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  1. Why do Stratis and Alits have their coordinates set to the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean? I thought the coordinates were corrected a while back. If they were moved then why do we have Mediterranean water colours, wildlife, vegetation and architecture? https://maps.google.com/maps?t=m&ll=-30.614957%2C10.992054999999993&q=-35.152%2C16.661&spn=36.60895360125151%2C57.30816102997276&output=classic
  2. progamer

    Bomb physics.

    I agree, gravity affecting speed is something that needs to be added to the ballistics model.
  3. Would it be possible to get a damage parameter for particles? Incase people want to use them like shrapnel.
  4. They are probably still working at it or plans have changed.
  5. I had something like that happen. Though it appeared to be the missile from the launcher hit the helicopter.
  6. The Nimitz cannot be driven and is not affected by waves. The Nimitz is also a static structure. ---------- Post added at 01:18 ---------- Previous post was at 01:16 ---------- I needed a testing platform for fixed wing aircraft on ships. :D I tried to make a floating runway with a driver but It didn't work, so I used the LCS to do it instead. I have to agree though it does look really weird but it gets the job done. I hope that it is ok with you so that I can continue work on testing the Physx of moving vehicles on moving vehicles.
  7. Would it be possible for anyone to help me with this? I have stretched out the back portion of the LCS by 200. I am still falling through in the same holes as before I stretched it out. I am trying to test aircraft and need a floating runway. The only jet I've had that didn't explode on the ship was the SU-35. The BI physx jet sits on the ship but cannot move. When landing the bottom level of the ship seems to safely catch the jet and I have been able to land safely on the bottom level. (I did not stop in time in the video) This is the modified ship here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/djen598v3lqvmoh/Gj9Tp-Ggvn And here are two videos showcasing the problems. Note that damage is set to false because the ship doesn't like the jets most of the time and there is a wall or other structure at the back that damages you no matter what. I tried using Gnats modified version and then stretching it out but the jets seemed to not like that as much as the original version stretched out.
  8. Oddly enough that looks a lot like JC2's map.
  9. You should create a feedback tracker ticket for this issue with a repro mission.
  10. Awesome Gnat! Nice too see your awesome mods come to Arma 3!
  11. Actually we don't know the cost of VBS3 but they have hinted at it being cheaper than the cost of VBS2 PE. And also hinted at it becoming more accessible for non military personal to purchase.
  12. progamer

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    I would like to see a actual portrayal of current modern warfare that is realistically accurate. I want support for 10000x10000km maps.
  13. progamer

    E-Sports - Permission Required?

    Arma really isn't even close to an e-sports title to begun with... Unless you mod it.
  14. Cool! Must have been one of those many scripting commands that snuck into Arma 3 that people and the developers have talked about.
  15. Just curious as to whether your information on the tank comes from Wikipedia or from credible military information? And I believe Arma only has km/h and not mph. Also, have you considered Franze's interactive cockpit guide for making the interior of the tank interactive? Unless the tank does not use things that would need that.
  16. This issue is more of an example why we need high beams and low beams on our vehicles.
  17. progamer

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    Apparently damage is based on difficulty level. This needs to change into one realistic damage level. The ballistics model breaks down at range and produces bullets that should kill but don't due to an automatic damage reduction. (I'm not saying bullets shouldn't loose speed or power but instead the damage aspect needs to be changed) Opfor needs proper ballistic vests (so hit location matters and they are affected realistically by bullets) and body armor needs to work realistically and only if the actual plate is hit.
  18. progamer

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Exaggerating? Arma 2 was October 3-4th to be precise.
  19. Can't you use extra LODs as well? Do you have plans for a British APS for the tank? ---------- Post added at 09:56 ---------- Previous post was at 09:49 ---------- Someone should make a feedback tracker for increasing the model sizes.
  20. progamer

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    If were overhauling body Armor why don't we just drop the unrealistic full body armor and give them proper realistic vests instead?
  21. The whole damage based on difficulty needs to go. All we need is just one realistic damage level and not super soldier to super bullets.
  22. So how does this related to your problem of using a low dpi? If anything we need a setting for proper inertia. Arma is not centred around wasteland. If you want Arma to be centred around wasteland, and be customized for wasteland, wait for wasteland mods from Arma 2 to come over or make the mod yourself.
  23. progamer

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    Even the ones they shouldn't have... It does not restrict player control. You make a choice knowing that can happen, it doesn't just happen randomly. ---------- Post added at 07:24 ---------- Previous post was at 07:23 ---------- Why doesn't it?
  24. What are you on about this time? I've never had these problems. Change your DPI and the game becomes some unrealistic twitch shooter.
  25. progamer

    VBS3 snow... in ARMA 3?!?!?

    Why don't you ask NouberNou about it and make the mod? I'm sure many people would like to help. And it is much better to actually do things than just be the idea guy, because we have enough idea guys. If NouberNou says it's possible, then it likely is. The guy knows his code. And if you were up to date, you would know the VBS3 snow also freezes over rivers and lakes as well.