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  1. Good to here we're getting one big mod package mate, you have single-handedly made my last few weeks of Arma an experience. Keep up the good work Dude!
  2. Hey folks, very new to all this, so please forgive me! I'm finding my feet with the editor, but need to know or if it's possible to create a continuous smoke effect. I want to create a mission with an "Apocalypse Now" type atmosphere, i'm hoping i could create triggers, set off by myself as i make my through the map. Possible? Thanks.
  3. Awesome work mate, your a huge credit to this community, i think as far as the ambient patrols go, maybe a faction could hold a certain area on the map rather than being random each time.
  4. I agree with Jabba on this one, I have been super stoked about this project since Day 1 and wish the whole Development Team good luck. Just a pity certain "highly regarded" members of this community have reasons for pouring scorn on the whole Zombie/Infected terminology.
  5. Have to agree with Kremator and Zorg_DK, the occasional helicopter flyby would top this mod of perfectly Great work and totally appreciated tpw!!
  6. Hey Dude, just create a new folder in your main ARMA 3 directory folder, and name it "userconfig" then copy and paste the .hpp folder within your newly created "userconfig" folder.
  7. Loving the regular updates, much appreciated.
  8. ^^ All these things that we wish for can sometimes be outwith the reach of the mod or the mod author. If the civvies are getting in the way, shoot them, works for me, sometimes the objective can leave you with blood on your hands.
  9. Hi tpw, latest version is working fine for me. Holy smokes this mod is really cooking now, the variation in vehicles and civilians really ramps up the immersion. Now if Bohemia can just give us some women please!!!
  10. Seems the community on a whole is pretty pissed about the lack of female civs, every Ying needs a Yang! Devs must surely be aware of this, maybe we get them with the September 12th release. Anyway, keep up the good work Bro' you da best!
  11. I agree totally, especially with the lack of female units, maybe to much testosterone within the Bohemia studio. I think Arma 3 IS a masterpiece, but no females in the final release content. Shame on you Bohemia Interactive. Every ying needs a yang!
  12. Hi tpw, just wondering if the new civilian vehicles and civilians released today will make an appearance with the most recent version of your mod or do we have to wait for an update. Cheers Dude.
  13. Yep, sounds about right, thanks Gliptal:pc:
  14. I'm all over this mod, great to see how this is developing so far, all the best with the AI garrison. As someone who enjoys SP gameplay, the fruits of your labour are greatly appreciated.
  15. Sorry dude, link leads to a blank page for me.
  16. I would appreciate your GlovePIE script if you are willing to share, the one i run is quite basic, would like an alternative to work with. Also just played for an hour with both WW AICover and TPW_EBS, total game changer for me, great great work Dude.
  17. Hey Windwalking this looks a great piece of work, any idea if it will conflict with your WW AICover mod and TPW_EBS.
  18.  EO

    Blastcore A3

    My PC is smoking already, bring it on!
  19. Hi folks, I'm running this mod with Windwalking's WW_AICover, can these mods share the same userconfig folder that's in my Arma3 root. Cheers.
  20. AH! I see the light now, couldn't see the wood for the trees, Thanks Dude:pc:
  21. Noob Alert!:31: Can someone tell me what this requires me to do "Copy @TPW_CIVS\userconfig\TPW_CIVS\TPW_CIVS.hpp to your userconfig\TPW_CIVS\TPW_CIVS.hpp." Is this for editing purposes? I am unable to get this addon to work at the moment. I had no problem with the script version. Thanks.
  22.  EO

    User Mission Request Thread

    Calling all mission-makers! Here's the deal...PMC team sent to Kavala to bring Iranian military commander into custody to stand trial for war crimes. PMC team land on Kavala Hospital helo port for rendezvous with PMC ground forces, who are holding the Iranian war criminal. Meanwhile, Iranian Special Forces are moving in on Kavala Hospital to ambush the returning PMC team to reclaim there Commander. Get to that chopper! I think the Hospital in Kavala, with the helo-port on the roof, is a great setting for this idea, also using the PG Services - Private Military Company by pomigit mod (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21617) Man, i would love to be able to create something like this in the editor but it's beyond me! Any takers? Peace.