thinking this as a test of endurance under limited resource. So should I drag, kill then scavenge? Or just follow orders? Like move as fast southwest?
  6. wildbillkelsoe

    Utes topographic map in PDF

    thank you
  7. wildbillkelsoe

    Utes topographic map in PDF

    sorry I didnt make myself clear. The map I found is chernarus, I'm looking for HQ map of Utes island, preferably topographic. Thanks again.
  8. wildbillkelsoe

    Utes topographic map in PDF

    Hello, I found Chernarus map (94 mb file) and wonder if a similar map is available in pdf ? I checked the wiki map but was too small size and low quality, and not topographic. Sorry if posted before. Thanks
  9. wildbillkelsoe

    Black Water Operations is Recruiting

    Are you realism based or shoot first and ask questions later? I will join if you're realism, and my timezone is GMT +2 (Egypt).
  10. I want to play arma like the way it is designed: a modern or futuristico day tactical shooter. I am all about realism. I join a server and guess what: Wasteland? On a new arma ?? Come on guys! To those of you who dont know me, I'm an avid mil-sim fan. I take even DCS very seriously. reason I've specified Brits/ Germans is that my connection is under 100 to Frankfurt and I'm at Egypt ( THE Egypt!, yes...) i got TS3 and would like to join a clan focused on realism. My hours are variable, but generally when youre up, I always try to join between 6 pm GMT and 12 am. sorry if not pertinent to arma 3 (even though I got it too)...