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  1. On 9/19/2017 at 11:23 PM, mistergoodson said:

    Apologies for being MIA since the last OCAP update. I've been busy with finishing studies, graduation, moving house, and landing my first (proper) job (woo!).


    So, I've been wondering what to do with OCAP. It's currently in a broken state (since the A3 64-bit update) and requires a bit of an overhaul on the backend. However, before I get things working again (and continuing with general development on OCAP), I want to know whether this is actually something worth investing my time into, as I don't have as much time as I used to.


    Please let me know (either here or via PMs) if you're a fan of OCAP, and if you'd like to see continued development. I'll make a decision based on the responses.



    Cheers guys!


    I'm a fan, I'm just waiting for it to be un-broken before I want to spend my time on it. I have been looking forward to using it, so I hope you get some time available and make OCAP great again.

  2. Welcome!

    Due to the current world situation, we will NOT play, and never will play as ISIL/DAESH or any present terrorist organizations.

    If you are looking for:

    • A unit, that aims towards using most of the assets available in ARMA (Air/Land/Navy/Infantry/Vehicles)
    • The possibility to advance in ranks (Tier), based on actual in-game skill and participation
    • The chance of specializing in your favorite OPFOR weapon/vehicle/rotary/equipment, almost regardless of our mission and our participation numbers.
    • Only scenarios based on real and plausible situations that has happened, is possible could have happened and with gear and equipment from the real world. (No futuristic arma content here)
    • 10+ years of experience in the armaverse behind it
    • A flowing dynamic campaign where actions make a difference, and online savegames through ALiVE, ensures that your player will be where he was when you logged off just as the vehicles will be where they where last parked for each mission.


    Well.. You have come to the right place

    ,,,,,If you can live with yourself playing OPFOR that is..

    Each campaign will run for a certain amount of time, with a specified theme. As this post is written, we are currently Russian special forces in Iraq, assisting iraqi forces in getting ISIL out of a territory.
    Since we play as OPFOR, we can play as many different armies, guerillas, insurgents and so on without having to change our main weapons or vehicle platform, which will differ from each campaign depending on the community mood.

    We will appreciate no politic banter in this community.
    We play Wednesdays at 1900 Copenhagen time.


    So, visit us at http://rogue-state.dk/

    And read more about us and how you join if you wish to do so.


  3. On 12/2/2017 at 0:45 AM, domokun said:

    Since RC 1.68, this mod prevents any mission from loading.

    What is strange is that A3 loads fine.

    The briefing loads fine.

    But when I start the mission the game just hangs (black screen indefinitely).

    Only a 3-fingered salute (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and killing the Arma3.exe process via Task Managers resolves the situation.

    Anyone else experiencing this issue?

    BTW this only occurs with the 64-bit version (STHUD runs fine with 32-bit version).


    Same here

  4. Okay guys! Thanks for your help, I got it working by throwing myself off a cliff and updating the tools to beta developer version.

    I hate that because I'm always afraid it will damage/change more than it will repair, but this time it worked.


    That means it was probably something in the binarize process that didn't work properly.




  5. So, completely made a new map with the same stuff in it, like an insane person. Who knows, maybe I forgot a step in the beginning. So I've redone everything, and tried making the name-size 300x300 instead of the default sizes.
    But still, no markers on the 2D map, with namevillage nor namecity. Just the same.

    What the actual hell.

  6. Maybe silly, but try to remove from tb the entry of your village and crunch again with the file named CfgNames.hpp


    edit: if you r going to make roads on your map , check the line 1944 (newRoadsShape = "\Derka\data\roads\roads.shp" ;) in your config .Set the path to your work. (i think i miss something there)


    also check the line 1907 (for icon of your mod).



    Hm yeah, didnt make a difference. I also cleared the temp folder files from the pboproject so It didnt accidentally take the cfgnames from the temp folder.

    Thanks for the heads up, I just commented the icon line out for the moment.


    Here's how it's working. Since it's showing in the zeus, it must be reading the file. But something is stopping it from showing on the 2D map.











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  7. try to use





    insteed of 



    edit: i suggest to rename your names file to CfgNames.hpp


    if you rename the file, dont forget to change the name in config.cfg ;)


    "NameVillage" should work, it has always worked for me before. Just tried with "NameLocal" which does not work either.


    I will try renaming the hpp.

  8. your config is wrong and incomplete

    try this config




    too long to paste it here...


    check your values (in your config) and paste it in my config. I already do that , but in case if i miss something



    I was under the impression that most of all that stuff only really needed to be there if you wanted to change it?

    Such as weather, lighting, animals, sounds etc so I was keeping it minimalistic as the example posted by James from Kunduz here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/191021-160-terrain-config-update-example/


    I just tried your config, and it does make the clutter show up. So thank you! I wonder which part of it was missing in my own.

    But the other problems such as names not showing, and the copy/paste pattern on the texture is still there.


    The "names.hpp" problem is a wierd one though. The village name appears as a floating pointer in zeus view, but it does not appear on the map...

  9. Hi guys.

    I was wondering if anyone could find out whats wrong with my setup.
    I'm playing around with a 20x20 terrain, but I've got no clutter or keypoints showing up in game and I got no errors.

    The other 10x10 terrains I'm messing around with, is working fine but I cant seem to find the error in this one.

    I've also got a wierd repeating pattern in what appears to be the midDetailTexture layer, so far the current settings I'm using has the least amount of the pattern so far, but I would like it to be gone. I dont know if its entirely possible though.
    Source settings:
    sattelite.png - 20480x20480
    mask.png - 20480x20480 (just pure white RGB 255-255-255 at the moment)
    heightfield.asc - 20480x20480



    Terrainbuilder settings:





    class CfgPatches
        class Derka
            units[] = {};
            weapons[] = {};
            requiredVersion = 0.1;
            requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Data_F","A3_Roads_F","A3_Structures_F","A3_Map_Data","A3_Map_Stratis"};
    #include "cfgSurfaces.hpp"
    //#include "cfgVehicles.h"
    //#include "cfgEnvSounds.h"
    class CfgWorlds
        class DefaultWorld
            cutscenes[] = {};
        class CAWorld : DefaultWorld{};
        class DefaultLighting;
        class Stratis : CAWorld
            class DefaultClutter;
            class Sea;
            class Underwater;
            class SeaWaterShaderPars;
            class WaterExPars;
            class HDRNewPars;
            class Lighting;
            class DayLightingBrightAlmost;
            class DayLightingRainy;
            class Weather;
            class SimulWeather;
            class EnvMaps;
            class OutsideTerrain;
            class Grid
                class Zoom1;
                class Zoom2;
                class Zoom3;
            class Sounds;
            class Animation;
            class Subdivision;
        class Derka : Stratis
            class Sea : Sea{};
            class Underwater : Underwater{};
            class SeaWaterShaderPars : SeaWaterShaderPars{};
            class WaterExPars : WaterExPars{};
            class HDRNewPars : HDRNewPars{};
            class Lighting : Lighting{};
            class DayLightingBrightAlmost : DayLightingBrightAlmost{};
            class DayLightingRainy : DayLightingRainy{};
            class Weather : Weather{};
            class SimulWeather : SimulWeather{};
            cutscenes[]            = {};
            icon                = "";
            worldName            = "\grz\derka\derka.wrp";
            //pictureMap            = "\grz\derka\data\icons\pictureMap_ca.paa";
            //pictureShot            = "\grz\derka\data\icons\derka_ca.paa";
            plateFormat            = "AS$-####";
            plateLetters            = "ABCDEGHIKLMNOPRSTVXZ";
            author                = "GRIZZLY";
            description            = "Derka 0.003";
            newRoadsShape            = "\grz\Derka\data\roads\roads.shp";
            startTime            = "07:30";
            startDate            = "6/7/2009";
            midDetailTexture        = "A3\Map_Data\middle_mco.paa";
            access                = 3;
            worldId                = 1;
            mapSize                = 20480;
            mapZone                = 42;
            longitude            = 68.873;
            latitude            = -36.712;
            elevationOffset            = 0;
            clutterGrid            = 1.5;
            clutterDist            = 125;
            noDetailDist            = 65;
            fullDetailDist            = 20;
            minTreesInForestSquare            = 2;
            minRocksInRockSquare            = 2;
            safePositionAnchor[]            = {1024,1024};
            safePositionRadius        = 1024;
            centerPosition[]        = {2048,2048,2048};
            seagullPos[]            = {1024,1024,1024};
            ilsPosition[]            = {0,0};
            ilsDirection[]            = {0,0,0};
            ilsTaxiOff[]            = {};
            ilsTaxiIn[]            = {};
            loadingTexts[]            = {};
            class EnvMaps : EnvMaps{};
            class OutsideTerrain
                satellite = "A3\map_Stratis\data\s_satout_co.paa";
                enableTerrainSynth = 0;
                class Layers
                    class Layer0
                        nopx = "grz\derka\data\grz_outsideterra_nopx.paa";
                        texture = "grz\derka\data\grz_outsideterra_co.paa";
                colorOutside[] = {0.8549,0.7019,0.3764,1};
            class Grid : Grid
                offsetX = 0;
                offsetY = 20480;
                class Zoom1 : Zoom1{};
                class Zoom2 : Zoom2{};
                class Zoom3 : Zoom3{};
            class Sounds :  Sounds{};
            class Animation : Animation{};
            class Subdivision : Subdivision{};
    /*        class AmbientA3
                #include "cfgAmbience.h"
    */        class Names
                #include "derka.hpp"
        initWorld = "Derka";
        demoWorld = "Derka";
    class CfgWorldList
        class Derka{};
    class CfgLensFlare{};



    class layers
        class grz_derka_basedirt
        texture = "grz\derka\data\grz_derka_basedirt_co.paa";
        material = "grz\derka\data\grz_derka_basedirt.rvmat";
    class legend
      class colors




    class Clutter    
       class grz_derka_GrassDry: DefaultClutter
            model = "A3\plants_f\Clutter\c_StrGrassDry.p3d";
            affectedByWind = 0.3;
            swLighting = "true";
            scaleMin = 0.2;
            scaleMax = 0.6;



    class CfgSurfaces
        class Default{};
        class grz_derka_basedirt_Surface: Default
            files = "grz_derka_basedirt_*";
            rough = 0.09;
            maxSpeedCoef = 0.7;
            dust = 0.8;
            soundEnviron = "dirt";
            character = "grz_derka_basedirt_Character";
            soundHit = "soft_ground";
            lucidity = 8;
            grassCover = 0.05;
    class CfgSurfaceCharacters
        class grz_derka_basedirt_Character
            probability[] = {0.10};
            names[] = {"grz_derka_GrassDry"};



    class Alpha


  10. Hi,


    i have tryed some options. My terrainbuilder now freezes only for a few seconds.


    try this:


    1.) Set in the taskmanager the CPU affinity of terrainbuilder to Core 1 and core 2.

    2.) Set the Terrainbuilder.exe to Win7 compatible and check "running as Administrator".



    I have changed the CPU affinity to only one core. Set priority in the Taskmanager to very high. Running Terrainbuilder without a running Steam.

    ​No freezes or crashes for four hours of work.




    I love you.

    Totally works here! Yay!

  11. We will begin a new JOINT OPS campaign on Thursday together with another danish group, based on the situation present in Syria with RUS and US Forces fighting in the same environment against a common enemy.


    News video: