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  1. kaelies

    SCO Joint Forces Command [BETA]

    Very nice work, love it; just a little request, would it be possible to link the required addons rather than just list them? Would have made it easier to find them all. Otherwise, great to see some new things being added for nonwestern countries as well!
  2. kaelies

    Kaelies Rifle Grenade Mod

    Whoops, completely forgot about that :rolleyes:...sorry kiwi, and thank you for pointing that out. Updated the first post with the relevant information, I'll throw in a readme on my next update. Currently I hope to add in the new grenades Purple put in his latest update, possibly one of my own making as well...might have to wait though till the update after that, though.
  3. kaelies

    -E3- Units (new camos)

    Will the balaclavas be available as helmets, goggles, or both? Would be nice to be able to put on a helmet over one of them.
  4. kaelies

    Nogovan Armed Forces [WIP]

    It would be nice to see those others as well, but I think you should finish and release the G3/ak2 first; can't wait to have those to play around with ;)
  5. kaelies

    Purple Famas pack

    Thank you for making this open-source, taught me how to use scripts in a mod. Would it be alright to release a mod using your APAV and scripts to add rifle grenades to the standard rifles of Arma 3? Also, a few suggestions for the APAV script I found while applying it to my own thing:
  6. kaelies

    Sham's M16A4 Pack Port

    Yea, meant to have a custom m16a4 in, I don't think the m16a3 or m16a1 have a pic. rail. Also, the m16a3 is just an m16a2 with the full-auto group, as far as I'm aware. Not sure if you could do that with just a texture swap or even just a config edit, or if you'll need to make a new model for it, but thanks for looking into it, it'll help out a ton!
  7. kaelies

    Sham's M16A4 Pack Port

    As far as I understand, the m16's trigger group can be interchanged between variants, including variants of the m4; do you think it would be possible to also have an m16a4 that has a semi-full option, rather than the typical semi-burst mode?
  8. kaelies

    Enhanced movement and more

    I remember RO2 did it where you had to hold down the button for a melee before it would cause a one-shot kill. One other thing that could be done would be to somehow mess with the target's ability to aim, i.e. ragdolling them for a fraction of a second, rotating them a little bit, or something along those lines. Great to hear that you have a bayonet working, could you please show a screenshot of it on the various arma 3 weapons? Would be esp. interested in seeing it on the MX and katiba.
  9. kaelies

    Enhanced movement and more

    Would it be possible to allow the player to attach the knife to their gun and use it as a bayonet, perhaps through the muzzle attachment? Would be nice to have the capability to do melee without dropping your gun, even if it takes a few stabs to kill someone.
  10. Yes, and thank you. One more request: Would it be possible to make the entire frame movable? Would help to be able to check behind it every so often without having to close it.
  11. Hm...odd, it works just fine when I mess around with my own UI things. I looked into it and it seems that it works differently for buttons of type 16: ((findDisplay IDD) displayCtrl IDC) ctrlSetText "Text"; In case you wanted to use it for something else. By the way, would it be possible to add a confirmation text to deleting one's loadout?
  12. You can, using ctrlSetText. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Command_Group:_GUI_Control
  13. kaelies

    [GSC] Green Sea Conflict - WIP

    Say, I noticed the screenshots you had earlier had units holding AK-74s, and I remember your PCDF mod had several weapons which were added. I was wondering whether you were planning to include just the uniforms and units for now, or also have weapons, vehicles, and such added before you make a release? By the way, how did the vests turn out? Looking forward to hearing more about the mod!
  14. Sorry to say that it has been. It's an intentional feature that may be disabled by removing the file "AiA_DisableA3Content.pbo", in @AllInArma/Core/AiA_DisableA3Content.pbo . You can probably find more info in the previous pages if necessary.
  15. kaelies

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    You can bring both depending on the size of the backpack. I know with carryall at least, you can carry the rebreather and wetsuit.
  16. It seems that SACLOS-type guided missiles like the TOW, konkurs, and metis don't like to work when either on vehicles or static. Not sure if there's anything they do work with, but the BMP-2, Stryker TOW, and static metis don't work for certain. When any of them are fired, they seem to go in a somewhat straight line towards the position about 2/3s of the way down the screen, and don't change direction if they turret is moved up/down or left/right. No other form of lock-on is possible with them, which seems to make them useless for AT use. No change occurs whether I'm aiming at an enemy tank or just around randomly.
  17. kaelies

    RQ-11B Raven for Arma3

    If the point of breaking lock-on is due to a broken line-of-sight, maybe you could use this every few seconds to see if you are able to see the unit: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/lineIntersects Also, I'm not well educated in how it works, but wouldn't the lock transfer onto the vehicle if a unit were to get in one, rather than just dropping?
  18. kaelies

    -E3- Units (new camos)

    Excellent, can't wait to see it :D
  19. Hey, do you know which units specifically cause the crash? I had a CTD every time I killed a unit holding the SVD or any of it's varaints, so maybe your problem won't occur if you replace any Russian/Takistani snipers/marksmen/etc using the SVD? @sproyd & Eymerch, this was a feature kju included to help prevent people from mixing A3 and A2 units. Find your ArmA 3 folder, go into the @AllInArma subfolder, then into the Core, and then into the addons folder, find "AiA_DisableA3Content.pbo", and either delete it or move it out of that folder. This should disable the part of the mod that removes A3 units from being used, by default.
  20. There seems to be a crash whenever killing a unit using an SVD, most likely related to the weapon being bugged when dropped in a physX-enabled weaponholder, which is most likely related to the weapon model not having a collision layer. This hasn't happened with any other weapon, at least so far as I've tested.
  21. kaelies

    -E3- Units (new camos)

    Nice; will you have the left one on the bottom in variants where there's a full-body green, and a full-body blue pattern? Would like to see that in-game.
  22. kaelies

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    In regards to corner shot, I think we would need to have proper animations done for it...I remember SMK for arma 2 had some pretty neat ones. Maybe if they had something like that, and used a PiP display to show what a camera attached to the gun sees? (I.e. like the display in the infantry showcase, but attached to the gun.)
  23. kaelies

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    It doesn't import the infantry models, so no skins or models for infantry insurgents.
  24. Sorry, I just worded that poorly :rolleyes:. I was trying to ask whether it would be possible to have the zeroing values on the HK be 100-1200m in increments of 100, rather than the default values it has right now. Great to hear you're thinking of adding the ability to add sights, can't wait to see how the HK21 looks in the end. I'm pretty sure its a BIS issue, because you have to modify one single class for adding new optics or other attachments, and you can only set it to some value rather than being able to add various items to whatever others are already there.
  25. Thanks for the mod, great to see the HK21 in ArmA, been a personal favourite MG for a while now. Could you make the m4's, mp5's, and maybe HK21's (if you make a variant with the drum sight, maybe?) be animated in terms of moving around while you zero? This could be achieved by using the "zeroing1" animation controller, which reads what index you are at in the zeroing. Might work on the m4 carry handle too. Also, would it be possible to add to the sighting mechanism on the HK21 by adding in the proper zeroing values? I believe its 100-1200m with 100m increments. Maybe a picatinny rail adapter would be nice as well, something like on the mp5, to let us use some of the neat modular sights. The optics sight issue is due to the way BIS implemented the different optics, I think one would have to use a compatibility mod to fix the issue, at least at this moment. Should affect the Russians mod and the Canadian mod atm, since both of those add optics to all guns.