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  1. Mh, would like to see this mission inverted, escape as rus, enemy = us(incl. us loot). Escape Chernarus Blue Escape Chernarus Red etc
  2. nice, great work! instant ul to my srv :D
  3. War in Chernarus would be great <3
  4. yxman

    Patrol Operations 2

    SOLVED! fixed it with pbo manager. mhh edited the map for our needs (sniper in teams) works as intended but as soon i "recompile" (without any errors) the map to .pbo it doenst show @map browser, uncompressed it shows up, try'd with those https://dev-heaven.net/projects/mikero-pbodll/files tools... any hints? or is there any other way for team management?
  5. yxman

    Need Stance Indicator

    100% ack, would be a great feature.