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  1. It works just fine for me . Are you really defining the needed "required addons"( where the original array its defined, in your example with the throw weapon something like requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F"}; ) before doing the += ?, because if not, it's obviously not gonna work ^^

    Damnnn That's my mistake!! I forgot add the "A3_Weapons_F" on the required Addons parameter! :p :p Now it works well!!

    Thank all of you guys, you have helped me a lot :D:D

  2. Hi guys,

    I'm trying get to work a custom grenade but I've to change the code base of the Arma 3 and I'm not very convinced to do that as It would cause compatiblity issues.

    I've add another muzzle parameter under "Throw" class to get it work for all units on Arma 3. But I don't want to redefine the whole muzzle parameter, I want ADD another muzzle paramater.

    So i'm wondering if Arma 3 accept the "+=" operation as C++ language do. My custom cfgweapons config file would be like this:

    class Throw: GrenadeLauncher {
    muzzles[] += {"CUSTOM_GRENADE"};
           class ThrowMuzzle;
    class CUSTOM_GRENADE: ThrowMuzzle
    		magazines[] = {"CUSTOM_GRENADE_MAGAZINE"};

    I've tested with this code but It doesn't work (It throw no errors during binarize process) and I'm wondering if the problem came in "CUSTOM_GRENADE_MAGAZINE" config or in the "+=" operation.

  3. No, the only screens we have for now are the screens you see on this thread.. I've this or this photo about the cockpit of the cougar but nothing more, that's all we can show for now. Regarding to the LMV, it's on our "workshop" in constant development so I can't show you nothing more.

    The new sling load system is in a very early state for now ... This means the new system probably will be changed many times and we will not take risks about that (with MANW contest involved on October ), when sling load system is ok then we will start develop with the new stuff. So answering your question yes, we plans (but not soon) implement the new system load and also the new RotorLib on our content. Anyway, for who cannot wait to transport vehicles or do fast rope it's possible right now on 6.0.2 version with the Chinnok through scripts.

  4. ;2772675']but the "magic voodoo reload" enherited from A2 animations is really annoying' date=' hope you guys can at least add A3 reload animations (the MX or Skorpion animations would be a good placeholder while you add the proper G26, MG4, MP5 etc custom anims) on your roadmap![/quote']

    All reload animations have been taken by A3 reload animations, not a ported A2 anim as you stated. On the other hand.. yes, we should do new reload animations for, for example, the AW50 or M95.

    Great Mod,

    found one bug though: You can't sit in the rear seats of the VAMTAC (UME).

    Please report that on our feedback tracker.

    If some of you found a bug then don't post here, report directly on our feedback tracker as our development team might not read this.

  5. is small enough to be both drivable when everyone's seated and walkable when it's stopped

    You are correct. As much as we can do it's an attach script to avoid the poor of funcionality Arma 3 engine have regarding on the ships and his physics...

    I see but thats pretty awsome you can still have a light vehicle on the ship and a helicopter.Do you know if the ship uses cruise missiles or anything? Be really amazing using some kind of guided missile system

    Currently It's on development but I can assure it won't have "cruise missiles" like Tomhawk or other stuff, if it will have then it will be AA missile against air threats but I can't assure too much.

  6. Do you have any photos of the other ships u are working on?

    Not at this time as we are working forward to get the BAM full working for the MANW contest.

    Have you considered to create a thread in the "Completed Addons" section of this forums, I think it would reach more people ( hence more support, votes and missions :)

    The fact is this mod practically will be in constant update (Considering the roadmap we have it will..) so at certain point it will never be complete ... But we will consider create a NEW thread (not moving this topic but creating a new) for the mayor updates like 6.0.1, 6.0.2 and here the updates like roadmap, some random photos...

  7. Wouuu! The best feedback we have received for now!

    Okay, first at all we are very happy to know you like it.

    We have noted the things you've listed, It's very useful for us find post like you do. Concerning at the trademarks, In fact some of the vehicles have been done by photos they sent us!! BAE, Tiger...

    That weird shadows it's on the textures source, not in models, right?

    Yes, you are right but we have focused on the content available (BRILAT, GOE and FAMET)... It's really too easy to add insignias to the game so we will add more in the next update.

    But i didnt notice there is somthing up with the apc.. the rounds dont explode even when i am using the right type of rounds i can hear the explosion from the rounds just cant see it.
    Tested all the new vehicles on this map and they all drive in deep water witch is nice but i did notice that the APC again has another issue and it wont die in water i can drive as far as i want into the sea and not die....

    Can you please report it on our feedback tracker?

    Don't worry, they're already planning such. Didn't you see the BAM screenshots and video on the prior page(s)? :)
    wow thats amazing i havent seen anything about the ship that can hold landing craft! i actually like to play on dariyah islands and use a landing craft but more then 80% of the map is sea so it be nice to have better access to the islands from other ships. Just use the Burnes landing craft and the ivory fridget.

    Yes, actually I can suppose he didn't see the "hidden" spoiler on the previous post jajaja To be more clear what's going on.... ;)





    As Chortles stated, the BAM will have an helicopter dock (as you see on the images) for aerial ops and aerial supplies, also it will be drivable and walkable (at certain point) as it doesn't exceed too much the geometric limits.

  8. Hi guys,

    We are pleased to present you our next update, the 6.0.2 version is available now on our download page.

    As it has been stated before on our Roadmap and on the previous posts, this version bring to the game more new content like almost all VAMTAC series, the Santana Anibal car, the VCI Pizarro, improved weapons and new uniforms like BRILAT and MOE. Also, a total of 5 new detailed vests models with woodland and desert camo (we will do the pixelated in the future) and equipments.

    As most of you know, we are participating on the Make Arma Not War contest and with this version we expect to get more support of the community with this news!! Maybe before MANW contest ends we get a new updated for the contest as we are working very hard to get some new (big and relevant) vehicles :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    You can support us by voting

    HERE, this will help us a lot to get more content in the future.

    Here is a detailed list I've done on the MANW section with all content available for the 6.0.2:

    - Weapons and Accessories pack, with more than 50 models, featuring a bunch of G36 Variants, the MG4, the Ameli and much more.

    - All Static weapons of Spanish FFAA

    - A detailed Units pack, featuring BRILAT, MOE and FAMET, all with desert and woodland camo.

    - Santana Aníbal 4x4 car



    - The known RG-31 MRAP.

    - URO Vamtac S3 vehicles (Vehículo de Alta Movilidad Táctica) with 7 different models.

    - Our first Armored vehicle VCI (ASCOD) Pizarro with detailed interior and exterior model.

    - CH47D Troops transport helicopter with Desert and Woodland camo (rapel and cargo functions)

    On the other hand, we expect to get more content on the community related to the missions (right now there are a very low amount of missions published for the mod) so to help the community to develop more missions with our mod, we have published a very comfortable table with all classnames, if you have any suggestion about this table let us know!! There are some missing things but we expect to finish that soon.

    Also, we have created new boxes (Weapons, Launchers, Special Purpose, Grenades, Ammunition, Support, Vehicle Ammo, Supply crate, Vests and Backpacks boxes).

    You can visit the classnames by clicking here.

    Remember we have a feedback tracker to report any bug on the mod, we will fix it as soon as possible.

    Enjoy the new 6.0.2 update!!

    Follow us on our twitter and facebook page to know minor updates.

  9. Hello MistyRonin,

    No, the new stuff available in the next update it's exactly the same as it has been planned on our Roadmap (which will be available VERY soon).

    Also take in mind these videos contain the content on a very early state, just to let the community know we don't stop working on all this stuff.

    As a proof, on this spoiler you can check the whole new BAM model and textures.. which really looks great!

    See you soon ;)

  10. Z4jPmlUlNfvg8oXXf8dFYtNqw9tSPI87eZqXC1ULRr8UbmWeec.jpg

    Hi all,

    The FFAA mod team is proud to present our participation on the Make Arma Not War contest. Let us explain what's FFAA mod is about.

    The FFAA mod provide the game a big amount of units of the Spanish army force including ground, air and maritime units with vanilla features but higher quality. With more than 10 years developing for the ArmA community we finally present the most modern and ambitious project we have, focusing on new HD textures, ambient oclussion techniques, brand new models, remodelled of old assets from previous versions and a bunch of new features you will discover.

    Also you will be able to test our EOD Pack, featuring the RG31 with EOD arm and mine rollers, the Husky 2G mine detection vehicle, the EOD Robot and much more to come, which combined with our logistics pack, including VAMTAC series, trailers, VEMPAR trucks, recovery vehicles, etc... could make a nice new gameplay situation for those convoys along Altis or our brand new island, Fortisventu, also coming in the future.

    Accurate flight models will be included for our air content... starting on the AS532 Cougar as transport helicopter, going trought the Chinook, the Airbus Helicopter NH-90 or the Tiger attack helicopter... all of them with detailed interior models and weapon systems.

    We have stated before on our development topic or on our roadmap plans we will present our 6.0.2 version + a special version for the MANW contest. So concerning at the Make Arma Not War contest we will introduce the following addons at the contest:

    - Weapons and Accessories pack, with more than 50 models, featuring a bunch of G36 Variants, the MG4, the Ameli and much more.

    - All Static weapons of Spanish FFAA

    - A detailed Units pack, featuring BRILAT, MOE and FAMET, all with desert and woodland camo.

    - Santana Aníbal 4x4 car

    - The known RG-31 MRAP.

    - URO Vamtac S3 vehicles (Vehículo de Alta Movilidad Táctica) with 7 different models.

    - Our first Armored vehicle VCI (ASCOD) Pizarro with detailed interior and exterior model.

    - CH47D Troops transport helicopter with Desert and Woodland camo (rapel and cargo functions)

    -LCM-1E, an amphibious mechanized landing craft

    -Duarry Supercat boat

    - C130 Hercules

    Also we have a feedback tracker allow us to fix all bug detected by players, a useful tool you can check (and report, if It's needed) here.

    This project couldn't be done with the efforts and support by you, the ArmA community and we have a clear objective, reach at the maximum users we can. In this way the players can enjoy our content and we will be happy to know that all of them are enjoying our work. At the first moment we find well at the MANW contest a good way to reach at a bigger number of players so we decided to take part in this contest.

    So if you want to support us on our project you can do it by voting us on our entry here (click the following link):



    You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only. This add-on is meant for ARMA 3 game platform by Bohemia Interactive only. Any commercial or military use is strictly forbidden without permission from the author.

    This mod is released under:

    Creative Commons Licence



    Feel free to ask about this mod/entry on this topic, we will answer as soon as possible.

    FFAA Mod Team


  11. No, by checking "binarize" option you are converting the .pbo and .rtm files for fast loading by the game engine (and consequently is not a reversible process so these are unreadable files) .. The signature file is for signing and check if the client have the .pbo file correctly and hasn't been tweaked and compare it with the addons of the server side.

    However what is weird is that so far I did not binarize my addons

    That's the problem you are having.... I think the .rtm needs to be binarized in order to display properly on Arma 3...

    Also btw, how does one pose the animation in O2? I dont see any on screen controls to use to rotate objects.

    It's a bit hard to do an animation on O2 but enough to do pose animations, there are some tutorial so I recommend you follow this very useful tutorial: Zach Gibsons A3 Custom Weapon Guide

  12. @alleycat

    Jeje I know I'm not especially good explaining so I'm going to try it as best as I can. We know now the problem comes by Addon builder (newer versions) binarizing .rtm so..... Why not binarize the rtm with an older version of AB and later extract them with a PBO manager (or another)? Indeed, that was I did.

    1. Put your handanimation with model.cfg (get them on A3 Character example) on the same folder (for example, WEAPON_FOLDER\data\anim).

    2. Pack the pbo with the version has provided @Fennek. This will binarize correctly the .rtm

    3. Open the .pbo with PBO Manager or ExtractPbo by Mikero and extract the .rtm you have done.

    4. Put the .rtm extracted on the same folder as before (data\anim) and delete the model.cfg (As It's not needed now because It's a binarized rtm)

    5. You will be able to pack properly with the newer versions of Addon Builder ...

    Hope this will help you :)

  13. Guys,

    Finally I've got the solution for my problem.

    The issue comes definitively on the new BI Tools binarizing .rtm. As I've tested with the version has provided @Fennek and It works but It seems the entirely pbo is corrupted BUT the rtm is correctly binarized so I've extracted the .rtm binarized and put it on "\WEAPON_FOLDER\data\anim" and yes, packing with the new BI tools I can now see the handanim properly (because the new BI Tools don't need binarize the .rtm now).

    http://i.gyazo.com/c220852fb5f7bad7ad5b07c26c926195.png (3539 kB)


    @mladjaSRB @sebj

    Note I'm not trying to import/export to Autodesk, I'm working directly on Object builder with A3 Character example so That's why I was very confused ... An easy task as binarizing a simple handanimation by and made on Object Builder cannot be done now.

    Summarizing, I think (as I've checked) the problem comes by the new BI Tools trying to binarize the .rtm ... I will report this into the feedback (if it isn't it now).