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  1. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170227-AttachToWithMovement-Walkable-Vehicle-Interriors-and-Exterirors

    Whenever I use this script, i just slip and slide. It seems as if it used to work according to youtube videos from a few months ago, but now it has this problem.

    Can anyone test this and report back with results? I have tried this on a clean arma 3 install as well and with a few different ship add ons, but it does not work.

    I have tried editing it to no avail. No error pops up, but the script behaves as if there is zero friction on the surface of the ship, and you are walking on slippery ice.

    Would greatly appreciqte any help with this, as i feel like i could make some cool missions with this script in combination with the USS Iowa mod.

  2. It is possible to use this module in MP, but you would have to add some code to your specific mission, that would open its dialog.

    (I thought I had that info in the readme, but it looks like it got lost at some point. Anyway, it's been added now again.)

    Add a radio call trigger or a user action to your mission which executes the following code, and you're all set:

    nul=createDialog "KRON_SupportCall_Dlg"

    Thanks, trying now