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  1. I'm wondering if it's possible to generate a new line character because there are some platenumbers where a simple line isn't feasible. I mean something like this vehicle: If I set a "\n" character it results in no effect:
  2. Mickyleitor

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    What a very well done work, I would love having this new tweaks for the ffaa tiger Just kidding, I know this is a hard work, keep it going!
  3. Hi! New call to arms anyone with technical knowledge in ACE. We are changing (internally) how FFAA MOD works, like the use of a new GIT system. Nowadays, there is a few developers (rather myself) working into 3rd party addons, unfortunately, some resources is wasted in the way and we want use those efforts to a full time dedicated on FFAA MOD. That is why we want to take advantage of the GIT system designed for an efficient and distributed management, we have published the ACE compatibility addon, as is currently happening with translations of the FFAAMOD, so that the community can contribute very easily to the proper integration with ACE, which is currently lacking some features due to the lack of deep understanding in the technical field of ACE. The repository is available on GitHub and contains the guide to make pull requests. OFFICIAL REPOSITORY COMPATIBILITY FFAA MOD & ACE ADDON Summarizing, if you really understand the programming, the scripts and how ACE work internally, help us so FFAA MOD could have more functionalities though ACE, we look forward to your contribution!
  4. I was doing an example test to show you the configuration and although you solved it, I've attached here an example of the Test_Plane_01 from the Samples with bay configuration (I supposed fictional bay into the InnerLeft/Right bays... Just for further modders looking for examples https://www.dropbox.com/s/ta8qw1cem4bpumq/BayAnimationExample.rar?dl=0 Changed files are:
  5. Hi, I'm trying to implement all our content to Jet DLC standard too. According to the wiki, you just use the animation source given in the wiki. bay.1, bay.2,...bay.X - animation state of bay pylonReadyPos.X - animation state of pylon, missile is released when anim. state of bay and pylon is 1 pylonIsEmpty.X - return 1 when no magazine is attached on pylon pylonReload.X - reload state of weapon on given pylon pylonRevolving.X - revolving state of weapon on given pylon bay.1, bay.X... is the bay corresponding the bays class sorted by the sequence of appearance, for example, if you have: bay.1 animation source will be BayCenter, bay.2 BayRight and bay.3 BayLeft. The use of those animation sources is like you used to do.. for example: Hope it helps you.
  6. Hi, I'm updating my custom SAM (NASAMS) Launcher to the new sensor update from Jet DLC. I've a working SAM Launcher, sensors are doing its job except for a litlle issue. Which is the Right Display Manager Component isn't heading to the real direction of the turret azimut (but it's attached to, via "animDirection"), instead, it's heading to the opposite the turret is heading... Also, the poiting vector (the arrow inside the display) is pointing to the backward of the vehicle. Here is a short video: https://gyazo.com/dc8d800d44b355af29b7a0d85cd0211f All stuff is working right, like the spawn point, direction of the missile. I was wondering if it's something related to the config or the model itself. Here is the config: Any clue? Greetings.
  7. Hi, Just a little improvement here (to make this more realistic, technically speaking). Your jammer strengh effect is lineal depending on the distance of the jammer, an electronic jammer emit a wave which sature a range of the bandwidth (not simulated in this script) avoiding comms to be properly demodulated and decrypted, this is an eletronic wave and according to the laws his effect is exponential depending on the distance.. In short, you could change the line 50 of the TFARjamRadios.sqf to this: // Interferencia exponencial decreciente con lambda = 2 _interference = _strength * exp ( - _distPercent * 2 ) ; // Interferencia lineal // _interference = _strength - (_distPercent * _strength) + 1; Greetings! :)
  8. Hi, read our politics regarding that point. Greetings.
  9. Time to drop some WIP news about our current pipeline: EC 135 Cockpit IVECO LMV "Lince" And last, first in-game images testing the NH-90
  10. Checked @john1, Last sensor update broke the NASAMS Launcher locking/fire system. Reported in our feedback tracker. Thus due to this, all already deployed NASAMS are practically useless until a fix is released :/ It's not planned, it's already in work in progress ;)
  11. Once you are inside a NASAMS Launcher yes, T/R (default keys to lock) should work. To be honest since the new sensor overhaul Idk if this is working aswell, I will check when possible.
  12. NASAMS is provided as a complex/group of systems which operate autonomously according to threats. Additionally, you (player) can manually control one of those turrets (NASAMS Launcher) from the FCS (NASAMS Station). So, AI should be able to use the NASAMS System since it's used by AI by default. Could you be more explicit? It should respawn in top of deck if you put it over the deck.. but there is a script which is usefull for this: FFAA_fnc_bam_montar
  13. Ops! It seems you should put the ship subpart object instead of the bam (the main one) ... I'll check the code to automatically search for the winch you are calling so in this way you could call the function with the BAM object (the main one) name. As a workaround (in the future it should have backward compatiblity) call it as follows: [((mhq_3 getVariable ["FFAA_shipParts",[]]) select 1),boat3,"Winch_3"] spawn FFAA_fnc_ShipWinch;
  14. In the last update there was a little change on this. Meaning there are two ways to retrieve the variable names and "play" with them. - First and the easy way is create a boat aside of the BAM and name it whatever you want, for example "boat1". Load any AI you want in boat1. And add it in the BAM 3DEN Attribute, last parameter. Now it will be spawned at the desired position and you should able to manage it, the code to unload the boat is: [NAME_OF_BAM,boat1,"Winch_X"] spawn FFAA_fnc_ShipWinch; Where NAME_OF_BAM is the name attribute of the BAM and X is the Winch number of BAM (1 front right,2 front left,3 outside backward, 4 inside backward). - The second way is a bit complex but easy is you understand how A3 runs. Using BAM 3DEN Attribute you can create at the init of the mission any boat you want by writting the classname of that boat inside the attribute box. All classname/object will be create and loading into the array order of the attribute, meaning if you put "ffaa_ar_zodiac_hurricane,ffaa_ar_zodiac_hurricane,ffaa_ar_supercat", then ffaa_ar_zodiac_hurricane will be created into Winch 1 and 2 and ffaa_ar_supercat will be spawned at the Winch number 3. If you want an empty winch you should put a "-" character instead of the classname (ej: if you want an object only in winch 3 then "-,-,ffaa_ar_zodiac_hurricane"). Once you completed the attribute slot, you could retrieve the variable names by looking for the FFAA_WinchCargo variable. You can retrieve the array of all object winched into the BAM by doing: NAME_OF_BAM getVariable ["FFAA_WinchCargo",[]]; Order of array will be at the order you did in the BAM's attribute so getting your boat from winch 2 is so easy as: _myboat = (NAME_OF_BAM getVariable ["FFAA_WinchCargo",[]]) select 1); Now you should do the same step for unwinch it (previously explained). Additionaly, the same variable is available for Flight Deck Cargo "FFAA_FlightDeckCargo", but It's nearly useless as there are only one cargo space (this variable should be hardly used in the future, when LHD L61 be released).
  15. The issue with BAM's lights has been fixed in our dev version. As you aren't allowed to "drive" the NASAMS Launcher, the only way to load it into the truck is via script. However with M250 NASAMS Launcher truck you should be able to load the launcher manually by an action into the back of the truck. Go to the Command bridge and get into the seats. Choose one of the Mk-38 guns (arrow left-right key) and select "Take control". Have fun.
  16. Mickyleitor

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    That landing was obviously not to explain that contact between large objets with physics doesn't work well in MP . In fact that's SP and I was too lazy to edit and cut the video to the interesting part... It works pretty well in SP but again you can't land on a moving ship into MP enviroments. Tried 1 month ago and inmediately the gear contact with surface in the landing, the ship/heli will become unstable and finally explode itself.
  17. Mickyleitor

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    It's partially supported, once you get this to MP, all interaction beetwen vehicle (ship) + vehicle (heli) will lead to a fatal crash (tested by my own 1 month ago). However, we know in alpha this wasn't supported and all improvements done until now is welcomed regarding to engine limits. I've tested by my self some random checks in SP, just to show you this is actually working but... (there is always a but) once ship start moving then players will freeze in the same position or at least it won't follow ship track and for sure interaction in MP is worst in this case (vehicle+vehicle). With USS Freedom into the corner there will be improvements, new mechanics and functionality to better support this kind of assets (I hope..) and it would be very ... very welcomed for some of us.
  18. Hi guys, I'm researching for a new way to manually configure a cargo vehicles configuration inside a ship (B.A.M). Now we have 3DEN Entity attributes I want to use this feature to let mission editor put its own cargo configuration. The idea is simple, with a GUI like this, the Mission Editor write into an array the vehicles he wants, then it's passed to a variable with setVariable "CustomCargoArray" to the unit and when vehicle gets spawned, the init of the vehicle take this array and load them with a custom script. Config attributes class Attributes { class DefaultCargo { control = "Checkbox"; defaultValue = "false"; displayName = "$STR_FFAA_BAM_DEFAULTCARGO_DISPLAYNAME"; tooltip = "$STR_FFAA_BAM_DEFAULTCARGO_TOOLTIP"; expression = "_this setVariable ['FFAA_ship_defaultCargo',!_value,true];"; property = "DefaultCargo"; }; class CustomWinchCargo { control = "EditArray"; defaultValue = "['ffaa_ar_zodiac_hurricane','ffaa_ar_zodiac_hurricane']"; displayName = "$STR_FFAA_BAM_CUSTOMWINCHCARGO_DISPLAYNAME"; tooltip = "$STR_FFAA_BAM_CUSTOMCARGO_TOOLTIP"; expression = "_this setVariable ['CustomWinchCargo',_value,true];"; property = "CustomWinchCargo"; wikiType = "[[Array]]"; }; class CustomFlightDeckCargo { control = "EditArray"; defaultValue = "['']"; displayName = "$STR_FFAA_BAM_CUSTOMFLIGHTDECKCARGO_DISPLAYNAME"; tooltip = "$STR_FFAA_BAM_CUSTOMCARGO_TOOLTIP"; expression = "_this setVariable ['CustomFlightDeckCargo',_value,true];"; property = "CustomFlightDeckCargo"; wikiType = "[[Array]]"; }; }; Init of the vehicle [_ship,"WinchCargo",_ship getVariable ["CustomWinchCargo",[]]] call FFAA_fnc_createVehicleCargo; [_ship,"FlightDeckCargo",_ship getVariable ["CustomFlightDeckCargo",[]]] call FFAA_fnc_createVehicleCargo; Where is the issue? Well, it's on the initialization order of Arma 3, the init of the vehicle is first called and there is no way to read the "CustomCargoArray" value because in fact it doesn't exist, YET. What would be the best approach to get this working? I think there is more than the approach I'm trying but I'm running out of new ideas..
  19. Mickyleitor

    Jet DLC?

    Not sure if this is relevant but someone spotted the tailhook ?
  20. We didn't make that mission. Unable to help you. Contact the mission maker of that mission to resolve your issue.
  21. Mickyleitor

    Vehicle in Vehicle Transport Feedback

    Ehm... bump (?) @aluc4rd Any developer could hopefully answer this?
  22. Mickyleitor

    Vehicle in Vehicle Transport Feedback

    Hi @aluc4rd Are there some news on this? I think you guys expanding this feature will bring community a nice in-built feature for community created content. Right now this feature do the job for A3 vanilla vehicles but as soon as you try to mod a non-vanilla vehicle which isn't a simple straight line/cube then it starts decreasing its potential. The only differences between this in-built engine feature and some script I can do using attachto/user actions is that yours work well with AI and that's the reason I'm waiting for this feature to be extended, because AI behaviour using ViV (mine Its only for humans). I want to put some ViV magic into a ship like the @Chairborne one. But I simply can't because at this moment only one Cargo space is allowed. I thinking on something like this:
  23. Mickyleitor

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    For that you will need this. You're welcome! :D