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    Help with custom HandAnimation

    :(:( So ... It's definitely a pity I've to delay or not include this new hand Animation on my project by a lack of information on this kind of stuff or simply the new tools on every version are broken....
  2. Mickyleitor

    Help with custom HandAnimation

    @da12thMonkey - Tried with arma 2 model.cfg - Failed - Tried changing the "pivotsModel" patch to "A3\anims_f_data\skeleton\SkeletonPivots.p3d" - Failed - Tried, with "pivotsModel="A3\anims_f\data\skeleton\SkeletonPivots.p3d";" patch and the unbinarized "Skeletonpivots.p3d" located on "Arma 3 Tools\Samples_F\TemplateRTM\" called "ManSkeleton_Pivots.p3d" - Failed - Tried, the same step as before but changing the path of pivotsModelo to "pivotsModel="A3\anims_f_data\skeleton\SkeletonPivots.p3d";" - Failed - Tried putting the unbinarized model on the same folder as .rtm and the "pivotsModel" patch on "pivotsModel="\WEAPON_FOLDER\data\Anim\Skeletonpivots.p3d";" - Failed Notice I have all BI content extracted on P drive with Arma3p of Mikero tools so I'm sure the problem didn't come by there. @Fennek Yes, I can load and show it correctly on A3 Character example: http://i.gyazo.com/e6d65504fc204485e71acdb894189b28.png (133 kB) But that's not the problem as the issue occur even if I use the "AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon.rtm" file provided on the samples. In fact, I'm using this file for every test I'm doing to make it work.. @mladjaSRB - All the steps done before has been tried with and without "*.rtm;" tag on Addon builder. Yes, the fact is before BI update all this new stuff and new UI, this (THE SAME) handanim worked well!! What the hell has happened? :(:(
  3. Mickyleitor

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Guys.. You are bringing this mod to a high level, congratulations for this mod. Maybe a FFAA mod team vs SAF mod team with our mods would be very interesting ;) ;) (Well.. maybe when we release the Leopard Tank jaja) PS: I think the "Follow us" links on the first page are not written properly, they are dead links.
  4. Mickyleitor

    Official Launcher - 'Mods' vs 'Addons'

    If I'm right, The mods are a group of interrelated addons. And the addons are the .pbo files. That's why you can only upload one .pbo file to the steam workshop because right now Steam workshop only support addons.
  5. Hello guys, As you should know the patch 1.24 for Arma 3 has been released, breaking all weapon sound of FFAA mod. We have published a patch fixing this. Also we have fixed some issues reported on our feedback tracker (not all). You can see the change log on our webpage, also the download link to the full mod (soundfix applied) or the Soundfix patch (for existing users having the mod) is on the download section. Greetings, FFAA MOD Team
  6. Mickyleitor

    Legal discussion regarding Steam Workshop

    We, FFAA mod team, are contemplating publish our mod on steam workshop but we have serious doubts about the right and license we are giving to steam platform. As we've stated on our roadmap, we are waiting for the official and clear statements by BI when Steam Workshop for addon will be full working. To clarify us, the addon makers, all information refering to what we are exposed when we upload some content (specifically addons and mods) to Steam platform, what are the limits upload, if we can sue to another user has stolen our work and publish them without our permission or if we want to remove our mod of the steam platform, we can be sure we can do it and much more questions so we will wait to official release of the steam workshop for addons and MANW entry for addons announcement. We think, as many of you, steam workshop for addons is a VERY VERY useful tool to publish and distribute at a HIGHER number of people than through traditional channels which is basically what we (the addon makers) want, our addon reach as many people as possible. The example is what Sniperwolf572 said "More people have been exposed to the stuff I made than the entire year they've been available. I can't imagine the exposure a proper mod could find there." Anyway I will be reading this topic as It's turning to an interesting discussion and affect us on the future..
  7. Hello guys, Finally it's here, the big SITREP and the Roadmap we have set up for our releases and proposals. This is needed because this is a big project that involve many efforts and time. So to get a clear idea of the project we have elaborated this roadmap. (Click the image to view with full detail) First at all, you can see we have divided the Roadmap on 3 parts (short, medium and long term) so let's go to short-term first. At short term we have 6.0.2 and later 6.0.3 version. Probably the 6.0.2 will be the version we will present at MANW contest (later explained) and It will include the following: That's all content for 6.0.2 version, If there aren't setbacks then won't be changes for this version. For 6.0.3 version we haven't fixed the final content but the idea is release the following addons: As I stated before, the 6.0.3 is subject to changes, the same for subsequent versions at medium-long term. There are many addon preplanned at medium-long term and we have tried represent all of them on the roadmap, some of them are: Later, at long term we have divided on 2 parts. ARMADA and EOD pack. In the long (extreme) term we have some addons not considered at medium term due to the high priority of the previous addons. And the big map "Fortis Ventu" in development, which development can be visited here, this new map intend to simulate the entire island of Fuerteventura. Due to its characteristics and its large size give the game a unique experience to our Spanish units. And that's all related to content. If you look the roadmap you will see a text like "Compatible with some community addons". This means we have an optional settings (separated or included pbo's) that do compatible some of the content with some community addon. For example, we have integrated the ASDG Joint rail mod for weapons (and it will be available soon), allowing FFAA Optics adapt to any weapon (vanilla or another mod). Or you can see the "Heavily integration and compatibility with many addons" that means we will work hard to get, for example, TFAR mod completely integrated on EC665 Tiger radio system (interactive cockpit). The next point is the inclusion of our mod on Workshop for addons. Well, this is a complicated topic because our mod is more than 1-2 GB (Maybe more with full content) and for now workshop for addon is limited to pbo (separately) so we are not allowed include out mod. Another problem we have to look more in deep is the license and rights when we upload our mod to steam platform (It's discussed many times on another topics) because we don't want to give full right to steam platform, right? This is a topic we have to study. Workshop for addons is VERY useful for fixes reported on our feedback tracker in this way we can fix them instantly. Refering to Make Arma Not War contest... yes, we have plans to participate in. But for the same reasons of workshop for addons we have look more in deep the requirements (probably we will contact to BI for some questions like the maximum weight of the mod or other stuffs). The last day to update any addon participating on the MANW contest is 28 of October so we will present the 6.0.2 version even if we update the mod later (this is another question for BI). The reasons to present the 6.0.2 version MANW contest are 1. The time, we haven't enough time to release 6.0.3 version before 28 of October and we don't have that need. 2. With 6.0.2 version there are enough variety of content (except air vehicles). In fact will be more than 10 vehicles, 1 Tank (ASCOD) and all static/normal weapon of FFAA. As always we have our feedback tracker allowing us to detect with your helps some bugs on the mod. We hope you have now a clear idea of our intentions/idea (at medium term) of the FFAA mod for Arma 3, relating to the future/new content, our position on the MANW / Workshop for addons and when the new content will be (short, medium and long term) to establish priorities. Have a great summer! Greetings, FFAA MOD team.
  8. Hello guys, Sorry to not post in a long time but we was very busy on the 6.0.1 release and we have take a break after his release .. :rolleyes: Returning to the development we are moving forward to 6.0.2, prepare for a big SITREP about the general status of the mod and his Roadmap the next week (or maybe early of July). The roadmap will be like the Arma 3 roadmap, this means we will announce the unit will be available on the subsequent versions (at least what we have planned). But obviously that won't to be definitive because it will depend on the development. And we have some points to talk about on our development team so pay attention the next weekend (or maybe early of July) to the SITREP. To thank the support, we have these screenshots about the interior of VCI Pizarro, be aware it's work in progress and It won't be the final result (will be better :) :) ) Attending the latest posts, We have a member are working on an addon called ffaa_comp and it will do compatible the most important addons available on the community with ffaa mod. We will see more in deep about that. As always, we are fixing all bugs reported on our feedback tracker, so feel free to report us anything you think is a bug. And for advices or recommendations then you can do it on this post (we are always reading the BI forums). Greetings, FFAA Mod Team.
  9. Mickyleitor

    eurocopter tiger

    Wooow looks promising!! However i've to give you lot of luck doing the internal cockpit, there are no much information about it .. We, in the FFAA mod, are encountering some lacks of information about this beautiful girl :P
  10. Mickyleitor

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hello, Today me and my friends have detected how we can activate these issue, when one of us change the capture device to stereo mix mode and go back to default capture device then we get a robotic tone of our voices...
  11. (Click the image for HD version) (Click the image for HD version)
  12. I think not, reported as issue number 54 on our feedback tracker, thanks :)
  13. Hello guys, Released a hotfix for 6.0.1 version, available on FFAA MOD webpage. This hotfix fix a bug reported by distractor2004, noted on issue 53 and a small tweak on G36 models. Anyway, if you are having some issues we ask you to PLEASE report it on our feedback tracker because we are reading people commenting on many webs and we cannot reach or read them. We appreciate your feedback and support!
  14. We are working right now to get it working, expect new information soon.
  15. Try with "ani_rampa" command as ramp bottom.
  16. Yep, Finally I've discovered that when I download the addon (opened), for some reason my S.O rename automatically the model.cfg to model.cfg.txt... So the solution is changing this to his correct extension .cfg So much thanks to you!!
  17. Hello guys, I came here trying to resolve a problem it's getting me annoying. Well, I've searched on this whole forum but any of them has fixed the problem. When I try to pack a pbo with addon builder (options below) and test it on Arma 3, somethings don't work properly like animations or the flash of the gun permanently activated (see the imagen below). The addon works fine because a friend has compiled the same addon without getting the same errors i get so I think i'm doing anything wrong.. My options on addon builder are: Addon source directory - "p:\MYADDON" Destination directory - "C:\Users\MYUSER\Desktop" Clear temp folder - activated Create signature - activated Binarize - activated List of files to copy directly - "*.pac;*.paa;*.rtm;*.sqf;*.sqs;*.bikb;*.fsm;*.wss;*.ogg;*.wav;*.fxy;*.csv;*.html;*.lip;*.txt;*.bisurf;*.shp;*.rvmat;" Create log file - activated Patch to signature file - "P:\MYADDON.biprivatekey" Patch to temporary folder - "C:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Local\Temp\" Patch to project folder - "p:\MYADDON" (NOT USEABLE) Use source patch - Activated Addon prefix Automatically - Activated Aparently all has been packed fine but when I test it on Arma 3. This screenshot show one of many strange behaviour with the guns: And this happens when I pack an addon that containing soldiers (That's the same addon for soldier shown before compiled by me): http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3317208571787490034/7D0040046A0FE5521855CDFEFD521F98DDE3CBA6/ (234 kB) And getting some errors like "Cannot load texture blabla\blabla\blabla ca.paa" Anyone here know what's happening? I'm really desperate...
  18. Okay guys, I've discovered the model.cfg.txt on the packed and binarized pbo... And that's not correct because "in theory" it won't to be there when the pbo is packed by Addon builder.. In the meantime I can see on the log created by Addon builder some error make me dude about the properly work of the tool, this is the last line of the .log file: "84 texture headers saved to file "C:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Local\Temp\MYADDON\texHeaders.bin" Error description: 5: Acceso denegado. CPAcquireContext failed" Any suggestion?
  19. Yes, we can do that as static ship like on Arma 2 we did but our proposal is do that as a driveable ship. If BI finally decide extend the limit for large geometric lod we could release a driveable Galicia, Juan Carlos I, F80 etc.. By the way I have an amazing screenshot of the (redone) Cougar AS532 for Arma 3. Be aware, It's a work in progress!! Enjoy it :D Click to view with max resolution
  20. Mickyleitor

    Executable missing

    WTF? Me too right now :eek: :eek: :eek: I tried to fix that with my own solution and didn't work... BI, what's going on with Addon builder? Steam tell me that "2 files failed to validated and will be reacquired" but these files never will be downloaded. EDITED: Oops! Try deactivating your firewall and anti-virus. I've quit that and the files has been downloaded.
  21. Mickyleitor

    Executable missing

    Try by verifying the game cache files (GCF)
  22. You are correct, In fact you can view these discovered errors in this link. And yes, we are taking the mayor efforts right now to get the lite version (well, with more vehicles and improves) as soon as possible.
  23. Do you say that it would be better if we release some kind of "demo " version (like a "5.1 version" with some improvements) while you wait? Hmm.. We've told about that but we've considered that one time we release that version for arma 3, MANY people would think that this wasn't they were waiting and we've took the decision that one time we release it, would be appropriate contain all that we have promised. Thanks for following us since almost a decade :)