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  1. Ah, unfortunately I'm on a slow internet again and I won't be able to fix that until my next update, sorry! At least now it isn't glaringly obvious I hope :)
  2. Hotfix is up: Google Drive Move the kae_SZ_infantry.pbo and .bisign into the @Kae_SZ/addons folder. @MistyRonin Immediately there's not too many plans, probably going to give Desert Marpat a shot, add in US Army in UCP and multicam, add ACOG and CCO scopes, and maybe, maybe, add a Humvee. I might be shying away from some of the more ultramodern things for now at least, but feel free to combine my units with someone's reskin of the A3 units. Amazing praise there, but hey, without BIS's work there would be no A3 for me to make this addon for :)
  3. Thanks! Thanks! In the download you should have @Kae_SZ/addons, as well as @Kae_SZ/optional and @Kae_SZ/sound_variants. "kae_sz_infantry_xmed.pbo" gives all the soldiers a loadout of bandages and morphine instead of first aid kits, and medics and such get corresponding loadouts as well. Oops, I'll hotfix that ASAP. Uploading the hotfix now :) In regards to the weapons, afaik USMC and US army use the M4 and M16a4 IRL, at the moment, neither of which has full auto, and it also seems that doctrine calls for no change in that. I might be out-of-date on that information though, so let me know if that's the case. "That faction": You mean the USMC?
  4. Update 0.4.1! MediaFire Google Drive The USMC. Figured I had a good enough bit of things that I did this week that it would be worthwhile to update the addon, I think the most noteworthy change is the expansion of the RDS tank compatibility to cover all his vehicles and to also include the westernized CDF. Changelog: 0.4.1: -Added new sounds for Ishapore, FN FAL, Scar-H -Added BMP-1, T-34, T-55, ZSU-23-1 Shilka to RDS compatibility plugin -Added BMP-2sz variant vehicle to the RDS compatibility plugin, with Ataka Missiles and a better engine -Added groups to the RDS compatibility plugin, which should make it usable with ALiVE -Added 2A42, Konkurs launcher, as vehicle weapons with sounds that are in-line with the rest of the addon, now present on the BMPs. -Added USMC faction, using M16a4, M4, HK416, and other goodies -Known Bug: USMC use RPG as placeholder, instead of SMAW -Added Field Medics, Field Doctors -Added XMedSys compatibility plugin (under optional folder) -Added ASDG compatibility plugin (under optional folder) -Added filters to South Zagorian Mi-24 hinds, and CDF Mi-24vp hinds. -Fixed overpenetration of infantry bullets (Thanks to Reyhard) -Fixed Isklaristani camo oversaturation -Fixed: Mi-24p Falanga and Shturm variants have reversed naming -Fixed: UN Tanks have wrong crew classname A BMP-1 of the modernized CDF army. Theres still some older bugs that I haven't fixed yet, but Enjoy anyways :D
  5. About the missile penetrations: Alright, between what Reyhard said and the way that the real armour mod links to this bug report, it seems that keeping them the way they currently are is the best approach. @Fisto Unfortunately it would be too much for me to upload the mod twice like that, and since the language addon is something that doesn't get updated as much it saves me a lot of time to not have to upload it every time I update everything else, so uploading both versions would be a bit too much for me. I sent a request to upload it as a separate download in SiX, however. Hopefully that is also ok for you? @Laxemann Awesome work, can't wait to be able to release the next version with the FAL sound!
  6. @Reyhard The current one had some base off something which I don't remember and then increased for bullets which were supposedly greater in penetration; Thank you very much for your macro, I'll give them a try and test off something. Should I be using the same for the RPG-7? My current logic for those is leaving the caliber the same and setting hit = MM RHA penetration, at least for the AT variants. @Teipgas55 It's one of those many things which are "in progress" for me :) I guess I could make a sorta "simple HK416" which just uses the iron sight off the G3a3, probably won't have the pretty fire selector markings or it's unique stock though.
  7. Pocket PTRD lol :D What should I use as the relation between mm RHA and mm Steel plate to fix this? --- @Fisto I did want to make slightly different uniforms as well for the Militia, otherwise seems good. Would need to have at least a light combat belt though, to store the mags in :)
  8. Hey, I just checked out all the versions of the G3, HK33, and FAL that I have and all seem to be able to mount optics just fine, tried with vanilla MRCO (optic_mrco). Check out the Isklaristani Squad Leaders, each will have an optic on his G3a3. Assuming I didn't mess anything up, only the XM8 and the Ishapore will be unable to mount any optical attachments. It might be an issue that I have where some weapons don't show their optics in VAS properly, I'm not sure how to fix it but I assume it's because of some weirdness I did with the attachments so that foregrips and grenade launchers could be used. I wouldn't know about the G3's thinness, I haven't seen the version with the specific handguard I'm using IRL. What part in particular looks too thin? And about the FN FAL, you mean the version with a nonfolding buttstock, or just a longer version? I can do the second one by next update, the proper buttstock will take longer. I'll try to move the camo around so more of the pixels hit areas where you can see them. How's it look? In regards to the Filters: I'm thinking maybe the VP would have them as its the most modern hind in CDF inventory, while the others lack them due to costs or something. Furthermore, I'm thinking maybe the non-VP variants of the hind will have been sold off or captured from the modernized CDF inventory, in favour of more western helicopters. You might have noticed I'm lagging further and further on making proper ammobox changes, I'll try to get that sorted out soon ;)
  9. Good news everyone! I've found out I was being silly about the ASDG rails compatibility, and there is now a separate .pbo which offers compatibility for the NATO weapons to use them. Have a nice picture of an Isklaristani using one of FHQ's Acog scopes. Speaking of Isklaristan, here's a picture of their camo after some adjustment to make it less "atomic" :D (Nuka-cola is no longer offered at military vending machines) ----- I've also done retextures of all the UAZs to properly match the new camos used for armour on each faction, and also added the digital camo for the modernized CDF forces; the modernized CDF forces will have everything the normal CDF do in a different camo in addition to any western vehicles added in the future. Here's a sample of the new digital Camouflage, I've had issues downloading RDS onto my laptop so I won't be able to show them off on the tanks, but hopefully the UAZ doesn't do too bad of a job showcasing it (I guess the pixels are a bit hard to see on the UAZ in particular): Left Side Right Side ----- Final WIP Update for today, I've thrown on exhaust filters onto the Mi-24 hinds. Russia and South Zagoria will have them for sure, Takistan won't, but I'm not sure about the CDF; what do you all think? ----- Last note to say: I've found another reason why the RPG's 2d sights are necessary; it would be impossible to have the sight adjust in 3d space if there is a scope on the RPG while leaving the sight as an attachment. Again, I'll try to de-pixelate the top corners so it doesn't look so bad :)
  10. Looks like that digital camo is some Ukrainian one, considering the western impression that digital camos give I think it would be a good match for the modern/western CDF troops. It would also allow me to use woodland on US units without fear of confusion :) Still got to test it out ingame and see how it looks though. The rest of the CDF will continue with the current camo.
  11. @MistyRonin Make sure you have the kae_sz_vehicles_rds_compat.pbo enabled, and note that the vehicles made compatible are completely new so as not to mess up any of the RDS stuff. The CDF camo is in the top-left corner of the six-screenshot collage I have for the update post, for reference; its like OD green, but more of a yellow tone to match their camo. I'm afraid the order of sights is too much of a preference thing to adjust it, I prefer iron sight first so there isn't a zoom when you first sight in (more natural to me). @JonPL What do you mean by railed versions? If you mean purely a top rail, try putting an A3 scope on and it should automatically add the rail, for all G3/FAL/m16 type rifles. If you mean a railed handguard, please send a screenshot of what you mean and ill consider how difficult it would be to add. However, handguard (side) rails would be useless as my weapons can't support those types of attachments (for a few various reasons). By FAL reload, you mean the AK style ones? If so sure, though both FAL and G3 will get custom anims at some point. @Corporal_Lib[bR] See above about the railed guns :) Both the GP-25 and grip "attachments" are internal items used to actually display the item without having an obscene amount of different models. Neither should actually be usable by the user, but I don't quite know how to prevent it without making them unusable. I'll give ADSG a shot tonight. @Kaxii Looks easy enoug, I'll give it a shot as maybe the vehicle camo of the modernized CDF forces.
  12. @ESUSSanchez Ah whoops, I forgot to do the stuff neccessary to make that work properly on my end. In the meantime, are you able to get UAZs to spawn properly? If so then I know what to do by next time. @MistyRonin: Thanks! In regards to the Falangas still being seen, that's a known bug and basically the reason I made shturm versions for the Taki's. It's on my life of things to fix. The default RPG sight is indeed supposed to be like that, in a similar way to how I have the GP-25 working; basically I have difficulty aligning the sight if I rotate the thing in 3d space, so switching to an OFP-style 2d sight makes things easier and less problematic; I can look into smoothing out the edges on the top, though. Hopefully that isn't much of a problem? I'll probably be doing the other grenade launchers and rocket launchers in the same way for the same reasons. The Isklaristani woodland camouflage is meant to be based off the IRIA woodland camo of Iran, though it seems it was made for lands more saturated than Arma's. I'll tone it down for next time, but maybe the desert version can be of use? Finally, regarding the CDF vehicle camo: I should've done something more like the CDF armour camo I made, I guess that was something else I forgot to set up. Can't do the one you showed me since if you take a look, that camo has been taken by South Zagoria :p
  13. Hey Serjames, The compat config I have is basically trying to do the same thing as the one Reyhard made but it goes about it differently, including custom camouflages that I made. The classnames are completely different so its like two completely different mods, no conflict except having too many variants show up in the editor :p You'd need to keep Reyhard's compatibility one to keep using missions made with his tanks, especially considering I've only covered the BMP-2 and T-72 with my own (Didn't have time for the others) Hope that helps, Kae
  14. @Foxhound and Sonsalt6 Thanks!
  15. Update 0.4.0! MediaFire Google Drive The various tank camouflages added. Changelog: 0.4.0: -Added new sounds for most new guns -Added new reloading animation for AK rifles -Added HK MP5, HK33, HK53, G3, and so forth -Added prototype AK-174sz, RPK-174sz -Added AK-74szK series intermediate-length weapons -Moved bipods to be attachments for future TMR compatibility -Added optional config to allow RDS tanks to be used. Currently only T-72A/B/BM and BMP-2 are supported -Added Takistani Elite troops -Added Isklaristani troops -Some slight adjustments to gear of SZ forces -Added Field Medic and Field Doctor (WIP) to SZ -Added PGO-7 placeholder scope for RPG-7 -Reworked RPG-7 ballistics to be better -Added zeroing to RPG-7 iron sight -Reworked textures on older SZ forces, including UN -Added Elite Rifleman class for certain factions -Added Shturm variants of the Takistani Hinds -Mi-24p now has ammo split into 3 magazines, with a default load of 2 HEI and 1 APDS -Mi-24p has greater spread with GSh30K -Mi-24vp now has 470 rounds instead of 450 -UAZ-469 now has improved handling (No more ice-skating) -UAZ-469 has an improved gearset which should allow for faster acceleration -UAZ-469 will no longer explode from hull-damage -Fixed: Mi-24 missiles should not have lock-on. It has been removed -Fixed: UAZs should now properly spawn when using ALiVE -RU faction now has their proper UAZ -CDF now has retextured UAZ in a new camouflage -Known Bug: Mi-24p Falanga and Shturm variants have reversed naming -Known Bug: Mi-24 for CDF still has RU camo, no Mi-24 for RU forces -Known Bug: UN Tanks have wrong crew classname, you'll have to place it as empty -Known Bug: Animation weirdness on new AK reload in third-person -Known Bug: UAZ-469 engine and fuel tank aren't damageable, overly difficult to penetrate hull An Isklaristani soldier surveying the land in Zargabad. Isklaristani troops training in the desert. Enjoy :D I'll update the front page and classnames and whatnot later, too much of a hurry to do that now. Also, I missed doing a few things I wanted to, especially several requests, so I'm very sorry about that... Edit 1: Forgot a few things in the changelog
  16. Hey, @Kju, Reyhard Thanks for the heads-up, I assume then that the textures you used for your BMP were from the link that .kju posted? I've been trying with the ACR ones I had from installing the expansion itself and that didn't work, might be why I've had issues. Will give it a shot this weekend. --- Thanks for the suggestion, though I tried last night with just those changes and it didn't work, maybe I missed something else. I'll take a look at how you did it when I can download everything over the weekend; haven't been keeping up with others' mods recently :rolleyes: By the way, thanks for making a compatibility configuration for your addon to use my units! --- @ESUSSanchez The compatibility addon isn't written by me so I'm afraid I cannot help. However, I think it may be that there are no predefined groups that actually use the new units, which ALiVE requires to have them automatically spawn, and ALiVE also has some very specific conditions for naming everything, which is the problem I'm having with my UAZs not working either. --- I really have no clue as to how my addon would do anything to affect this, since I don't think I have anything that changes any of the default values. I just inherit off some base BIS classes and then make my own stuff that's separate. I can only suggest the following to try and get it to work again: 1) Check if its my mod by not loading its modfolder at all 2) Find the "Kae_SZ_Weapons_snds.pbo" and "kae_sz_air_snds_new.pbo", as well as the similarly named .bisigns and remove them from the modfolder; this should remove the sound part of the addon, and would help me to know if its one of those two causing the issue Sorry that I can't be of much more assistance, but let me know if either of those two helps to fix your issue. --- It seems I have some thinking to do on where I want to go now, but in the meantime I hope you all enjoy the update which I'll probably be uploading Sunday :)
  17. Thanks, I'll give it a try, though it seems to still be the .pbos so it might have the same issues.
  18. Hey, So, in regards to the recoil: I just looked up a few AK-74 videos of it being fired in full-auto, seems like there's very little recoil, so I get the feeling that my values aren't too far off from the real thing. Keep in mind that the AK-74 not only has a very small amount of recoil due to it's round but also has a muzzle brake, which also has a few holes strategically placed to recoil muzzle rise. If you want to point out a specific gun which has too little recoil, please let me know and I might take a look at it and any videos I find; any gun with a bipod on it will also have less recoil when prone than others. I did however put some more backwards recoil per request, maybe see if you like it after this next update... In regards to Czech army DLC: Yea, BIS released the models, but not the textures. None of the tools I've tried allow me to de-pbo the DLC textures and then use them, and I can't do textures myself (if anyone remembers the SVD which was my first ever mod...). Unfortunately, I don't think there's any way for me to use those things in this addon. In regards to NV: I found a way to change the colour, but it requires a scripted approach. I'm trying to stay away from a CBA requirement for as long as I can get by with, so custom NV is going to be pushed onto the stack of things I'll be doing when start adding scripts to the addon. In regards to the BMP: So, I have some bad news on this topic. I've been trying what I can and looking at various resources, but I cannot get the vehicle to properly move faster than 10 km/h. Chances are, it won't be finished soon enough for me to include it in this weekend's release. If anyone would care to take a look at my config and tell me I made an error somewhere, here's my config: Some other Misc. Stuff: To start off, let me just note that the Lee-Enfield is going to have a bolting sound; an awesome bolting sound, at that! Hopefully it and the other awesome weapon sounds can make up for me missing the BMP. I've also made the bipods on various rifles attachments (so far the AK's are finished, shouldn't be too hard to do the rest), so its possible to do stuff like take off the bipod on an RPK and put it on your AKM, but the effect is only cosmetic for now. It'll also be possible to have both open and closed variants and switch between them; I'll see if I can't do something special with that by the weekends ;) The HK33, HK53, MP5, and a longer version of the HK33 will be included, in the a2 (fixed) and a3 (collapsible) stock variants. Might have time to do the G3 as well, and each will have a rotating drum with four sight pictures, being an open one, and three aperture sights. MP5 is zeroed for 25 on all of them, while the others are zeroed at 100-400m. The Elite Takistani troops will be using some of these, as well as them being the primary firearm of the Isklaristani troops; unfortunately, those troops aren't ready for this weekend. Hopefully, I'll be able to put in some improvements on the hinds as well as the adding the m320/m230/EGLM and adding zeroing to the RPG-7, but the BMPs have pushed me off-schedule. Finally, if I haven't mentioned it already, I'll be adding field medics (platoon-level) and field doctors to the current medical staff, who will at first just be armed more lightly; however, I will also be adding a compatibility .pbo for xmedsys which will give them more reasonable supplies fit for their roles.
  19. I'll consider putting the language addon into the optional folder of the main addon with the next release, I'll need to get some feedback then regarding whether its too big of a download though. Regarding weapons like the D30, well, I've still got a good bit to go until I start adding static weapons with all these vehicles everyone wants hm? :rolleyes: @Tinter: Yea, the scopes got bugged on the RPG when I tried to make them work with Suddens' scopes, at the moment I'm just using it as a placeholder until I can take the effort to make a proper PGO optic for the RPG. Thanks for the praise on the iron sights by the way :) @Serjames: I don't really see any way that the addon would specifically cause speed of sound to stop working, maybe some of my sounds are incompatible with a script in it or something? The sounds added by this mod are all in seperate .pbos, so maybe have him try moving those out of the folder? Also of course try to make sure it is indeed this mod causing it by trying without it . Also, great to hear that you got it working successfully with ALiVE, I wish the SZ-Royal Marine alliance (if I understood right) manages to fight off those Takistanis :D Regarding the CDF supplies: To me it makes most sense that they are strongly supported by the US, given that the US went as far as to invade on their behalf during Harvest Red. The sorta alternate timeline I've been going with in my head recently, in a brief form, has the US crush most of the ChDKZ, pull out, give the CDF equipment and tell them to finish the job, then the survivors of the ChDKZ reform into the South Zagorians and with monetary and equipment support from Russia, fight off the CDF and manage to regain a strong foothold in the region. Naturally, the US would probably not only have to leave some of their supplies behind if their going home was rushed (maybe it was to say, prevent a Russian invasion of the region?), but would also probably try to help out the CDF stay stable in the region. Regarding the non-US things, well, I imagine that war is a huge profit-making business for companies that make military arms, so any sensible company producing such would give out free samples in the hopes that the CDF will end up buying from them in the future. Finally, I know that Kuwait, Iraq, and Egypt all use the M1a1, albeit in a downgraded form, so I really see no reason why the CDF wouldn't end up getting stocks of it from the US as well. Regarding other miscellaneous things: I hope to have my next update out about the 19th, +/- a week. In addition to the BMP, I should have the Isklaristani weapons, maybe Isklaristani troops, elite Takistani troops, and maybe some other things added. Dreams include adding an ACOG and a CCO as well, but who knows. If you have any suggestions for mods which add NATO scopes, which I might add to the addon, please let me know so I might make a compatibility addon; provided they work fine with BIS weapons, shouldn't be a problem to add them to my own. I'm going to also add in more specialized medical troops such as the Field Medic (Meant as a platoon-level medical entity, less armed and more supplied than the normal medic) and the Field Doctor (With different supplies). Of course, with the standard Arma medical system it won't have much meaning, but I will be doing an xmed compatibility .pbo as well. One question I would like to have answered: The NVGoggles/NVScopes and the like are green due to an extra filter, correct? Due to something like the human eye differentiating those colours better? I was considering, if that is the case, to create some custom NVGoggles including arma-2 style ones and also a special set without that particular filter, mostly as a matter of personal preference. If anyone could show me any documents regarding russian night vision goggles/optics, aside from the NSPU, I would appreciate it. Also, still looking for some feedback on the GP-25 and whatever the GL on the XM8 is!
  20. I have new sounds coming in for the guns next update :) Have at least the m16, m240, m249, and PKM with completely unique sounds.
  21. So, I think I know now what the issue regarding UAZs not spawning properly with ALiVE is, but I haven't gone ahead and fixed it yet. I'm not sure whether it will be appropriate to create an optional configuration file for that or not though. Also, I have a fix regarding the GP-25, should be able to pick it up without issue; however, it is consequently possible to remove the GP-25 by hand, this isn't intentional and you can't move it between weapons. Just causes the GP-25 to either show up or not on a weapon, doesn't do anything about the way you hold it or the ability to use it. I also fixed the fact that it looks like its not made out of metal, that was a rather silly mistake :rolleyes: And yea, the addon is set in about 2013 for the "Modern" units, 2009ish for the others. I'm sure someone could make an addon giving the AAF Anyone have any small bugs or requests, especially in regards to weapons? Those are generally easy to fix so I work on those most often. In regards to transport aircraft, and using others' work in this addon: Again, I don't have too many plans for aircraft yet, but I agree that something with a heavier transport capacity than the 8-man hind could be useful; I did have plans for the Huey at some point which would also work as a lighter transport aircraft perhaps more similar in role to the little bird as compared to the Hind. Mi-8, various cargo airplanes and other helicopters, I don't really have much of a plan for them but I could eventually see about adding them; I sorta have a cautious approach to using others' content in my own addon, since I do want to be sure that everything in the addon has about the same feel to it. That being said, if anyone reading this is an addonmaker and would like to volunteer something for me to use, and would be ok with me either asking for certain changes or with me changing things, please let me know; I know there's a lot of great addons out there for things which I wouldn't be able to make but would still like to use in the addon. In regards to the XM8: The current state is that there are two variants of XM-8, both are the longest variant existing with a dual-mode sight which has both 1x and 3x zoom, meaning they can work well in a lot of various situations. The only difference is that one is the normal variant with a 30-round magazine, and the other is the SAW version modeled with a Beta-C. In terms of a marksman's version, I assume the only different would be a bigger zoom? What would be appropriate for that? Finally, are there any other variants that would be good to have? In regards to other GL's on weapons: I can work on adding the M203 and EGLM (Scar version) to the addon. I noticed the XM-8 from Arma 2 also has some GL on it, could someone please identify which one it is? Looks like a m320 at first glance but I want to be sure. Also, are these three launchers interchangeable between all NATO weapons, or are there specific limitations to which weapons can use which launchers? Finally, I could use some feedback on the way I've set up the GP-25; Is there any issue with it? Otherwise I'd be using the same thing for the new launchers. In regards to Takistan: I really don't have any intent for Takistan's army to be that desolate, but without doubt it is the least well-armed nation in the bunch so far. I should have an elite troop using mostly DPM (By the way, I looked it up and it looks a lot closer to a recolour of Rex Kamysh than DPM) gear in the next update, and SpecOps will come sometime afterwards. Elite TK forces will end up using a the AK-74 series with some G3/HK33s mixed in (probably from the Isklaristani Forces). In regards to vehicles in general: I'm afraid progress is going sorta slow, so far its just the BMP-2 that I have partially ported. I won't be updating this weekend so there might be time for me to throw in something else, but I'm afraid I cannot promise it. How I imagine their split per faction: CDF: Older Russian equipment. (T-72, BMP-2, BMP-1?, BTR-60, BRDM, UAZ, Ural) M-CDF: Mostly older Western equipment. (M1 abrams, BMP-2, BTR-60, M113, Humvee, Truck) Russia: Russian equipment, somewhat contemporary (T-90, T-72, BMP-3?, BMP-2, BTR-80?, BRDM?, Vodnik, UAZ, Kamaz) Takistan: Old Russian equipment, moreso than CDF. (T-72, T-55, BMP-1, BTR-60, BTR-40, BRDM, UAZ, Ural) South Zagoria; Modified Russian equipment (T-72sz, BMP-2sz, BMP-2, BTR-70sz?/80sz?, Vodnik, UAZ, Kamaz) Really can't say what's going to end up happening until I've made everything though, and it will probably be a slow progress :x In regards to the South Zagorian modifications specifically: T-72 will be more like the T-80u, having the armour skirts on the turret, reactive armour, and maybe other fancy things. BMP-2sz has at minimum a commander's MG added, might do things such as armour skirts, reactive armour on the front (yes, even though its a transport), Ataka-V instead of konkurs, etc. The BTRs would have things like a BMP-2sz turret being used instead of the standard one. Some of the fancy Ural-mounted stuff like the BM-21 Grad would be mounted on a Kamaz instead.
  22. 18th Gvardeyskaya Motostrelki Website Summary: 18GMR is a small, friendly realism unit. We have been around since the good ol' days of Arma 2 and have recently switched to Arma 3. Most of the members in the unit have been playing the Arma games for a very long time! We play with a small selection of mods, including TFAR, TMR, and Army of South Zagoria, that are all quick-and-easy to setup but still provide a good amount of content and realism to the game. What we offer: Uniqueness - We are one of the few units that don't play as BLUFOR. This lets us play with assets and tactics that are commonly unused by players. Fun - We value fun over roleplay. We do not address people by rank, or maintain strict SOPs for our members. Having a good time is always our priority! Not to mention we have some sick banter. Gameplay - We run an event each Saturday whilst maintaining a 24/7 public server. We just need you to be: Willing to attend Serious when the situation calls for it (Although we do like to have a laugh) Able to get the mods English speaking with a mic Mature! (No hard age limit!) Applying: Please visit our website here for more information and a recruitment form. Feel free to hop on our TS3 and have a chat with us! ( You can see the roles that are open on the "Battle Order" page. You do not have to know how to work in any of the roles (except scout), as you will receive training. If you aren't sure about joining feel free to hop on our server at any time and play with us. See the website for details! Nice little video courtesy of Valax:
  23. I've started the process on a BMP-2, but I might be a bit slow on delivering it! Be sure that I'll have at least the main and the Medical versions, and I will probably have a few extra versions specific to the South Zagorians, whose engineers feel there is no problem in say, lifting a DShKM off a t-72 and translating it onto a BMP. I did have thoughts about vehicles past that, but they might not happen soon. @RedPheonix Not sure what you mean by "air", considering there are already Hinds in the addon; if you mean planes then no, no plans for them yet (unless you count "hmm...someday I might want to add this" :p). --- One last thing, please feel free to post any bug reports you might find here, and I'll try to get them fixed in the next update. I've already got things like the m249's ejection fixed, and I know how to and will fix the rocket pods on the hind. Finally, this next update might take a little longer to do since I'll be trying to fit the BMP in there as well as taking more time to work on other things; we'll see how it goes :D
  24. I'll do an XM8 version of the CDF soldier, maybe one of the US as well. I already have two types of XM8 in the addon (check classlists), one of which is used by Stevens (CDF Story). Each one has a 1x and 3x variable-zoom scope and the two should fit most roles possible. Let me know what other variants you'd like to see though!