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  1.  EO

    Fluid Door/Hatch Opening

    Indeed it still does, just create a new mod folder, then an addons folder, and put the PBO file in there.
  2. Had a thought while playing Rydygier's Pilgrimage mission with your essential TPW MOD, that a cool edition to your mod suite would be ambient smoke stacks rising from the houses and power plants of Altis. Don't know if it's even feasible, but it would sure add another layer of immersion that's lacking from vanilla A3
  3. If anyone else is experiencing the issues raised by SnowingJimBob and evil-organ please let me knopw. Hey tpw, i believe these issues have nothing to do with your work, as i ran the game without your addons and these pop-up messages still appear in the editor. I'd imagine if SnowingJimBob tried this as well he could confirm the same. Sorry to have caused any doubt tpw.
  4. Hi tpw, in retrospect, i started using @AGM(authentic gameplay modification) around the same time "skirmish" was added, when i get some free time later today i will disable @AGM to see if the error message remains. It may be it has nothing to do with your wonderful work! Thanks man.
  5. I feel your pain Dude, i am also getting this message bar pop-up while in the editor, seems to have surfaced after the "skirmish" update also, i've been trying to work through the mods i run to eliminate the problem. only happens in the editor tho, campaign, scenarios, multiplayer are unaffected.
  6.  EO

    Refined Vehicles

    Hey RedPheonix, would love to see you do some magic with the new DLC Karts:don2:
  7. Just downloaded the "dropbox" version and it's been rectified, looks like the Armaholic version has the hpp. typo.
  8. Hi tpw, really enjoying the "skirmish" update, would love to see this particular mod support more units, and as your open to suggestions, Massi's unit packs, Sudden's Russians, Pomigit's PMC, and Drongo's Middle East Conflict spring to mind. On a another note, while configuring the hpp. file, i noticed what may be an error, unless i'm reading it all wrong... // SKIRMISH tpw_skirmish_enemysquad_max = 5; // Maximum number of friendly squads around player tpw_skirmish_enemyvehicles_max = 2; // Maximum number of friendly vehicles around player tpw_skirmish_friendlysquad_max = 5; // Maximum number of enemy squads around player tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehicles_max = 2; // Maximum number of enemy vehicles around player Does this part contain a few typo's, regarding enemy/friendly, or am i nuts!!:confused:
  9. Love this mod Legislator, really appreciate all the updates. "A new top secret project!" you are a tease!! Any chance of a tiny clue?
  10. This looks amazing dude, looking forward to release. Can i ask about your Tunø project, are you still working on it?
  11.  EO

    Refined Vehicles

    This is fantastic news, this modification was quite frankly outstanding, and driving has been a nightmare since it broke. Sir, I salute you for your return to your work. Essential mod.
  12. Awesome update to an already fantastic package, Thanks for your continued work on this mod Legislator. I enjoy using these units on some Arma 2 terrains using the Arma 3 Map Pack, but i'm curious, would you consider for the future a German terrain?:licklips:
  13. Thanks shay and spirit, Really appreciate your work.
  14.  EO

    STI Addons

    Hey Stiltman, just wanna show my appreciation for some awesome addons. Loved your previous work with ExA, on that beast of a vehicle, the RG31. http://s1334.photobucket.com/user/XTRALarsiano/media/arma2oa2013-01-0817-38-51-35_zps3b3d738a.jpg.html
  15. Hey gambla, thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  16. Hey gambla, can you share where the file is, and what line you deleted please. Thanks.
  17. ^^^ I agree with gambla here, there needs to be a save implemented for "Game Over" mission. A very easy fix for BI to patch in.
  18. Wow, conjures up some nice images in my head. All the best with the project.
  19. Give me a second while i pick my jaw up from the floor!! Amazing.
  20. Sounds interesting, would love to hear the results. All the best.
  21. Awesome port Dude, great job, thanks.
  22. Hi meshcarver, just droppin' by tae say all the best for NOVA ZONA, looking forward to breathing in the dirty air of this ravaged piece of land!