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  1. I don't get you, you mean that if we will do, in the future, the possibility for the driver of M113/M557 to open the hatch and turn out(?) .. And the possibility to open the back ramp when a cargo load/unload from it(?) Short answer: No, as there isn't any developer working it.
  2. Hi guys, A new little updated was pushed to the public today to the Steam Workshop. There is some critical issues affecting to some vehicles and we wanted it fixed for the IV Arma Spanish ChampionShip.
  3. You can't. I found a bug on the FFAA MOD! What should I do? I don't think a transport helicopter can have an active radar (not RWR) btw..
  4. I'm working on it but it's more complicated than it looks tough..
  5. Very strange, first notice of this. Are you really sure you are placing only a single B.A.M ? Where are you running your mission, SP, MP or Dedicated MP? Image of the issue could help here.
  6. Is there any reason to not use it? .... If you use ACE 3 and FFAA MOD together you will still need the ffaa ace 3 compat. Otherwise some functionalities of ACE 3 will not work with some FFAA content.
  7. There is no way to move the B.A.M. It isn't complicated but due to engine limits, it lead to undesired behaviour in multiplayer sessions so we simply decided to not implemented it.
  8. You can do it in English as well, there will be no problem with that. As soon as you provide the link, it's enough for us.
  9. Very usefull information, thanks for the testing from your team. I will say it's an issue with interactions, caused by an external addon but in order to check and reproduce it in my own, report it in our feedback tracker. Provide your video and, as this could help more, your .rpt file log (I will see the whole list of addons you are loading too). If I can reproduce it, I'll be able to fix it (that's why all complete information is usefull). From what I read in your video description, report those "What we learned" in a separate issue (don't mix different issues in the same report), as it will be fixed gradually and I'd be able to close it. Thanks!
  10. Yes, now it's called with spawn "FFAA_fnc_bam_montar". You can find all BAM functions (and its arguments) here. If you keep having those issues previously detected and you are sure its a FFAA MOD issue, then report it here giving all relevant and complete information about the issue.
  11. 1. For me they are working well. Be sure you are into driver slot and look at the crane in order to find the option. 2. I don't get you, could you be more explicit or provide more information (screenshoot/video) ?
  12. Yes, go back to the truck just at the center of the hull and you will see an option saying "Load cargo", cargo has to be within 15 meters (Cargo can be every object with Vehicle-In-Vehicle configured, NASAMS Launcher has it enabled). Check it without using FFAA MOD, create a new mission in the same map and some vanilla content. I'm afraid that isn't an issue in our side. As what's saying that window is you lack some game base addon (which I'm not sure why, maybe verifying the integrity of the local game cache ?)
  13. Ops! ... fixed and updated in steam workshop. Try again We haven't taken that point into consideration but you should able to do that with the following command (_bam is the ship unit), execute it in an external script (via execVM) not in the inicialization unit: waitUntil {!isnil {_bam getvariable "BuildFinished"}}; ((_bam getvariable "componentes") select 1) animateSource ["compuerta",1,true]; Greetings.
  14. All credits go to Lorrio, who did a very good job with the videos!
  15. Hi, auto-reply as I got it working. At first, proxy weapon missile tech isn't supported for TankX simulation. It will only work in airplane and helicopter simulation. So, BI did a function workaround (BIS_fnc_missileLaunchPositionFix) to "teleport" the missile when it's being spawned to a memory point which is positioned into the right place animated according to revolving source. This function has to be called in Fired Eventhandler, with [vehicle,proyectile,selection to adjust missile's position to,type of proyectile] as arguments. Additionally, In my static weapon I've added a GunParticle effect (MLRSFired) with its point accordinly positioned into the right place. In my example, "efecto_1" acting as the "main bone", this bone is animated every time revolving source changes. "missile_move" is attached to "efecto_1" so when "efecto_1" is moved "missile_move" will do it too. "efecto_1","otochlaven", "missile_move","efecto_1", Red box is named as "missile_move" (which will be the point where I want the missile to spawn). Blue box is efecto_1_dir and green box is efecto_1_pos. Now it will be spawned properly: Greetings!
  16. The ship, B.A.M, have been released 6 months ago but currently it's only accesible by 2D editor (or by some workarounds), it's fixed in our internal version (which I truely wanted to release some time ago). If you mean the others ships (LHD L61, LPD L51) then It's for now on standby, a lot of stuff are into the pipeline with more priority than those.
  17. Mickyleitor

    ADS textures

    I apply some AO into MC map, it usually looks better and enhance the overall result instead of putting only the ADS map. So yes, you can do that and see how it looks. Technically I think the only difference is that meanwhile MC are colors overlap all multimaterial face, ADS will look depending on its current incident sunrays. Simply run your Bulldozer in your OB, if all your address and links are good then it should appear as in the game. Yes Shadow Volume LOD has to be present on the model otherwise ADS won't be represented. As a reference, I made a "quick" tutorial introducing the magic behind multimaterial (subtitles are available in english) and more or less it explain some fundamental and basis about multimaterial, hope it helps a bit.
  18. Mickyleitor

    ADS textures

    Invert your order, Blue channel withOUT FallOff. Green channel with FallOff. Leave red channel white. As a reference, here is an ADS texture from A3, you should get similar results: Green channel: Blue channel:
  19. Mickyleitor

    ADS textures

    Hi, I've done a lot of ADS textures but I don't really know exactly the science behind that, however I was able to understand some steps I always follow and work very well. Extracted from the BI documents, they said "_ADS - similar map like previous with difference that channel B (blue) keeps information about diffusion shadow. That one will be used when normal shadows aren't (either they off or too far). Green will have to be brighter to match the results AS would give you (~150%? ~40% gamma)." I work with Blender to bake the Ambient Occlusion textures and Blender come with an option (I assume all programs have this kind of option) that let you bake with a FallOff and attenuation limits and basically I put into Blue channel the baked Ambient Occlusion texture without the FallOff option and with FallOff option into Green channel. Later I understood what you will see in the game will be the following; you will see the shadows represented in Blue channel WHEN sunrays are directly illuminating that faces (for example, a rooftop of a building). And when sunrays can't illuminate some zones (for examples, the interior of a building) then shadows of green channel will be represented.
  20. Mickyleitor

    LOD geometry question

    Hi, definitely there are some parameters you will re-check on your wall addon, In config, put your damage on: destrType="DestructNo"; In Geo LOD (Remove all references about this in name properties of other LODs as they are useless): damage = no; map = fence; prefereshadowvolume = 0; (This is optional if you want a more smooth shadows on rendering (also I think it affect a little bit to perfomance)) sdsource = shadowvolume (optional, the same of above). All this parameters have been taken from an indestructive wall of A3, not tested by me i'm afraid. Also, it's better for "backward" future compatibility (and to be more "secure" against Arma 3 updates, this has a more complex explanation which I won't extend here :P) inherit all your wall classes from Wall_F, do you think?
  21. Change the initial phase of the animation in your AnimationSources and it should work as desired. Oh, and if you want your camo net to be "selectable" on Virtual Garage, add an animation name to that animation source. class AnimationSources: AnimationSources { class Filet_Camo1 { displayName="Show camo net"; author="My loving mother"; source = "user"; animPeriod = 2; initPhase = 1; /// Modified to 1. }; }; Greetings.
  22. Mickyleitor

    Mod Dev needs help

    Easy, since 1.60 update you can't simply call the class ItemInfo; inside cfgweapons as a base class (at least from the first level of inherit stage). So take out all your callings of "class ItemInfo;" inside cfgweapons in your base classes, example: Your config: cfgweapons{ class ItemInfo; /// Problematic class class UniformItem; /// Base sub-class class Uniform_Base; /// Base class class you_Uniform : Uniform_Base { /// This inherit from his parent "Uniform_base /// stuff class ItemInfo : UniformItem {/// This inherit from his parent but in a sub-level, parent is "UniformItem". /// more stuff }; }; }; As you can see there is no need to call the ItemInfo as base class, because in fact you're not inheriting nothing from there. There is some classes you are inherting from the problematic class but I think there is a issue with the inherit concept, I'm speaking about the Helmet_SF_acu class. cfgweapons{ class ItemInfo; /// Problematic class class H_HelmetSpecB; /// Base class class Helmet_SF_acu: H_HelmetSpecB { /// This inherit from his parent "Base class" /// stuff class ItemInfo : ItemInfo {/// This inherit from the problematic class NOT from H_HelmetSpecB, which It's supposed to be. /// more stuff }; }; }; How to fix this? Well, take out the ItemInfo base class and fix those Inherit issues: cfgweapons{ ////// class ItemInfo; /// Removed class class Uniform_Base; /// Base class 1 class UniformItem; /// Base sub-class 1 class H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo; /// Base class 2 class H_HelmetSpecB : H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo { /// Base class 3, where we will inherit the ItemInfo class. class ItemInfo; /// Base sub-class 2. }; class you_Uniform : Uniform_Base { /// This inherit from his parent "Uniform_base", base class 1 /// stuff class ItemInfo : UniformItem { /// This inherit from his parent from the main-level, parent is "UniformItem", Base sub-class 1. /// more stuff }; }; class Helmet_SF_acu: H_HelmetSpecB { /// This inherit from his parent "H_HelmetSpecB", Base class 3. /// bunch of stuff class ItemInfo : ItemInfo {/// NOW this will inherit from his parent but in a sub-level way, parent is "H_HelmetSpecB", Base sub-class 2. /// a more bunch of stuff }; }; }; Greetings.
  23. You can't set the BAM as a playable slot because it's not "driveable" (Well, not in the current version). Try disabling that slot for the B.A.M.
  24. Mickyleitor

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Oh! I completely missed this! For sure this will change the environment where many developers didn't uploaded anything yet due to SW eula.