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    Next update will focus on retexturing a few of my favorite heads, mainly to give them a more battle weary look with dirtier faces and a few scars here and there...and in Millers case a silver fox make over.
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    You may be new here, but clearly a connoisseur of the finer things in life! 👌
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    Real World Weather

    I like the sound of that. ^^
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    EO GM GEAR has been updated: Added: 15 Polish Field Uniforms. (Various colors, each color in three variations, plain, rolled, liner) Added: 9 Frag Vests. (Various colors, each color in three variations, plain, pouch, pouch/barrel) Mod name has been changed. EO GM Gear Box updated. OP has been updated. Steam Workshop.
  6. "Where's this damn bus......shit, where's my watch!" Mods: EO GM Uniforms.
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    Mo spam, this time the recently added Polish Field uniforms get a wee make-over... ....coming soon. 😉
  8. Regarding your Discord enquiry about local signage, retexturing vanilla assets isn't to difficult...
  9. They are...https://steamcommunity.com/games/arma3/announcements/detail/1609390009048689316
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    Only recently noticed the texture template for the Frag Vest was added to the sample pack from GM... ...so an impending update will add a a few vests textured to tie in with the uniforms from this pack.
  11. A small Civilian Expansion influenced by recent world events, 20 unique civilians created using vanilla assets. Eden Editor: Located under Civilians > Masked Civilians. Designed with the Civilian Presence modules in mind. Steam Workshop.
  12. Nice to see you stretching your legs with something a bit bigger than Inchkeith. Good luck with your project!!
  13. Had a few requests for this, versions for Exclusion Zone and Namalsk Redux are included... Steam Workshop
  14. Not at all mate, believe it or not I was thinking just the same thing when you released your mod. I'll make a point of uploading the texture and send it to you via PM. (yes, i'm aware I can't be PM'd at the moment, moderators are looking into it)
  15. Mods: Ravage, GM, MGSR, EO GM Uniforms.
  16. Okay, this small civilian expansion has been updated, renamed and is now available again on the Workshop. OP has been updated to reflect the changes. (Hopefully the moderators have received my updated report and don't remove it from the forum as was my original request.)
  17. No worries man, you weren't the only one, there were three on the bounce so it looked like it was gaining a negative reaction earlier. Were all living through something quite unprecedented at the moment so all opinions should be observed and respected.
  18. I appreciate the comments that bring a little balance to the use of that word in the title, but I don't want to be the author of something that's deemed to be in bad taste. I already submitted a report to the moderators a few hours ago so it will most likely be removed soon. If it's removed I'll upload it again a little later under a different name.
  19. The last thing I would want to do is upset the community, so a PM has been sent to a moderator to remove this thread from the forum, I'll remove it from the Workshop shortly. Sorry for any offence caused.
  20. Haha, I just watched the whole thing. ^^ Sounds like a plan!
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    New to terrainmaking

    Check out the PMC ArmA 3 Ultimate Terrain Tutorial Terrain Makers channel on the official Arma 3 Discord is a great source of helpful knowledge and advice.
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    Krzy's Hunting Mod

    Cool mod, kind words, keep it up Buddy!
  23. Buy Contact DLC.
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    ETS - Enemy Tagging System

    No issues mate, I was just suggesting, through quotes, that LSValmont's point about tagging unrecognizable enemies seems to be covered by one of the features of the mod. 😉