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  1. Tired of having to editing your boring real life audio out of your way more awesome video game audio because you can't set dxtory to multiple PTT buttons? Well not anymore your not. Some guys and I at ShackTac came up with this code for AutoHotKey that allows you to record multiple PTT keys if you are running radios. This works by mapping your radio and direct chat buttons to a dead key, then setting that dead key as your PTT key inside Dxtory, probably works with fraps too but hasn't been tested. This way you will only record audio when either of your keys are pressed. ______________________________________________________________________________ Recording Multiple PTT keys using Dxtory through AutoHotKeys V1.2 10/11/2013 Current Code: 1.21 http://pastebin.com/gQnZLtCB# Default Radio = Capslock Default Direct = Mouse button 2(XButton2) Default Dead Key for radio = Home Default dead key for Dxtory Record = (=) Explanation This script works by setting your ACRE Radio hotkey to (home) key, then AutoHotKey will active (home) every time you hit Capslock. It will also active (=) key which will activate Dxtory's PTT and start recording your voice. Don't ask me why you have to reroute your ACRE radio to Home and can't just use Capslock like always, I have no idea why but bad/weird things happen if you don't reroute ACRE radio to Home key(or any other dead key of your choice). Photo Explination http://imgur.com/h2plUXd Currently Status of beta code: n/a Tutorial 1. Download AutoHotKey http://www.autohotkey.com/ install. 2. Run AutoHotKey 3. Right click Icon in bottom right corner & click "Edit This Script" 4. Copy and past this code, read beginning lines to set custom buttons. Default Radio PTT Button = Capslock Default Direct PTT Button = Mouse button 2(XButton2) Default Dead Key for ACRE radio = Home Default Dead key for Dxtory = (=) Version 1.21 http://pastebin.com/gQnZLtCB# ;recordings Multiple Push-To-Talk keys using Dxtory with AutoHotKeys ;--------------------------------------------- ;--------------------------------------------- ;Currently working for: ;Arma 2 OA with ACRE mod ;--------------------------------------------- ;version 1.21 By Dzuari ;--------------------------------------------- ;Special thanks too: ;Barrow ;Harrier ;Frag85 ;Rafferty ;bozz ;--------------------------------------------- ;AHK Key List http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm ;--------------------------------------------- ;Default Radio PTT Button = Capslock ;Default Direct PTT Button = Mouse button 2(XButton2) ;Default Dead Key for ACRE radio = Home ;Default Dead key for Dxtory = = ;Default Dxtory "Start/Stop Movie Capture = "NumpadDot" ;--------------------------------------------- ;INSTRUCTIONS READ ME ;--------------------------------------------- ;Download Autohotkeys and past this script into it ;follow instructions below ;set (=) key to your PTT in dxtory ;To change radio button, just edit code below and ;replace capslock with your key ;To change direct chat button, just edit code below ;and replace XButton2 with your key ;To change Dxtory PTT key, change script (=) to your key ;if your dxtory isn't stopping when you hit your Start/Stop ;key to record. Change "Start/Stop Movie Capture" at bottom ;of script to match the key you use for Dxtory start/stop ;This script only works in Arma 2 OA, to change that ;edit script below by finding "ahk_class ArmA 2 OA" ;and change "Arma 2 OA" to the game of your choice ;--------------------------------------------- ;ACRE ;--------------------------------------------- ;You must find ACRE_Keys.hpp in your Arma directory ;and edit "class PTTRadio" to be home key(199) ;To change ACRE radio dead key, change Home to your key ;you must also edit ACRE_Keys.hpp to match AutoHotKey's key ;--------------------------------------------- ;EXPLINATION ;--------------------------------------------- ;this script works by actually setting your ACRE radio ;to the Home key but AutoHotkey activates home when you press ;Capslock, so you will still use Capslock as your radio ;Key but behind the scene, home is your actual radio key ;don't ask cause i can't tell you why, but if you don't set ;ACRE_Keys.hpp to your home key(199), bad things will happen ;very odd, unexplainable things. ;--------------------------------------------- ;Don't Touch ;--------------------------------------------- #SingleInstance, Force SendMode, input ;--------------------------------------------- ;Sets AHK to only work In Arma 2 OA ;--------------------------------------------- #IfWinActive, ahk_class ArmA 2 OA ;--------------------------------------------- ;--------------------------------------------- ;Radio chat button $Capslock:: Send, {Home down}{= down} $Capslock Up:: Send, {Home up}{= up} ;--------------------------------------------- ;--------------------------------------------- ;direct chat button ~XButton2:: { Send, {= down} Return } ~XButton2 up:: { Send, {= up} Return } ;--------------------------------------------- ;--------------------------------------------- ;AutoHotKey "Start/Stop Movie Capture" key $NumpadDot::send, {NumpadDot} ;--------------------------------------------- Old Versions 1.2 http://pastebin.com/xZ7n7y6A 10/12/2013 1.1 http://pastebin.com/rxTRys89 10/11/2013 1.0 http://pastebin.com/0g7ruF0T# 10/10/2013 5. Right Click & Click "Reload This Script" 6. Change your PTT key in Dxtory to the dead key in the script. Done __________________________________________________________ To run AutoHotKeys on windows Startup 1.Locate file called "AutoHotKey.exe" at C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey Copy File 2. Click start menu, find file "Startup", right click and open 3. Paste Shortcut into file Done Setting up ACRE & Arma hotkey 1. Find ACRE_Keys.hpp in your Arma 2 OA/Userconfig/ACRE directory 2. Change "class PTTRadio" key to default 199(home key) or the corresponding dead key you use in the AHK script. 3. In Arma, set your "push to talk" key the same as your ACRE_keys & AutoHotKey key(default Home) http://i.imgur.com/YEaYjCX.png (471 kB) _________________________________________________________ Cites and documentation AutoHotkey Documentation http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/ List of Keys used for Autohotkey http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm Code idea came from this thread, post #4(bottom) http://www.autohotkey.com/board/topic/96109-arma-2-acre-dxtory/?hl=%2Bpush+%2Bbutton+%2Bdown ___________________________________________________ Special thanks to: ShackTac Barrow Harrier Frag85 Rafferty bozz
  2. Ya it should be compatible with any game with multiple radios, i just didn't want to say it was without testing it first.
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    Have Arma 3, is Arma 2 worth it?

    if you have a good group, yes.