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  1. Hi, Thanks to Karbiner for help in testing, I had a lot of things to fix. :) I need at least one more person who wants to test the program, before I publish it. For now program can generate object placement by 3 layers: Emergent layer; Edge of the forest layer; Undergrowth layer. Emergent layer: base layer for forest, random placing object is selected color area except (default) 1m from color border. Edge of the forest: random placing object on border of selected color area Undergrowth layer: Places objects inside "Emergent layer", where is free space is min. 1m( by default 1m, can be changed in layer size value) between objects of "Emergent layer". Emergent layer Emergent layer + Edge of the forest Emergent layer + Edge of the forest + Undergrowth layer
  2. Min/max size for objects. Same as in TB random size, pitch and direction. ​Spacing can be defined by minimum distance, that can be between other objects in layer.
  3. Yes there are spacing, you can define for each object minimum distance between other objects in layer. This is original mask before you put it in TB, my program like TB cut it to pieces (tiles). There should be no limitations (except the power of your computer :) ), I also use a mask of size 20480x20480.
  4. Ok, I will write a manual and publish it for testing.
  5. Yes, it's probably a simpler version of the module from Terrain Processor. Most part of program, I have written, before TP publishing. I did not check out TB, but for example my program can generate objects in the area of the selected color, and separately only on its borders.