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  1. 1 hour ago, stburr91 said:

    Have you thought about an all water VR? 


    Yes, I've tested an all water VR version and while it's possible and fine for creating scenarios in the Editor it has implications for the Virtual Arsenal. Any modifications made to the VR map carry over to the Virtual Arsenal, in the case of an all water VR map, the Virtual Arsenal is then submerged underwater and loses it's functionality.

    There are a few all water maps available on Steam, Ocean Map is one of them 😉

  2. 79mhYK7.png

    Converts the VR map into a flat desert landscape.


    Ambient Animal System: Birds, insects, snakes.
    Weather and Cloud system.
    Environmental Sounds.
    Vehicle dust effects.
    Character footsteps.

    All the above features carry over into the Virtual Arsenal and Virtual Training missions.
    Use your imagination and have fun!










    Steam Workshop.




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  3. @johnnyboy, Did you mean this one?....yes, loading up Sullen Skies will give you the cloud system in the VR Map, the desert floor is achieved by editing the l_middle_mco.paa with a desert texture from Malden 2035, but you can actually use any ground texture to create whatever "look" you want, I found the desert one looked best. the desert edit is currently private but more than happy to share it, your absolutely right bro' it's a neat wee feature for certain scenarios. I'll try and upload that version of the VR Map as a standalone later today. :f:    

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  4. 5 hours ago, alky_lee said:

    I also am unsure of the mechanics of using a sleeping bag to save/rest. Some better explanation would be useful.


    Regarding sleeping bags, my understanding is they are tied to the Waiting feature....

    If you have a sleeping bag in your inventory and use the Waiting feature it allows you to save, rest, heal and lower your current threat level, the sleeping bag will then be removed from your inventory when you wake.

    If you don't have a sleeping bag in your inventory the Waiting feature is just a waiting feature that passes time but doesn't allow you to save, rest, heal lower current threat level.




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  5. 1 hour ago, okonkwo said:

    2. Is it ever explained what sleeping bags do?


    If you use the Waiting feature and have a sleeping bag in your inventory, it will save your progress, the sleeping bag will then be removed from your inventory. Unfolded sleeping bags allow you to rest, heal and lower your current threat.

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  6. 13 hours ago, tpw said:

     So I'm now sitting on a large number of config patches and vegetation replacement scripts for a range of terrains, including: Cham, Svartmarka, Ihantala, Khoramshahr, Kujari, Livonia, Lythium, Ruha, Uzbin Valley, Vinjesvingen, Weferlingen. If anyone is interested I may release them at some stage.


    You know this is right up my street buddy, but happy to wait till your ready to release them, personal well-being is much more important, hope things are on the up mate. 

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  7. In the post-apocalyptic, surely burning banknotes for warmth and cooking optimizes "money".....whereas bartering, where you exchange loot for loot with traders, would be a more preferable system rather than micro-managing useless currency.  

    I still have a fond memory of the first fire I created in Ravage using the banknotes, I thought that was both genius and liberating.

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