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  1. All the best with this Blackadder, really looking forward to wearing the Scottish Saltire on the battlefield.
  2. Awesome update GLT, really appreciate the work involved here. Thank you.
  3. Hey orlok, as far as your ambient air question, if you want to add more variety in the air, unpack the tpw_mod PBO, then edit the tpw_air.sqf with the classnames of aircraft you want then repack PBO and your good to go. At least i think this is the correct method. Good luck.
  4. Hi tpw, is there a way to change the altitude of the ambient aircraft or is it random? I would prefer to have the aircraft flyby a lot lower than they do at present. Thanks.
  5. Jeez man, your chest must be swollen with pride knowing that this mod is the BOMB! Fantastic work with every update Dude. Bohemia Interactive are very lucky to have a dedicated Dude like yourself around.
  6. Hey GLT, really appreciate your continued support of an awesome mod. Top, top quality with every addition. Thanks for your efforts dude.
  7.  EO

    Ghost Missions

    Thanks for this guide, Gunter. As a fairly recent recruit to the Arma Community, it's very cool to see someone who has been around a while still willing to help and share information on this great game. Cheers.
  8. Hey there, thought i'd swing by this thread again to check out the progress, alas no updates for a while. I think this map looked phenomenal in the early videos. Hope you haven't given up hope of fulfilling it's potential. All the best with it EgilSandfeld!
  9. Hey Folks, anybody had success with the Napf map, I have tried myself without success. Using modfolder method, when i launch Arma 3 it crashes, when i take out said mod everythings ok again. Any tips would be welcome as Napf is an awesome map.
  10. Hey there tpw, appreciate your continued support into what has become, for me, a staple for Arma 3, can't live without it. The new rain effect is just wonderful. I became transfixed as had a really cool drive around Altis in the pouring rain. Just wonderful.
  11. Really appreciate your dedication to the Arma community dude, Thanks for your work. Donation inbound!!!
  12. Would love to see this get some Arma 3 sunshine.... Bush's Geotypical Microterrains - Carraigdubh, CO. Leitrim. Here's the link http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16435
  13. +1 for the RG-31, fantastic vehicle which deserves a place in Arma 3.
  14. Thanks for this granQ, much appreciated. On another note sorry to hear about another mod on these forums that hasn't had the decency to credit you with work you already created, that sucks man, and i hope it's rectified soon!
  15.  EO

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Awesome stuff mate, can't wait to try these bad boys out tonight. Many thanks for your work.
  16.  EO

    Refined Vehicles

    Many thanks dude, and well done for what looks like a great looking mod, downloading now.
  17.  EO

    Refined Vehicles

    Hello RedPheonix, I have downloaded your mod but notice that there is 2 versions available. Can you tell me the difference between the two before i install. Thank you.
  18. That's sad to hear Dude, but be proud in the fact that PMC is THE coolest unit mod out there, used these badboys in tons of missions. Hope someone can pick up the baton on this one. Thanks again pomigit.
  19.  EO

    Black Mk20

    Sweet, downloading now, looking forward to the full IAF Mod. All the best man.
  20.  EO

    Scouting missions...?

    These scouting/patrol missions are something i didn't know about, how are these side missions initiated as i would like to give them a go before i get to deep into the main Campaign. Cheers.
  21. Just wanted to say a big thank you Fabrizio, tried out your mod last night and it's very, very impressive. mille grazie.
  22. The ambience in the video is just super-cool, Dude i wish you well with this project.
  23.  EO

    Tactical AK-74 With Magpul Gear

    Keep up the awesome work.