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  1. Some of the people complaining here just don't understand what this is. For those that wanted Arma 3 to be more like VBS, you're now getting one of the biggest features that VBS has, tailored specifically to make it usable in actual gameplay. This is not based in reality or fantasy — you use this the way you want to. If you're in a realism unit, your commander can utilize this to create training scenarios or even full missions on the fly. There are no grounds here for complaints about realism or the use of BIS' resources. I don't believe any better content could be released at this time.

    I doubt you can save the missions. This mode is not like the real time editor in VBS. It's closer to MCC sandbox and stuff of that nature only this is much make game-y than realistic.

    If it was a real time editor, it would be called a real time editor. It looks like it is a gameplay module like the sector control and defend modules. Nothing more.

  2. The fact that players can do it (to a lesser extent) doesn't make it any less ridiculous when AI do it.

    In real life, gunships do not have magic radar that shows red dots miles out marking enemy targets.

    In the case of players, you do see the red dots, but it's closer in and only in the direction you are facing (i.e. you don't see red dots behind you). The AI can be flying the opposite direction, 2km off, and the moment you enter a civilian vehicle he magically knows where you are, swings around, and blasts you.

    Magic radar showing friendliest and enemies? Doesn't some HUD integrated form of Blueforce tracking do that already? Or something like that?

  3. Not trying to be argumentative, but have you tried VBS 2 64bitexe? It performs worse than Arma 3

    Yea, 64bit is not really the answer to performance problems. The developers have even stated this multiple times.

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    Your forgetting how anti competitive that battlefield 4 uses mantle. They have a deal with AMD to only optimize the game for Nvidia cards once and constantly try to optimize the game for AMD cards. They may not be the best example due to giving all the support to AMD rather than both companies cards.

  4. +1 Same here, i tried load missions in MP with this addon, and frezee in the 95% of load, but in the editor run well.

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    You can change the key in the userconfig file. But i tried 2xV and not run well, the problem is when push 2xV, this make jump and automatically do normal V (avoid obstacle), and only work sprint. I use 2xLWIN, is more effective.

    You should be able to adjust the key binds using the user config options. I originally had it has 2xV but that had issues with the player jumping from the prone position to standing jump instantly. When a fully geared goes to "jump" it is more of a running vault. When a person with no gear does it, they can actually jump.

    If anyone knows why this addon has problems with servers, please let me know as I am still new to this.

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    How did you get this to work? I've tried animating my own vault-over animation and implmenting it in game, however when the animation is complete, the player teleports back to where they started rather than being over the obstacle!

    No idea what is causing that. Are you sure you are not trying to go through objects?

  5. You seem to have a bit of a problem that needs to be checked...by a specialist that is.

    Oh, and having it in VBSx.x has nothing to do with Arma.

    How does he have a problem? There are mods that do this and many games do this. He seems to describe unrealistically intense blood effects though.

    The problem is not that people don't want this as an option. This would cause issues with the current games rating though and regional restrictions.

  6. Actually you can just achieve the jump anims without using any scripts, just do a little config file to tweak BIS's lazy work.

    This includes jump based on weight and fatigue. Not just playing the animation.

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    I think this mod was broken by the last update, while it works in the editor if you try to load up the mission after saving it as a PBO the load screen never completes.

    Its strange that such a simple mod can cause this.

    Strange, I have not encountered this problem. Does anyone know what could cause this?

  7. you have no idea how happy i am to hear this,

    maybe you could install dropbox on your phone then move the a10 rar file into the dropbox folder and it should upload then you can post the alpha version here

    Dropbox will cut it off if to many downloads occur. I think it happened to other modders. But he could combat this by using Dropbox privately to allow someone like foxhound to create a mirror of it on armaholic.

  8. Same computer gets 5331 points in Vally 1.0 (1920x1080 8xAA fullscreen, Extreme HD) and 3202 on Heaven (1920x1080 8xAA fullscreen, Ultra and Extreme Tessellation).

    Battlefield 4 runs a solid 200+ FPS in ULTA (but who plays on ultra anyway) with some drops down to 150 and 9000points in FIRESTRIKE Extreme HD...

    No, its not my computer, its the developer....BUT, at least ARMA 3 looks good now if we compare it to ARMA2 :)

    Something is wrong with you PC... I have a GTX 660, an i7 and 24gb of ram. I get 40+ fps with a lot of AI with 3000 view distance on Altis. I also use 1920x1200.

  9. @Kerc Kasha I was suggesting rather than make it a certain amount of authenticity vs "fun", to instead make multiple version from highly realistic to less realistic. Doing that could stop this debate and make everyone happy. And that saying what is fun means nothing because fun is different to many people. Look at DCS for example, many people find it fun. So fun is matter of definition that changes from person to person.

    I believe you many a warped perception of what I am saying here based on reading posts I made a while ago. I am saying rather than focus on one perception of fun, to instead have multiple versions. Your telling me to mod the game to make my own realistic body armor, but has it ever occurred to you that the reason things aren't done by modders is because it's either impossible, lack of engine support creates issues or that it would take way to long to accomplish. And this is that same modders will fix it philosophy.

  10. We appreciate all the feedback, but any feature must be designed carefully, because ArmA is:

    A) a game and thus should be fun

    B) ArmA and should be as authentic as possible

    These two conditions could form the following outcomes:

    A) is fun and is authentic - which is an ideal state

    B) is fun but is not completely authentic - this is an acceptable state, as fun has priority over authenticity

    C) is not fun but is authentic - which is an unacceptable state

    D) is not fun nor authentic - which is epic fail

    This is one of the reasons why we have a "Task force balance" - to find the point where the fun and authenticity are in an ideal correlation.

    So, please, stay patient, this feature is still under development.

    What is considered "fun" is different to everybody. To say one way is fun and the other is not fun, is completely wrong. The ideal solution is to have options for all gameplay rather than a neutral and bland base game that has to be modded to go into specific indepth gameplay. A good example of how what us fun is done right, are games like Assetto Corsa which feature settings ranging from Hardcore ultra realistic to arcade gamey gameplay. The current case of what is fun in Arma 3 seems to be what new players from games like Battleifield and Call of Duty would like.

    If aspects of the simulation cannot be done, at least try to leave ways for modders to do it and/or help modders to do it.

    And why did Arma 2 never need "Task Force Balance"?

  11. ArmA 3 isn't an arcade game nor is the movement any more "arcade" than in ArmA 2. There is nothing to fix in ArmA 3. If you want to have that god awful movement system from ArmA 2, play that. I have countless bad memories of trying to carefully peek from a doorway/corner, hitting W key slightly to move forward. End result of that is that your character takes few steps forward, leaving you completely in the open like a retard. The problem with movement in ArmA 2 is just that, it wasn't predictable with its quirks.

    In real life you don't accidentally step out of a door, or step out from cover. That's why ArmA 3 has better movement overall.

    Arma 3 is missing inertia and weapon collisions. That is what I meant.

    Edit: Sniperwolf572 Explained what I mean really well. The weapons lack inertia in Arma 3 unlike Arma 2. To add to it though when moving around, you can turn on a dime while running and do other movements with no inertia. It very unrealistic to turn instantly while running and its also extremely unrealistic to swing heavy weapons around like they are pistols.

  12. Running Vault Mod

    Special Thanks to Zooloo75/Stealthstick for allowing me to create this standalone version of a jump script from his discontinued Stratis-RP mission! And special thanks to Fight9 for helping me convert this script to mod form.


    - Running vault Animation

    - Causes Fatigue

    - Jump height based on weight


    Copy the file called "vaultmod" from the "userconfig" file into the games user config file. Take the "@vaultMod" folder and put that in you \Documents\Arma 3 then enable it via the in game expansion settings.

    You can also look here for a more detailed guide for mod installation: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?150428-Beginners-guide-How-do-i-install-mods-addons

    How to use:

    Start running and double tap the "C" Key to use. You can change the key bind in the user config options.



    - release


    - random movement when jumping should be fixed.


    - Jump height is now based on weight.

    - Double tap the "C" key to use now.


    -displaySetEventHandler was replaced with displayAddEventHandler, which will prevent the script from accidentally overwriting other event handlers.

    Known Issues:

    - Head snaps forward when jumping.


    - Zooloo75/Stealthstick for the original script.

    - F2k Sel for helping fix the errors and bugs.



    Script version can be found here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160133-Realistic-Jumping-Script


  13. wow you want them to bring back the horrid control movement that arma 2 had?

    Horrid for fps players and people used to twitch shooters... There are improvements with Arma 3's movement but there are also many downgrades from Arma 2.

    I actually never noticed a problem in Arma 2 with aiming and movement because I think before I aim and didn't play it like your standard arcade fps.

    You'll have to wait for a game that is made as simulator or for mods to fix things sadly.

  14. No they can't because that's not what a simulation is. Why is everyone so obsessed with the idea that Arma is a simulation, anyway?

    Because people got fed up with the constant buffs and nerfs along with "noob weapons" that other games have. Arma is also the only combined arms simulation that exists currently.

    Just wait until a game comes around that actual lives up to the name military combined arms simulation. Then Arma may be in trouble if it doesn't have players who don't like simulations.