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  1. I did this also, however, there is still an area in the middle that loses it's sensitivity. Look at the calibration screen and you will see that there is play in the middle. About mid way through, the cursor will stop moving for a second and then will pick up.
  2. I got the 840 Pro 250 and it is really nice. After research and personal use, this is definitely the one I would recommend.
  3. foxfan911

    I hate Steam's download version

    I am under the impression that the Steam game is exactly the same. I am also under the impression that Steam automatically keeps it updated as patches/new versions come out. This is Steam's bread and butter, how can it be wrong???
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    Ok, well I basically duplicated your tests several times on the medium helicopter, except I started from a higher altitude of ~3000. While it certainly does fall a lot faster than the little bird, it still has sufficient rotor RPMS to cushion the landing. So this reaffirms to me that this has got to be an issue with the flight model. I guess I will try the heavy model next. I am going to do several autorotations in the middle of the AVOID zones on the Height-Velocity diagram, aka Dead Man's curve. As for your situation with your blades stalling, I think you might be pulling the collective too early. In an autorotation, you should pull the collective pretty much at the last moment. If you raise it too early or too high, the rotor disc inertia will bleed and you will have a hard landing or worse. And we want to keep your little dude from dying :D My Verdict- Autorotation is NOT properly modeled. This is the second time I made video evidence proving that. Watch my gauges in the video, especially in this one. You can clearly see that my speed is definitely within ~3 knots of 0. Watch and see:
  5. foxfan911


    No, damage is not disabled- I have crashed plenty of times, several times just making that video. I am about 99.9% sure that this is a flight modeling issue. I went back and checked my individual settings related to damage and they are all correct. I bet you a thousand dollars (not really) that you can do this too. Pull collective at the very last moment at 100 feet or so and it will cushion your landing. Without forward airspeed, there wouldn't be enough air moving up through the rotor disk to keep the RPMS up enough to cushion a landing. The autorotation aspect of the game needs to be fixed. Bohemia Interactive monitors these forums for fan feedback, however, I will probably take your suggestion and post it in the "Suggestions" or "Troubleshooting" forums. I have to be careful though, I already got in trouble- one infraction point for "cross posting" :-)
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    What is this?- This is an autorotation achieved with no forward airspeed. Why complexity noob?- What??? I don't know what you are using for your translations, but they don't make sense. Where the video of an expert- This video was made to illustrate an autorotation with zero forward airspeed, and for that purpose only. If you are referring to the difficulty setting, that makes no difference, the zero airspeed autorotation can be done in any difficulty setting. So to answer your question, this is an expert video of me showing you that a zero airspeed autorotation can be done. Discuss the simulator on easy does not make sense.- It makes perfect sense. If you scroll up and read, you will see that the subject of this thread is achievable autorotations with zero forward airspeed. If you scroll up and read, you will see that in the fourth sentence I indicated that this applies to "expert" difficulty level: " I tried it on "trainee" and "expert" mode so it looks like this is an issue with the flight modeling." Zero airspeed autorotations is the content of this discussion. The entire purpose of this thread was to state that a zero airspeed autorotation is achievable. The entire purpose of the video was to show that a zero airspeed autorotation is achievable.
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    This is what I'm talking about. Sorry, it's a little loud. ***When I said "engine RPMs", I meant rotor RPMs.
  8. foxfan911


    Well I really don't either. Are you playing Take on Helicopters or Hinds or what? I wonder if somehow perhaps Steam didn't update my game. After I read your post, I went to the game and flew the Autorotation training mission, and completed both missions with close to zero airspeed (+ or - maybe 3 mph). I then went into my editor and created a mission and did three auto's with basically zero airspeed. I also made a video of it, I'll post it when I get home from work. ---------- Post added at 05:20 ---------- Previous post was at 05:02 ---------- What are you playing. Is this HINDS?? Anyway, I think I see what you are doing....you are probably stalling by raising the collective too soon, which results in bleeding crucial rotor RPMs. I will post video of my zero airspeed autos.
  9. SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series MZ-7PD256BW 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) Rave reviews on newegg. This is their recommended gaming SSD.
  10. Right, I agree since the TKOH engine is basically the same, it will probably yield great performance. We'll see because I'm about to place my order. I will report my results.
  11. foxfan911


    That is true, I haven't played career mode and I'm sure it is thrilling. I am just pointing out that autorotations are not realistic at all. An autorotation requires forward airspeed- air moving through the rotors to glide. In the game, you can just float down with no airspeed at all. Zero airspeed. So there is no "dead man's curve"....which drastically kills the thrill because there is no challenge/risk/reward for keeping yourself alive by a proper autorotation!! In real life, no forward airspeed means insufficient air would be flowing through the rotor disk to keep it turning enough to store enough energy for the flare and cushioning of the landing. With no forward airspeed, you would basically fall out of the sky. Other games/sims model this, such as FSX. This needs to be fixed for sure because it's totally unrealistic and it's not even close.
  12. Yeah, I have a Sapphire Radeon 6970, which is very powerful and blistering fast, so no bottleneck there. Overclocked AMD Phenom II, so no bottleneck there. The only bottleneck I have left is the HDD. When reading through the video settings guide (sticky thread), it stated that the game is heavily dependent on CPU and HDD- so, it looks like that is the only room for improvement I can make.
  13. Hey guys! As we are all aware, the Take on Helicopters engine is CPU and HDD hungry. I was wondering if anybody is using an SSD with Take on Helicopters and if so, how it is performing. Especially if someone has went from HDD to SSD with Take on Helicopters, what were the performance gains, and were they noticeable/appreciable. I am looking to get an SSD real soon, so I'd just like to hear some feedback about their performance with Take On Helicopters.
  14. Well, last night, I was doing autorotations and noticed that in TkOH, autorotation can be easily achieved with zero forward airspeed. This was very disappointing cause it's not even close. There is no challenge, risk, or reward to doing an autorotation if you don't have to maintain an appropriate autorotation profile, with forward airspeed being critical!! I tried it on "trainee" and "expert" mode so it looks like this is an issue with the flight modeling. Somebody, please tell me I'm wrong and that there is a option or setting I overlooked that will enable realistic autorotations. Doesn't have to be totally realistic, but it needs to be at least close!!
  15. foxfan911

    Seattle - how accurate is the map?

    Yeah, it's very accurate. I compared the map to a google map and it's really accurate. I found quite a few buildings where they are supposed to be, of course the higher-profile buildings, but also several others like hospitals etc. They did an outstanding job on the map.