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  1. Very usefull information, thanks for the testing from your team.
    I will say it's an issue with interactions, caused by an external addon but in order to check and reproduce it in my own, report it in our feedback tracker. Provide your video and, as this could help more, your .rpt file log (I will see the whole list of addons you are loading too). If I can reproduce it, I'll be able to fix it (that's why all complete information is usefull).

    From what I read in your video description, report those "What we learned" in a separate issue (don't mix different issues in the same report), as it will be fixed gradually and I'd be able to close it.


  2. 7 hours ago, O.Languedoc said:

    Is there a new function to load boats & helicopters on the bam? Is it the same process? The function seems to have changed name.

    Yes, now it's called with spawn "FFAA_fnc_bam_montar".
    You can find all BAM functions (and its arguments) here.

    If you keep having those issues previously detected and you are sure its a FFAA MOD issue, then report it here giving all relevant and complete information about the issue.

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  3. 7 hours ago, O.Languedoc said:

    1.  We arent able to recover boats from the sides crane, we can only lower the boat from them. Back Crane works fine.

    2. When you get into the big cannon in the front and you shot the cannon rolls on it side like if it wasnt attached to the boat. (lol)

    1. For me they are working well. Be sure you are into driver slot and look at the crane in order to find the option.
    2. I don't get you, could you be more explicit or provide more information (screenshoot/video) ?

  4. Quote

    Is there any way of getting the NASAMs back onto the truck at all or is it a case of once its off, its always off?

    Yes, go back to the truck just at the center of the hull and you will see an option saying "Load cargo", cargo has to be within 15 meters (Cargo can be every object with Vehicle-In-Vehicle configured, NASAMS Launcher has it enabled).


    One mayor problem....i get this error when i launch only the mod with a minimal map (only re-spawn module, BAM, a FFAA chopper and one playable character).

    Check it without using FFAA MOD, create a new mission in the same map and some vanilla content. I'm afraid that isn't an issue in our side. As what's saying that window is you lack some game base addon (which I'm not sure why, maybe verifying the integrity of the local game cache ?)


  5. 7 hours ago, jeza said:

    Quick question re the guns on the BAM. Previously managed to fire okay, but I get into the commander seat and right click to go to gun view and no luck in taking control, I can switch weapons but not use them. I read through your documentation to see if I was missing something but must of missed it? Could you give me a quick how to?


    Ops! ... fixed and updated in steam workshop. Try again


    3 hours ago, munger said:

    Hi guys. Thanks for the update.


    One question - is it possible to start a mission with the BAM underwater hatch already open? Is there an init command I can use for that?

    We haven't taken that point into consideration but you should able to do that with the following command (_bam is the ship unit), execute it in an external script (via execVM) not in the inicialization unit:

    waitUntil {!isnil {_bam getvariable "BuildFinished"}};
    ((_bam getvariable "componentes") select 1) animateSource ["compuerta",1,true];


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  6. Hi, auto-reply as I got it working.

    At first, proxy weapon missile tech isn't supported for TankX simulation. It will only work in airplane and helicopter simulation. So, BI did a function workaround (BIS_fnc_missileLaunchPositionFix) to "teleport" the missile when it's being spawned to a memory point which is positioned into the right place animated according to revolving source.
    This function has to be called in Fired Eventhandler, with [vehicle,proyectile,selection to adjust missile's position to,type of proyectile] as arguments.

    Additionally, In my static weapon I've added a GunParticle effect (MLRSFired) with its point accordinly positioned into the right place.

    In my example, "efecto_1" acting as the "main bone", this bone is animated every time revolving source changes. "missile_move" is attached to "efecto_1" so when "efecto_1" is moved "missile_move" will do it too.



    Red box is named as "missile_move" (which will be the point where I want the missile to spawn). Blue box is efecto_1_dir and green box is efecto_1_pos.

    Now it will be spawned properly:




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  7. Hi guys,
    I'm nearly 2 weeks trying to figure out how get a proxy missile to spawn (maverick simulation) in its station.
    It always spawn from the "memoryPointMissile[]", but I don't want it, I want use proxy maverick simulation. The issue is that I'm using a BIS weapon (Missile_AA_04_F) so no extra config regarding to CfgNonAivehicles is needed!

    Here is the config because I'm tired on searching and testing what It could be and honestly I need your help:



    class ffaa_lanzador_nasams: StaticMGWeapon
            class SpeechVariants
                class Default
            class Armory
            editorPreview = "\ffaa_data\EditorPreview\ffaa_lanzador_nasams.jpg";
            uavCameraGunnerPos="konec hlavne";
            uavCameraGunnerDir="usti hlavne";
            enableGPS = 1;
            armor = 40;
            threat[] = {0.1,0.1,0.94};
            Accuracy = 0.3;
            radarType = 4;
            lockDetectionSystem = 15;
            incomingMissileDetectionSystem = 16;
            irScanRangeMin = 250;
            irScanRangeMax = 10000;
            irScanToEyeFactor = 5;
            irScanGround = 0;
            driverCanSee = 31;
            gunnerCanSee = 31;
            commanderCanSee = 31;
            class HitPoints
                class HitBody
                class HitEngine
                class HitFuel
                    armor = 1.4;
                    material = -1;
                    name = "palivo";
                    visual = "palivo";
                    passThrough = 1;
                    explosionShielding = 1;
            selectionDamage = "camo_launcher";
            destrType = "DestructEngine";
            explosionEffect = "FuelExplosion";
            class DestructionEffects
                class Light1
                    simulation = "light";
                    type = "ObjectDestructionLight";
                    position = "destructionEffect1";
                    intensity = 0.001;
                    interval = 1;
                    lifeTime = 3;
                    enabled = "distToWater";
                class Sound
                    simulation = "sound";
                    position = "destructionEffect1";
                    intensity = 1;
                    interval = 1;
                    lifeTime = 1;
                    type = "Fire";
                class Fire1
                    simulation = "particles";
                    type = "ObjectDestructionFire1Small";
                    position = "destructionEffect1";
                    intensity = 0.15;
                    interval = 1;
                    lifeTime = 3;
                class Refract1
                    simulation = "particles";
                    type = "ObjectDestructionRefractSmall";
                    position = "destructionEffect1";
                    intensity = 0.15;
                    interval = 1;
                    lifeTime = 3;
                class Smoke1
                    simulation = "particles";
                    type = "ObjectDestructionSmokeSmall";
                    position = "destructionEffect1";
                        intensity = 0.15;
                    interval = 1;
                    lifeTime = 3.5;
                class Sparks1
                    simulation = "particles";
                    type = "ObjectDestructionSparks";
                    position = "destructionEffect1";
                    intensity = 0;
                    interval = 1;
                    lifeTime = 0;
            class VehicleTransport
                class Cargo
                    canBeTransported = 1;
            class Damage
            class Turrets: Turrets
                class MainTurret: MainTurret
                    turretInfoType = "RscWeaponZeroing";
                    gunnerOpticsModel = "\ffaa_estatico\2Dscope_Avenger";
                    class ViewOptics: viewOptics
                    animationSourceBody = "MainTurret";
                    animationSourceGun = "MainGun";
                    body = "MainTurret";
                    gun = "MainGun";
                    gunBeg="spice rakety";
                    gunEnd="konec rakety";
                    minElev = -1;
                    maxElev = 42;
                    dontCreateAI = 0;
                    memoryPointCamera = "eye";
                    memoryPointGunnerOptics = "eye";
            class AnimationSources
                class Revolving
                class connected
                    source = "user";
                    initPhase = -1;
                    animPeriod = 0.1;
            class assembleInfo
            class UserActions
                class Rearmar
                    displayNameDefault = "<img image='\a3\UI_F\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\reammo_ca.paa' size='1.8' shadow=2 />";
                    condition="alive(this) && ((this ammo ""ffaa_estatico_nasams"")<6)";
                    statement="[this,0] call ffaa_fnc_lanzador_nasams_support";
                    onlyforplayer = 0;
                    priority = 4.800000;
                class Reparar
                    displayNameDefault = "<img image='\a3\UI_F\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\repair_ca.paa' size='1.8' shadow=2 />";
                    condition="alive(this) && ((damage this)>0.1)";
                    statement="[this,1] call ffaa_fnc_lanzador_nasams_support";
                    onlyforplayer = 0;
                    priority = 4.800000;
                class Desconectar
                    displayNameDefault = "<img image='\a3\UI_F\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\ico_off_ca.paa' size='1.8' shadow=2 />";
                    condition="alive(this) && (!isNull (this getVariable ""connectedto""))";
                    statement="this call ffaa_fnc_nasams_disconnect";
                    onlyforplayer = 0;
                    priority = 4.800000;
            class Eventhandlers : Eventhandlers
                init = "(_this select 0) spawn ffaa_fnc_lanzador_nasams_init;";



    class missiles_Zephyr;
        class ffaa_estatico_nasams: missiles_Zephyr
            scope = 2;
            dlc = "FFAAMOD";
            displayName = "$STR_FFAA_LANZADOR_NASAMS";
            magazines[] = {"ffaa_6Rnd_AMRAAM"};
            sounds[] = {"StandardSound"};
            class StandardSound
                begin1[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\weapons\Rockets\missile_2", 1.12202, 1.3, 1000};
                soundBegin[] = {"begin1", 1};
                soundsetshot[] = {"ffaa_NASAMS_Shot_SoundSet","Static_Launcher_Titan_ATAA_Tail_SoundSet"};
            soundFly[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\weapons\Rockets\rocket_fly_2", db5, 1.5, 2000};
            reloadTime = 3;
            magazineReloadTime = 3;
            minRange = 100;
            minRangeProbab = 0.7;
            midRange = 5000;
            midRangeProbab = 0.95;
            maxRange = 12000;
            maxRangeProbab = 0.6;
            class GunParticles
                class FirstEffect
                    effectName = "MLRSFired";
                    positionName = "efecto_1_pos";
                    directionName = "efecto_1_dir";



    class 4Rnd_GAA_missiles;
        class ffaa_6Rnd_AMRAAM: 4Rnd_GAA_missiles
            scope = 2;
            displayName = "$STR_FFAA_LANZADOR_AIM120";
            displayNameShort = "AA LRange";
            count = 6;
            ammo = "ffaa_estatico_m_amraam";
            maxLeadSpeed = 1000;
            initSpeed = 20;
            sound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\weapons\Rockets\missile_2", 1.25893, 1, 1000};
            soundFly[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\weapons\Rockets\rocket_fly_2", db5, 1.5, 1500};
            soundHit[] = {"", 1.25893, 1, 1};
            reloadSound[] = {"", 0.000316228, 1, 20};
            nameSound = "missiles";



    class M_Zephyr;
        class ffaa_estatico_m_amraam: M_Zephyr
            initTime = 0.4;
            maneuvrability = 75;
            hit = 480;
            indirectHit = 80;
            indirectHitRange = 10;
            timeToLive = 45;
            thrustTime = 45;
            thrust = 425;
            maxControlRange = 12000;
            cmImmunity = 0.95;

    This is how I have in O2:





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  8. do you have any idea on when the ships will come out? I don't want to sound pushy, I don't care if they come out a week from now or a year from now, i was just wondering if you had an idea on time? and i know you guys put in a lot of time and work to get a mod this amazing!

    The ship, B.A.M, have been released 6 months ago but currently it's only accesible by 2D editor (or by some workarounds), it's fixed in our internal version (which I truely wanted to release some time ago). If you mean the others ships (LHD L61, LPD L51) then It's for now on standby, a lot of stuff are into the pipeline with more priority than those.

  9. Why not include some AO in the MC map?  How is this method better than the traditional AS map?

    I apply some AO into MC map, it usually looks better and enhance the overall result instead of putting only the ADS map. So yes, you can do that and see how it looks. Technically I think the only difference is that meanwhile MC are colors overlap all multimaterial face, ADS will look depending on its current incident sunrays.


    So i worked it out .. i think :D ..is there a way to actually test the outcome in OB/BULLDOZER?  Should i  easily notice the effect of the ADS map? Seem to only really notice the shadow volume lod.


    edit: so yeh there is a change ,i get some wierd black shadow projections on walls when the ADS is enabled in rvmat,so i guess i need to tweak the bake


    Simply run your Bulldozer in your OB, if all your address and links are good then it should appear as in the game.

    Yes Shadow Volume LOD has to be present on the model otherwise ADS won't be represented.

    As a reference, I made a "quick" tutorial introducing the magic behind multimaterial (subtitles are available in english) and more or less it explain some fundamental and basis about multimaterial, hope it helps a bit.

  10. 1)bake once with falloff off and place in blue channel

    2)bake with falloff on and place in green channel

    What about red channel?

    Invert your order, Blue channel withOUT FallOff. Green channel with FallOff. Leave red channel white.

    As a reference, here is an ADS texture from A3, you should get similar results:

    Green channel:


    Blue channel:


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  11. Hi,
    I've done a lot of ADS textures but I don't really know exactly the science behind that, however I was able to understand some steps I always follow and work very well.

    Extracted from the BI documents, they said "_ADS - similar map like previous with difference that channel B (blue) keeps information about diffusion shadow. That one will be used when normal shadows aren't (either they off or too far). Green will have to be brighter to match the results AS would give you (~150%? ~40% gamma)."
    I work with Blender to bake the Ambient Occlusion textures and Blender come with an option (I assume all programs have this kind of option) that let you bake with a FallOff and attenuation limits and basically I put into Blue channel the baked Ambient Occlusion texture without the FallOff option and with FallOff option into Green channel.
    Later I understood what you will see in the game will be the following; you will see the shadows represented in Blue channel WHEN sunrays are directly illuminating that faces (for example, a rooftop of a building). And when sunrays can't illuminate some zones (for examples, the interior of a building) then shadows of green channel will be represented.

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  12. Hi, definitely there are some parameters you will re-check on your wall addon,

    In config, put your damage on:

    In Geo LOD (Remove all references about this in name properties of other LODs as they are useless):
    damage = no;
    map = fence;
    prefereshadowvolume = 0; (This is optional if you want a more smooth shadows on rendering (also I think it affect a little bit to perfomance))
    sdsource = shadowvolume (optional, the same of above).

    All this parameters have been taken from an indestructive wall of A3, not tested by me i'm afraid.
    Also, it's better for "backward" future compatibility (and to be more "secure" against Arma 3 updates, this has a more complex explanation which I won't extend here :P) inherit all your wall classes from Wall_F, do you think?

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  13. Change the initial phase of the animation in your AnimationSources and it should work as desired.
    Oh, and if you want your camo net to be "selectable" on Virtual Garage, add an animation name to that animation source.

    class AnimationSources: AnimationSources
        class  Filet_Camo1
            displayName="Show camo net";
            author="My loving mother";
            source         = "user";
            animPeriod = 2;
            initPhase     = 1;  /// Modified to 1.



  14. Easy, since 1.60 update you can't simply call the class ItemInfo; inside cfgweapons as a base class (at least from the first level of inherit stage).
    So take out all your callings of "class ItemInfo;" inside cfgweapons in your base classes, example:

    Your config:

        class ItemInfo; /// Problematic class
        class UniformItem; /// Base sub-class
        class Uniform_Base; /// Base class
        class you_Uniform : Uniform_Base { /// This inherit from his parent "Uniform_base
            /// stuff
            class ItemInfo : UniformItem {/// This inherit from his parent but in a sub-level, parent is "UniformItem".
                /// more stuff

    As you can see there is no need to call the ItemInfo as base class, because in fact you're not inheriting nothing from there.
    There is some classes you are inherting from the problematic class but I think there is a issue with the inherit concept, I'm speaking about the Helmet_SF_acu class.

        class ItemInfo; /// Problematic class
        class H_HelmetSpecB; /// Base class
        class Helmet_SF_acu: H_HelmetSpecB { /// This inherit from his parent "Base class"
            /// stuff 
            class ItemInfo : ItemInfo {/// This inherit from the problematic class NOT from H_HelmetSpecB, which It's supposed to be.
                 /// more stuff

    How to fix this? Well, take out the ItemInfo base class and fix those Inherit issues:

        ////// class ItemInfo; /// Removed class
        class Uniform_Base; /// Base class 1
        class UniformItem; /// Base sub-class 1
        class H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo; /// Base class 2 
        class H_HelmetSpecB : H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo { /// Base class 3, where we will inherit the ItemInfo class.
             class ItemInfo; /// Base sub-class 2.
        class you_Uniform : Uniform_Base { /// This inherit from his parent "Uniform_base", base class 1
            /// stuff
            class ItemInfo : UniformItem { /// This inherit from his parent from the main-level, parent is "UniformItem", Base sub-class 1.
                /// more stuff
        class Helmet_SF_acu: H_HelmetSpecB { /// This inherit from his parent "H_HelmetSpecB", Base class 3.
             /// bunch of stuff
             class ItemInfo : ItemInfo {/// NOW this will inherit from his parent but in a sub-level way, parent is "H_HelmetSpecB", Base sub-class 2.
                 /// a more bunch of stuff


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  15. We would also like to announce that the next major patch, 0.4.2, will be the first patch that will officially support Steam Workshop as an alternate way to download RHS mods.


    Some of you will wonder why we are taking this step now when previously we strictly avoided uploading our mods to the Steam Workshop. It is commonly known within the Armaverse that by uploading your mod to the Workshop, you basically give all rights to Valve. This is only half true, because in Steam Workshop License Section 6, it states:


    “Notwithstanding the license described in Section 6.A., Valve will only have the right to modify or create derivative works from your Workshop Contribution in the following cases: (a) Valve may make modifications necessary to make your Contribution compatible with Steam and the Workshop functionality or user interface, and ( B) Valve or the applicable developer may make modifications to Workshop Contributions that are accepted for in-Application distribution as it deems necessary or desirable to enhance gameplay.

    You may, in your sole discretion, choose to remove a Workshop Contribution from the applicable Workshop pages. If you do so, Valve will no longer have the right to use, distribute, transmit, communicate, publicly display or publicly perform the Workshop Contribution, except that (a) Valve may continue to exercise these rights for any Workshop Contribution that is accepted for distribution in-game or distributed in a manner that allows it to be used in-game, and ( B) your removal will not affect the rights of any Subscriber who has already obtained access to a copy of the Workshop Contribution.â€


    This clause only affects files that the mod creator uploads to the Workshop. So in our terms, it means every *.pbo. The source files and the rights for them are still retained by the original authors. Valve does not take the rights for those from us, nor forbids the EULA anything else.

    So why did we take the step to upload the mod to the Workshop?


    Because it has several positive effects:


    •         The bandwidth and amount of data we are pushing through the internet is unbelievable. With 0.4.1 we reached about 50 TB (yes, Terabytes!) of data volume by the end of the month, while our provider only allows for 30TB of free volume per month.

    •         After each release, the download speed for all clients drops dramatically due to the sheer amount of people downloading. Steam's infrastructure is way better at handling this.

    •         Steam Workshop, for most users, is comparatively easier to use than our updater.

    •         A more streamlined and easier release mechanism.

    •         BI's continuing improvements and Workshop integration on the Arma3 Launcher, providing support for automatically downloading mods from the Workshop when needed.


    As you can see the list of positive points is quite long but there are definitely some negative points that have meant that we were unable to smoothly transition to Steam Workshop.

    These points will be discussed further with the release of 0.4.2 and we hope you can understand and support our movement to the Steam Workshop. Steam Workshop will hopefully allow more users to easily access our mods and allow us to continue to deliver this content without destroying our server bandwidth after each patch :)


    Oh! I completely missed this!

    For sure this will change the environment where many developers didn't uploaded anything yet due to SW eula.

  16. Is there a chance to just pick some of the vehicles (LCM-1E, Vamtac´s)?

    Ehm.. yes.. But it has dependency from others .pbo so be careful with your choice.


    I understand from this video your lightning issues are fixed? Wish you the very best of luck for releasing this beauty to the community. 


    That video is running Arma 3 1.58, pre-APEX but some members of the community are helping Green in order to fix the issue, hoping It will look better.

  17. Here's my question regarding BAM. Given that it's a complex object, and given that it comes with no crew manning the M2s or gunners chairs on the bridge, how would one go about putting AI into those positions in the editor if that is even possible. I'm not finding any documentation regarding this via the FFAA forums, readme, or google search. Ideally I'd like to do this but I can't seem to find a way to do so myself it seems.


    To be honest I'm not mission editor so I really don't know how it can be done right now but this feature will be added in the upcoming update meaning that you can put the AI in the position you want directly in EDEN editor.. Check this out:



    As you can see you will be able to put the AI on M2, bridge or cargo position.

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