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  1. Hi!

    Good job on this amazing LHD, It reminds me some of these missions starting from the Arma 2 LHD deck!

    However I cannot get the well deck dock working even with the last commands and I don't know really if I'm doing something wrong or not..

    I have tested with some vehicles like LCM1E and helicopters to see how it looks for an amphibious assault and DAMN it looks really amazing! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Here are some screenshots ;) (Sorry for the low quality) :







    Note: The vehicles except LHD shown in this photos are not part of this addon!

  2. Hi guys,

    Just to let you know we are right now on beta testing with the BAM and Cougar helicopter. It has a high level of detail and some features are still to determine (like the new rope system holding the Supercat or the functionality of the crane and more) the only thing we have determined is that it will be released before the Spain Championship Simulation. Also, we have some news about the compatibility features and some other content but expect a new SITREP likely after Christmas or within this month.

    Enjoy the video:

  3. Good job ;)

    Also my team are working on a little ship (B.A.M) which take part of a "big pack" of ships of the Spanish Navy containing LPDs, LHDs and some frigates. I think it's closer to get it finished so probably we will update the wiki on whatever we think it will be useful for the community.

    And for surely this will help all addon makers trying to get a ship working ... because right now It's extremely hard find a good documentation about this (and his limits).

  4. Really, Do you guys think we can get this working if we are NOT able right now to setup a medium-size ship (even small ships have physics problems) on the game working as vehicle with PhysX? Really... I'm very shocked knowing I will not see in the medium-term the LPD Galicia, LHD Juan Carlos I, S-80 Submarine as a moving (vehicles with PhysX) objects until BI solve this....

  5. Hi guys,

    We have some good and (sadly) bad news.

    First at all, thanks you all very much who have supported us on the MANW contest, we almost have reached 400 supporters! This means a lot for us.

    We see a lot of content with a very high quality on the contest, that will be hard to beat!! :p

    We bring you the last update before contest deadline and we have decided to publish our current and the new content created for an "extra" MANW version. Apart from the bugfixes listed on our feedback tracker, we have done all we could but unfortunately we have no time to finish the B.A.M and that's a very sad news because we have worked a lot the last months. Really, we are the first who want publish it but not in his current state.

    On the other hand, this "extra" MANW version adds 3 new vehicles;

    - The C130 Hercules on camo and normal variant with pilots units (SQN 31) included. Now It has the cargo option disabled so It's only for troops transport task.

    - The Duarry Supercat boat, which it's used by the IM on maritime operations. We have plans in the near future for redo the model (and add some variants).

    - The LCM-1E, an amphibious mechanized landing craft which It's used to load vehicles, It has a complete and fully functional system which allow the player attach the vehicle to the LCM. It works very well under SP and MP scenarios. Also, we have added a sailor which its a perfect driver for the LCM :D, we will update it in the future and add the (hoped) Infantería de Marina (Spanish Navy Marines).

    Here are some screenshots (all images have been reduced to 100kb so sorry for low quality):

    Supercat Duarry






    C130 Hercules



    We recommend all enjoying our mod, update it not only for the new stuff but the new bug fixes.

    Me, as addon maker, I've to give thanks to all the development team especially to Peloton, abi, Lobo, Iban and Crow which have spent a LOT of hours trying to get all works, sometimes successfully and other with not too successfully. And for sure, all who have supported us along this 10 years even who have helped us eventually.

    The download links are on our download page. You will encounter two downloads, this is the FFAA MOD v6.0.2 + MANW version. We have left the legacy V602 for (users) backup purpose, it will be deleted when we release V603.

    Remember we have a feedback tracker, this allow us to fix the bugs found by you.