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  1. Hi man, Trying to make a task with the bomb but i can't create a trigger for changing the task stats to succedded after desarming it, already tryied : _status = _bomb getVariable "a3f_bomb_active"; if(_status == false) then { /* bomb deactivated */ }; But the editor return with a error "Condition: Generic error in expression." I new on this, thanks
  2. Hey i again =D can't request a re-rout on JumpMaster =S just the options to inspect and to show were we gona jump, how do this action option request re-rout show up ?? sorry for my noobish.
  3. Sorry but i can't click in map to select jump location and neither using radio comand 0-0-9 to enable it, just look in the test mission and don't have the file c130_HALO.sqf in my wip folder, im new in this so if anyone can help me figure it out will be of great help =D.