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  1. yxman

    Battleye is not working properly

    try to reinstall battleye with admin rights (...\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\BattlEye)
  2. which port are you using? try gameport -1, rcon is working fine since i changed the port (example in my case: 2301 for rcon, 2302(+4) gameports)
  3. is there any way to revert to vanilla revive/ace revive, i really like the mission so far, only the broken revive/pseudo ace medical thing is not really well working(scrollwheel actions etc) blurry vision after revive but allready on bugtracker... and the mission needs random patrols, it feels way to static at this point. the other bugs like the role selection etc is allready listed on the bugtracker
  4. yxman

    Annoying Turret Crackling

    wtf, its annoying as hell sounds like a broken soundcard...
  5. lets hope for it, also the problem is not present on non official maps like cup terrains.
  6. yxman

    Signs me into wrong user (HELP

    just use 2 user accounts (you/brother) on windows or create another profile @arma3.
  7. yxman

    I feel a touch ill

    and thats the reason why you enable windows file history (settings - update & security - backup) ;) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17128/windows-8-file-history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Features_new_to_Windows_8#File_History
  8. yxman

    Apex Framework

    thanks for the release, any chance for a linux compatible version without that real_date_x64.dll?
  9. first thing you could try, start Arma 3 Launcher - Parameters - All parameters - Profile folder and set your "Arma3 - Other Profiles"
  10. local account, so everything is fine, the problem is not path/useraccount related (onedrive is harmless has nothing to do with it at this point). hmm you could try to set a manual profiles dir + launchparameter see: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/-profiles also you could try @arma3 launcher > Dashboard > My Units > play without a unit (dunno if it does anything to the arma3 profile but worth a try) also why is your def. arma profile dir "Arma3 - Other Profiles"?
  11. try: Get-LocalUser -Name 'ryansgamepc' | Select-Object *
  12. to check - press start - and type: powershell whoami (machine\user) after that use the username you got from it and type Get-LocalUser -Name '$username' | Select-Object * check PrincipalSource : Local/MicrosoftAccount the background of this stuff is that if you are using a ms account, the path from your userdir C:\Users\asdf\Documents is completely fucked up and the reason why your profile isn't found
  13. the bug is still present on altis/malden/stratis, floppy loading speed. tanoa/vr pre1.78 loading times (nearly instant) edit: this also affects sp and mp mission loading, try any showcase on tanoa and you will see (fast loading) minimal showcase on stratis/altis 10x loading times, same for mp missions... patrol ops 4 altis i've never seen the hud in the top left because its loading time, tried tanoa version instant loaded + hud top left with civ active etc... i tried it on 4 different systems with ssd and modern hardware so conclusion time (for fast pcs with ssd): since 1.78 loading times increased about factor 10 for sp/mp missions on altis/stratis/malden regardless of used ssd / fast cpu etc does not apply to tanoa/vr
  14. are you using a microsoft account (live/onedrive) as login or a local account at windows10?
  15. good to know, lets hope for a fix...
  16. Thanks roy, can't wait to test it later :)
  17. yxman


    so the mod is broken, problem found. i would say the same if i were in the admin/support staff... (they get money from their broken crap)... there are tons of lobotomy'life'servers out there, find another one should be easy or try other arma things.
  18. yxman

    Game looks like 64-bit version of ARMA 3

    leave the mods enabled, switch to arma64.exe, DISABLE all "magical" (useless...) parameters, -noSplash is ok.
  19. yxman

    Banned for no reason

    Ban messages can differ like stuff "battleye ban" "admin ban" etc + msg, thats the reason i asked for it. Best thing you can try is to contact the hoster of this specific server (google hostname+maybe website or ask your friend if the server shows any admin contact)
  20. yxman

    Game looks like 64-bit version of ARMA 3

    you need to post more information (used mods/parameters etc) first thing to to try, remove all mods/magical launch parameters... start game, goto editor, place stuff, try to reproduce.
  21. yxman

    Banned for no reason

    1. this is not the support forum for random gamemode/server host x 2. you post contains no useful information (what kind of ban msg etc) 3. you bought the game, the game works (try sp/mp on official servers etc)... if you got banned on 3rd party hosts its your own fault.
  22. yxman

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    @yokhanan i changed the mission to vanilla (arma3 assets instead of rhs stuff) till the bug in rhs is fixed (http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=3774)
  23. yxman


    The mod is a payed altis'lobotomy'life mod (https://eisenschmiede-gaming.de/shop/), the best thing you could try to remove all magical launch parameters and try it only with the mod enabled.