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  1. Roger that. No problem, looking forward to getting it sorted. MK6 works as it should with ace/mk6 settings. Everyone should use this, it is awesome.
  2. Cant really get this to work. Example: Placed MK6 ACE module. Using Podnos Charge 1. Shooting at 1700 meters. Your rangetable says 1027 mil. Podnos only goes to 1057 mil. Your description on armaholic also says different rangetables for different ammotypes. I only have one rangetable for podnos. Am I missing something obvious?
  3. GrizzlyDK

    Signature issue.

    Thanks, loading addons in -mod instead of -servermod did the trick. :-)
  4. Hi guys. Im trying to get verifysignatures to work but I just can't. Maybe you guys have a solution. Serverhost: Host havoc I've taken all keys from the mods and placed in "keys" folder on the server. Set verifySignatures = 2; and also tried with setting it on 1. No difference. allowedFilePatching = Tried 0-1 and 2. No difference. This is what happens: - I join the server, but get kicked when I select map/mission. - It happens with both commandlines below. - I tried removing "kick (_this select 0)" on onUnsignedData and onHackedData - the result is "connection lost" but the server dont crash. I can join it immediately after and select map/mission again. This is the wierd part if you ask me. - Tried setting the server to choose map automatically, result is the same as above. My normal commandline: -ip=xx -port=xx -noPause -noSound "-cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg" "-config=A3DS\server.cfg" "-profiles=A3DS" "-servermod=@CBA_A3;@ace;@ALiVE;@AliveServer;@ASDG_JR;@ASR_AI3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Weapons;@ISC;@mad_build;@mad_resh;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF" "-mod=" -world=empty -filepatching (Filepatching because of ASR-AI requires it) My standart "debug" commandline: -ip=xx -port=xx -noPause -noSound "-cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg" "-config=A3DS\server.cfg" "-profiles=A3DS" -world=empty My config as of now: So.. Any ideas on what might cause this? I get NO info about it, from server or client log's. Maybe some way to force the server to log what happens in this instance when it decides to kick me?
  5. GrizzlyDK

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Looks very good! Keep it up!
  6. GrizzlyDK

    The Username Change/Merge Thread

    Scratch that. Changed myself through account.bistudio.com
  7. GrizzlyDK

    Middle East Warfare

    Can confirm. In ALIVE I get gocarts and standart Arma 3 vehicles for civillian/takistan insurgents :D
  8. Preview pictures just show a blank grey window after reinstalling everything on a fresh system. Any ideas? Also, I have an idea for you, maybe this is just a personal preference but I'd like the ability to use arrow up/down to scroll through every object. That would make it even faster for me to find the right objects. EDIT: Solved. The preview pictures are depending on Picture in Picture.
  9. Thanks! I cant get it to work though. -ALIVE (Required) - Works -ALIVE Player Options - Works -CQB -Military placement - Custom Obj -Virtual AI system If I put one of these three last ones, it will get stuck on loading. By custom objectives, you do mean the "military placement (cust. obj.)" module, right? EDIT: Going through my RPT file, I get an endless queries with: "ALiVE OPCOM Waiting for Virtual AI System..."
  10. What requirements does ALIVE have for a MAP, for instance - it's keypoints? I'm fiddling with a map at the moment which is far from done. I've set a few keypoints on the areas that are done, but when setting a simple mission using your "basic" example mission it gets stuck in the loading screen. (It works on other maps, so the mission it self is fine I would guess) Any advice?
  11. I'm sorry to be such a pain in the butt, but Importing AiA vegetation I made with brush tool made the vegetation in TB giant. Like if i put object size +500% or something. Litterally 100 meter forests lol. I put scale on +/- 10 in brush. Any tips? Also, thanks for the p3d option!
  12. Ah, a hotfix. :) Thanks again! It's working now :lol:
  13. I could have sworn the version I used until now was 8.0 since I have used it with modules so far. Thats why I was confused why it was gone all of a sudden. But, that doesnt change what I experienced with TB import.
  14. Tried it, objects imported to TB where all put on the same spot in TB. 0,0,0 it seems. Removed mod, installed 8.0 - now the module doesnt show in the list no matter what I do or how I load it. I dont see how that is possible. Removed @Mapbuilder. Put in new @Mapbuilder. Load - nothing. :p Tell me if you need anything from me.
  15. GrizzlyDK

    Building now showing on MAP

    Me too.
  16. GrizzlyDK

    Terrain Processor

    Just want to report something I noticed. I'm not running any beta branches and im not sure if this is the way its supposed to be or not.. It just looks off. I'm trying to use Area High Density Cluster, the shapefile is right next to terrain processor's .exe file to minimize problems. Now - here's the thing.. I get instant crash on pressing run.. I looked into "Export Options", and it says "P:\\" ... I tried to change that to P:\TerrainProcessor, thinking that might be the problem, but it forces that P:\\ back behind it, so now it says "P:\\P:\Terrainprocessor".. Don't know if the error is caused by the programs forced double \\, or something else, but there it is.
  17. Hello! Nice tool! This made me try arma tools again.. ("Sigh") Well, I ran into a problem.. When importing, I get the txt error in TB. So i looked into it, and all my classnames in my TB library is named differently than the ones from your map builder export .txt. Take Barn_Metal as an example. That's its name in my library, and in Map Builder. But, in the export TXT it's reffered to as "01_civilian_01_barn_metal_mb". That's the case with all my AiA stuff. What have I done wrong? After 8 hours of reinstalling and trying to figure it out, Im starting to loose hope here. :P Taking the barn metal as an example, i extracted this from AIA's buildings2.pbo. The buildings2 folder is as this: P:\ca\buildings2\ Luckily I can just remove the "01_civilian_01_" and "_mb" parts from the txt which looks like it does the job in TB. Except for some walls and a few other things. But it's a lot of work. Why does TB take the "p3d name", and Map Builder something different? And how do I fix this? And sorry if Im missing something obvious. Thanks for a really helpful tool!
  18. GrizzlyDK

    Danish Defence Army

    A delayed farewell and my side of the story. After hearing alot of creeking in the corners still after this much time I feel it's time to tell the other side of the story. So forgive me for just letting this out here, I need to get this off my shoulders and move on. We closed a few years ago, as we where beginning to realise we focused more on simulation and realism in the armaverse than most of the members could handle, and we allowed to many un-interested members to join than we could handle ourselves. This led to alot of stress, administration and confusion from all sides. DanishDefenceArmy was THE clan in Arma 2012 you wanted to join if you where Danish, and you where looking for serious realism without all the nonsense. Unfortunatly it didnt last as long as we had hoped, and we have ourselves entirely to blaime. Upon closing and shortly after, some of us was recieving a lot of personal crap and insults which I mostly blaim of pure ignorance and misunderstandings from the other party's side, as a lot of the crap-throwers hardly knew anyone and was very green in their DDA membership, but was very eager to throw it none the less. We where two leaders at that moment in DDA, and we both has agreed that the downfall of DDA mainly was a result of trying to make everyone happy, which ended up making no one happy instead. We should have taken the hard one-line course we really wanted from the beginning, and went for a small specialized team instead of a big quantity regular army unit with too many different playstyles amongst us all. So, in my humble opinion we all messed it up. - The administration, by trying to make everyone happy and letting to many people join. (This is my only real advice here to anyone else out there, new to managing a clan focusing on perfectionism and realism) - And the small minority who as a result joined and then went totally FUBAR in the end and went personal. Happily for them, they now run their own danish arma-thing, so I hope they got what they wanted. Personally, I still feel a bit sad and hurt about it because it really was misplaced and I felt very misunderstood at the time. Looking back after this, creating DDA was the biggest mistake of my gaming career. The "attacks" affected me to much personally when I really just did everything I could to make it all work, and took way to much of my time. Here's a little history album from what I have not deleted yet. Thanks to all the yay-sayers, helpers, positives, friends and contributers. We had a good run. Today I and some of the others have moved on to more hardcore simulators like Steelbeasts Pro PE (Tanking) and Digital Combat Simulator (Flying) in the more serious gaming aspects and I myself are no longer involved in any Arma stuff what so ever, including the completion of the danish map FAVSLEV. Some of that gameplay will eventually go into movie productions which I (Grizzly/Muggi) enjoy making, and slowly are getting better at. So, with this chapter closed and finally after so much time I wrote the ending above -- here's a link to my "new" youtube channel. Enjoy, and see you out there! https://www.youtube.com/user/navalax
  19. If you are referring to the small window, then yes I got that too!
  20. GrizzlyDK

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    Its out.. If its not in your A3 tool, close it and re-run the tool and it should be there :-)
  21. GrizzlyDK

    Change color of the sea?

    Yup, there was. Thanks. Next error is: File p:\mp\favslev3\config.cpp, line 900: /CfgMaterials/Water.MUG_water: Undefined base class 'Water' It seems it cant find class water, but its right there? seaMaterial = "#MUG_water"; class CfgMaterials { class Water class MUG_water: Water ......
  22. GrizzlyDK

    Change color of the sea?

    When adding this code I get: File p:\mp\favslev3\config.cpp, line 900: /CfgMaterials/: 'c' encountered instead of '{' What am I doing wrong? Config: http://pastebin.com/L2kiVRc5 //Line 2342 Thanks for this thread! Its getting me closer to a scandinavian looking water. (Not like Im counting on figuring out what all those numbers mean in 'class Water') :P
  23. Hi guys. When using my map Favslev with A3 - together with the A3MP addon or AiA, it crashes upon loading the map in the editor. (When pressing preview). I can see and use the map fine in the editor, but not further than that. I tried removing ALL objects so only stock A2 AO Vegetation is present on the map and re-packing it with no difference. If anyone knows what the cause could be, Id be glad to hear it. :) Also, im pretty much retired from the arma world, just thought I owe it to a few friends of mine to get this to work in A3. Thanks. ---------- Post added at 22:13 ---------- Previous post was at 22:12 ---------- Also... Config: http://pastebin.com/ejTbW6LY
  24. Thanks! Yes, Im adding a coastline/ocean an putting a few hours of work in here and there and then I'm going to release it. :-)