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    nice to ear that we, as BIA of Italy, love playing your AAS mode (blitz too) and we are looking for making our own maps with your new update!
  2. Will it work with mods too? like ACE, PR etc.?
  3. Name of team: Brigata Italiana Ariete Tag: =BIA= Number of Players: 70+ overall; Arma3 squad is 15+ and growing Website: www.biaclan.it Forum: www.biaclan.it/forums/ Clan Leader: =BIA= Kaimano War Arranger: =BIA= Chip0ITA E-mail/MSN/Skype: mar_chipo@hotmail.it We're a former RedOrchestra clan, now a multigaming clan, with PR:Bf2, Bf3, Mow, CoH and Dota squads; we're making the switch to ArmA 3. We own our Teamspeak server and game servers; we'll have a dedicated server for Arma3, too. We are a mature and relaxed realism clan and we prefer to play PvP maps, Blitzkrieg mod almost all the time ;); we usually have 2/3 sessions a week, starting 21.00 CET . We're looking for aged 18+ Italian speaking players (International players are welcomed too but be aware that only a few players are able to speak English, sorry)
  4. Squad name: Brigata Italiana Ariete =BIA= Timezone/location : GMT+1 (Central Europe Time) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): PvP only Contact email: mar_chipo@hotmail.it Website address: www.biaclan.it Short description: Tactical multi-gaming clan, originally born in Red Orchestra, nowadays active in the Battlefield series, with PR:BF2 and Bf3 squads; we're making the switch to ArmA 3. Language: Italian (some English speaking players too)
  5. I totally agree with you ! I'm a PR:bf2 player (played america's army a lot too), I don't like Bf3 or Cod-like games, I DO like games that needs teamwork, patience, and skill. As I have NO fun to play vs AI (even the most sophisticated one), I want to play vs other humans, in a great game with a solid MP and good PvP modes (like PR's ones: aas & insurgency) I always found A2 almost unplayable due to the lack of good, basic FPS movements @Chortles, I'm in "I like the new Arma 3 animations, even if that makes it seem less realistic to the hardcores" ring, too. A standard, well-done, compelling PvP is vital for attracting new players.. not the bf3/cod TDM/DM fanboys but the team-oriented ones .. we're much more than you can think, all scattered in bf2,bf3, cod series, even aa2/aa3 .. all waiting for the definitive GAME, with stunning visuals and animation, good FPS movements, and teamwork-oriented MP gameplay Will Arma3 be THE GAME? I hope so..