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  1. Dude, this is just fantastic, makes me wonder what else is under the hood that BI have dialed back. :bounce3:
  2. Any kind souls out there know how to create the filter effect used in this video
  3. My editing and scripting skills are pretty basic to non-existent!! the BIS_fnc_sandstorm script sounds cool, I will try and watch a few videos to learn how to run that particular script. Thanks for the help Folks.
  4. Holy shit, this new update is inspired work. EgilSandfeld you are clearly a talented terrain maker. Hell, i would pay for this as DLC, Donation inbound.
  5. hey massi, just want to thank you for the updates to all your awesome packs.
  6. ""These Fatal Shores""= WOW! Seriously excited for this project.
  7.  EO

    NRF Units

    Awesome, thanks for these. They look badass.
  8.  EO

    RPA - ASOR Selector Box

    Thanks RedPheonix, awesome little addon, many thanks to Lecks also.
  9. Hi there, finally got round to buying Iron Front Digital War Edition through Steam. Finding it tough to get it running with Arma 3(i'm using play with six) Do i need to use the conversion tool before using Play With Six. I have watched and read many tutorials before posting here. Any help in the right direction would be great:computer:
  10. ^^ I second that emotion! Thanks Gliptal.
  11. New ragdoll is very smooth (if you can call someone falling from being shot smooth!!:)) Seriously tho i can see a big big difference I have been using zooloo75's ragdoll recently and think it's still glitchy compared to tpw's updated version. Great work mate!!
  12. No worries mate, i might just throw the muzzle flash idea onto the mod discussions forum to see if there's any interest there, thanks for checking out the video anyways.... Damn, i wish i could code :o:
  13. Hi tpw, i suggested a few pages back about the possibility of adding smoke stacks to random houses and factories, an effect that would bring a little more life to the maps. Do you think it would make for a feasible addition to your realism/immersion mod pack. Another aspect of Arma which i think could do with some enhancement is muzzle flash and smoke, although we seem to have the muzzle flash, there is a lack of smoke after rounds have been fired. Something along these lines. If anything it's a little food for thought......
  14. Great little addon, thanks for this EvroMalarkey. Adds a little spice to the Arma maps.
  15. Yep, a nice GUI would be awesome for this great piece of work.
  16. Another quality update to an awesome mod. Many thanks for the dedicated work you put into this. Hope the "top secret project" is working out!!
  17.  EO

    You're Dead

    Maybe a song to accompany the black screen of death........
  18.  EO


    Sounds awesome, folks we've just entered the Twilight Zone!
  19. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3242904710733371145/E5448237F4282B15D6B960A18927FE6853A52256/
  20. Always best to read the first page of any thread on the forums!!:) Bornholm, Denmark is an island for Arma 3 and is supposed to be almost stand-alone and not require much other than @A3MP; more on that later. The real deal Bornholm is located as the most Eastern island in Denmark. See the Google Map for location: http://goo.gl/R8vWgj Bornholm covers about 588 square kilometres and the Arma 3 variant will be designed in a 2/3 scale making the island area cover about 400km2. Altis in comparison is 270km2. The island will have a span of about 20km x 14km. The population of Bornholm is 40.000 people, it's one of few rocky islands in Denmark, height is between 0 to 164m with a lot of variation. The resolution of the heightmap used for the Arma version is 5.5 meters. This is enough to make ditches, smaller canyons, detailed hills etc.. Altis in comparison is 7.5 meters. The vegetation ranges from dry pine plantations to lush beech and birch forests depending on the area of operation. In the center of the island, Almindingen is the largest forest with mostly pine trees. When I'm done I'm going to count, but I expect the number of compounds/farms to reach at least 1000. My lowest goal is to have the ground, heightmap, elevation changes and so on to be 90% real, while it's just not possible to be 100% correct on the details because of engine limitations in Arma and because of time constraints. Placing wise I'm aiming for 1 building placed for every 5 real buildings. But as of now I'm rather at 4/5 because it's so exciting to run around in! Anyhow, my goal is still to make a crowded island. In fact to give you a better idea, these are the keywords I'm working from: Crowded, tight, claustrophobic, lost, pretty and not destroyed environment, bright, relaxing. Some of the keywords might give you ideas, other maybe won't. But that's okay. Time frame for completion: "Soon-ish". My internal goal is to finish it within 6 months from May, however this is a giant project with many unknown factors along the way, so don't expect it anytime time soon-soon. Instead you can expect continous updates on the progress with photos and video. Again, if you like my work do not hesitate to throw a donation my way. See how under "Support me in my work". As you guys in this community rocks, I would appreciate constructive criticism and ideas for making the final experince of Bornholm even better. You can do it by commenting on my YouTube videos (Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/user/Sandfeld) or posting in this thread. Thanks for reading through this and I really hope you look forward to it as much as I do.
  21.  EO

    Dynamic Cover System

    Great work zooloo75, much appreciated. Having read through the thread thus far, every mod comes with pros and cons, and this particular mod is all good. Oh, and your Q@A on Armaholic is hilarious:) All the best for your future releases.
  22. Copy and paste the userconfig file within the TPW mod folder into your Arma 3 root folder, and your good to go:)
  23. I have also tried this with JSRS and SOS sound mods...and it's a fantastic experience!! Reserve, thanks you for your great work.
  24. I see your point, but just imagine the factories and power plants and the odd house here and there....... Standing on a hillside in Northern Altis and seeing a solitary house or factory with smoke rising from the stack would sure look cool.... Less is more when adding immersion to a landscape:)